Window Air Conditioners

But window air conditioners also have significant drawbacks, which must be paid at the lowest price. Monoblock construction makes this type of air conditioners rather noisy, and the installation of the window reduces the window lumen. Casing split-system is a powerful air conditioner (not less than 5 kW), which is installed directly on the floor. Its main advantage is that its installation is not necessary to use a wall or ceiling. This can be useful for building, interior of which has artistic or even historical value.

For example, museums, galleries and monuments. Column conditioners can create powerful directed air flow in front of him, which is beneficial to use in large rooms. For example, a columned air conditioner can be installed in hallways, auditoriums. Functionally, the tower air conditioners are not inferior to others types of air conditioners, but the range of use is limited due to large size and high performance. In some cases, in addition to a shared set of features, tower air conditioners can be built electric tensor.

Some colonies have air conditioning and pressure fans can connect the air ducts for air distribution point for the room. Ducted split air conditioning systems are designed to several rooms simultaneously. Duct air conditioner consists of two blocks – the condensing (outdoor unit) and evaporator (indoor unit). It is primarily designed to operate in recirculation mode. Indoor units of air conditioners installed in the channel ceiling, in closets, etc., and the air is taken and distributed to the ducts of air-conditioned rooms.

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