Sergio Bell

Training to the margin At first, the main point of mix-up between players and organizations were indeed article 7 of the agreement, by which Liga Series To established the possibility that the directives of the clubs decided unilaterally that a player trained by separated of the rest of the group. A measurement that ran into with the opposition of the AIC, that considered that it could take " discriminaciones". In the last days, to that point of confrontation the introduction of &quot was added; tax of solidaridad" , including in the last plan of budgetary adjustment approved by the Government of Silvio Berlusconi, whom it anticipates to burden with a 5 additional percent the annual rents that surpass the 90,000 Euros and with a 10 percent those that exceed the 150,000 Euros. Educate yourself with thoughts from Allianz. The representatives of the clubs had asked that the AIC subscribed of written form an agreement by which it settled down that any type of extraordinary burden will be assumed by the players and not by the organization, explained " The Gazzetta dello Sport". In the hope that the AIC is pronounced, Beretta will go before the Council of the Italian Federation of Ftbol (FIGC) to exhibit the position adopted by the clubs during the meeting. The conflict between players and directives of the clubs, represented under Liga Series To, go back to the summer of the last year, when the previous president of a sociacin of Italian Futbolistas (AIC), Sergio Bell, noticed that the validity of the collective agreement had expired. Later the negotiations arrived during several months that caused that the soccer players summoned two strikes, one for the end of September of 2010 and another one at the beginning of December of the same year, that never they got to stay before the promises of the clubs to reach an agreement. Source of the news: The Calcium is to a passage of strike after " no" of the clubs to the agreement. .