Ontivero Tarot

This paper tries to delve into the significance of the gold club, part of the gypsy tarot minor arcana. The gold almost always relate to achievements in the material plane. Within the gypsy tarot minor arcana, the golds are especially relevant in all matters relating to the foundation of projects, and the emergence of new enterprises. Usually we talk about gold riches, but are not always the same property. Many times the wealth to which they refer gypsy tarot golds are more of a spiritual nature. The appearance of gold as the cast of Gypsy tarot may want to imply that a new era of prosperity is coming. There is, however, the promise that all the financial problems will be gone forever, but the client can assume that cross situations better, or that their luck will change. The two of diamonds, on the other hand, refers to equilibrium. We refer to the need to maintain balance in a dynamic and ever changing. The financial situation will surely change when leaving revealed that gypsy tarot card. Speech a person who has many projects in hand and should appeal to all his wisdom to make them happy they expired simultaneously. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Technology author by clicking through. The three gold shows the teacher, the professional working. It's a gypsy tarot arcana us back to hard work, but rewards. Sometimes the reward is not only material, but must be found in serving others. The four gold shows us a character who does not receive either the changes. This is someone who has had success in the past and does not want to lose what little or much, "he has achieved so far. But we must remember that the stick too what you have, it prevents further growth is achieved. In an extreme interpretation, the four of diamonds shows someone consumed by greed and selfishness. It is one of the mysteries of the tarot gypsy urge us to change our attitude, and enjoy more of what we already have-in all fields. The five gold shows us someone who has received a blow to his humility, someone who has managed to reap success financial statements, but their fate has received an adverse shock. In no way should be interpreted as it is an irreversible situation. Just shows that it is necessary to learn to lose, so as to maximize our success. These are just some letters from the gold stick. The detailed study of the symbolism of the minor arcana contributes greatly to achieving a more accurate interpretation of the letters which are revealed in the circulation of the gypsy tarot. All are equally important and contribute equally to paint the picture of the fate of those who question the arcane. Jesus Ontivero

Map and Treasure

You wise person who exists a treasure its wait? She can have certainty that yes! The treasure that I mention is more valuable that the gold and the silver, and cannot be compared with that it can exist. it is not occult to our eyes. He is to the reach of simplest of the men until the noblest celebrity that can exist. He is to the reach of that they are imprisoned, of the people who are in its stream beds of pain and suffering. He is to the reach of the vitiated ones and of that they are without route in the life. All can possuiz it! But to arrive at this so precious treasure, a map capable only exists to guide it. A very precious map that cannot be tracked by satellites. He has that to be tracked with love, with feeling, therefore thus it will only take in them to the treasure. when to find this treasure, through our faith, will have a requirement to be able to take ownership of it. It is a secret! To possess we need it to vender everything that we have! To carry through in our lives an inversion of values. This it is key so that let us can in them become possessors of this treasure. We need to vender all the things that our life verwhelms spiritual. Everything what it is bad in us will have that to go for the sea of the esquecimento and dae then, the wind will be our favor, and will sail calm in calm waters of the life. Friends, will not be one exaggerate to say, therefore it is a reality, hundreds of people who track the map, do not obtain to perceive its value, and they cannot possess the treasure, because the pleasures do not vendem that the world offers. Therefore, to possess this treasure we need to track the map with the heart. We need to vender everything that verwhelms our soul, then we will only become in them deserving of this treasure of incalculable value. The map, of which as much we speak, is the sacred bible and the treasure of incalculable value is Jesus Christ, that one that in the ones of a salvation. It thinks about this, and it sails calmly for calm waters of the life. The map and the treasure are its wait. Ura – Paran.

Financial Life

The fear to go for the hell was changed by the fear of not giving itself well in the life, specifically as for the financial aspect. ' ' My son if you not to make such thing or if you not to act as I saying you are you, that future you will have? ' ' ' ' If not to study, does not go to have a good job, consequentemente will not have a good one wage and does not go to be able to buy the things that you quer' ' the parents say. The direction of the current life started to be to consume, to consume, to consume and to consume. ' ' felicidade' ' happened of the purchase of the things if it wastes easily. That corporeal property loses its direction fast is very sad and gotten depressed therefore we need then to buy more and. It seems that the happiness is total on to the act to have, to consume. Although not demons value the things that we have. Although mine 45 years, still I keep with me toys that I earned in infancy. Nowadays he is all dismissable and discarded one quickly, therefore what in the ones of the pleasure it is to consume more and more and more. the lack of these corporeal properties ' ' so importantes' ' in them they cause revolt, depression, violence, alcoholism and when we do not finish in the drugs. Cultuar the body is another indispensable necessity of the current days. To be dressed well, expensive clothes, of grife and perfect bodies. This is the persecution of many. The ideal of life of many people. To be dressed badly and to be some kilos above of the measures mean simply to be disqualified, excluded of certain groups, ridicularizado, as if in our veins accurately does not run the same blood, as if we do not fossemos all brothers and human beings, with qualities and defects very similar between us! the growth spiritual where was? It seems that, with rarssimas exceptions, total were forgotten.