The situation may be giving for reasons such as: idiosyncrasies of the people, a quality of life not satisfactory for the society, wage level low industry, and Yes, the existing organizational culture. This is why that Manager or organization administrator must, in the first instance, help the company officials to fulfil their ambitions and bulging immediately the benefits of complying with requirements that may be established internally to achieve ISO 9001 certification. This can be achieved through the creation of channels that generate more monthly income to the worker according to the degree of compliance with the established requirements internal and externally to obtain ISO 9001 certification so that it proves to tractive for them to meet objectives, submit formal and specific improvement plans, help to generate an adequate working environment and effectively comply with procedures as a minimum. One of these channels that can allow company officials to bulging the benefits of collaborate directly in compliance with requirements to implement quality management systems is the variable remuneration, i.e. officials with a greater degree of production, efficiency, compliance objectives and requirements internally and by ISO 9001, among other aspectsreceive a higher monthly remuneration by permanent of its degree of contribution verification. From this, the official, if in compliance with all established and expected of the, may receive greater remuneration, and can satisfy a greater number of their needs in a shorter time, and seeing the fruit of their contribution to the improvement. POS his side, the company will implement a management system, by which officials will give a greater effort and attitude positive, in exchange for better remuneration, and shall be taken in its human resource compliance with what is established in the management system of the quality without the need for service calls, delays by negative attitude towards change and excesses of controls that seek to enforce requirements at all costs.

The Importance Of Parents

In contrast to parents concerned about their children, are those parents who abandon children, either physically of emotionally. A child needs motivation to study, some are born with this power, some not, regardless of where this love of learning must be cultivated, is like planting a tree, but if the father is neglected, not only in school track, but also in terms of love and affection, the child will find other attractions such as the street, friends and video games, taking a path of laziness and laziness. This was not my particular case, but I think there is no difference between the pimp and the neglected father, both will lead to failure, only in different ways. And another flaw is mediocrity, this word has plagued my life since I heard it is a bad as Colombian, so human, we can not be without it, is part of our culture and our lives. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dennis P. Lockhart has to say. The way of how he came into my life of mediocrity is common, more than one has to have occurred at school or at school, as was my case, have a series of characters, a number of colleagues who do to cheat the vast majority of classes and ruin the concentration of a few, nevertheless, very tolerable in the Colombian public education system, these comrades, lovers of laziness vagrancy and manage to graduate with the least effort possible, making the work of others, that if his grades are determined can see something discredited. The last case was the main cause of my misfortune, the main cause of my lack of effort, to name some, but the strangest thing is that my high school classmates who were equally dedicated to their studies and all their targets and succeeded, while I let myself be overcome by the situation, that also hold the theory that my problem comes from my childhood and upbringing, but it was the secondary that uncovered the “pot”, which sparked the inevitable. Now I struggle like most Colombians for a minimum wage barely enough to survive and subjugated in a dirty and corrupt. Luis Eduardo Gutierrez social communicator..

Petersburg State University

Pushkin to provide access to the books of the rare fund-based electronic archive of STOR-M, St. Petersburg State University. the project is a platform digital asset management reSearcher. Completed the program of the seminar tour with a visit to Vyborg, in addition to major attractions, unique in Central City Library by Alvar Aalto. Robotics helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Constructive and architectural approach to its creation allowed us to consider all the nuances of the librarian – which is why the library community to visit the famous library, contributed to the 100 world’s monuments, which are UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a professional interest. “We were pleasantly surprised by the response that followed from colleagues in academic libraries. We managed to collect almost one hundred specialists in one room, including speakers. ” – Says Stanislav Kim, General Director of “Alley of Software” – “This once again proves the correctness of the chosen strategy for comprehensive information on end-user information technology in the library environment. Experience reports on international and Russian conferences in Crimea and Ershov, showed that the library staff are not interested in advertising goods and services, and solutions to their pressing problems. Also, today in Russia are very few activities, and helping it to high school library specialist to keep abreast of professional life, improve skills, share practical experience and know theoretical aspects of digital libraries. I would like to thank you for your support of our partners – the Foundation for Support of Education and the University of the State Fire Service and Emergency Situations Ministry, of course, speakers and participants of the seminar! Hopefully, the seminar was opened series of seminars and conferences on digital library, technology of their creation and development, which will conduct community ELIBCONSULT. We have many topics and areas for discussion and consideration, a lot of knowledge that we would like to apodelitsya. We’ll try to do the following no less informative by identifying those that are of interest of Library community – including related legislation in the field of digital libraries, copyright law, as well as Web 2.0-technology. All conference materials are available at ELIBCONSULT .

Spiegel Online

The leading 3D-Druck-Fachgeschaft strengthened its international aspirations by the positioning of the brand iGo3D in the 3D-Drucksegment iGo3D, the leading 3D-Druck-Fachgeschaft of Germany, is revolutionizing certified online shop the European 3D-Druck-Markt by revving up stationary shops, as well as the trusted store. iGo3D offers a wide range of printers, scanners, 3D-Filamenten, 3D software, as also useful 3D-Druck-Zubehor. Farallon Capital Management addresses the importance of the matter here. In addition the portfolio is rounded off generally comprehensive topics of 3D printing, 3D modeling, 3D scanning and 3D printing from a variety of different webinars, seminars and workshops on the topic. In the result, iGo3D improves the customer experience of the portfolio and increase customer satisfaction through additional services as a result. IGo3D maintains a variety of sole distribution rights of the best 3D-Drucker,wie Ultimaker 2, and 3D-Filamente, such as Innofil 3D, which is offered in more than 12 different colors in Germany. The company iGo3D GmbH reached with the online-shop Interested in more than 100 countries and maintains a growing customer base of over 4000 registered customers in over 30 countries. In the year 2013, iGo3D employs a team of 11 employees and two freelancers. Participation in international fairs like the CeBIT, euro mold, infa, inside 3D printing, 3D printshow, Maker Faire u.v.m. makes iGo3D trends in the 3D-Druck-Segment significantly. The iGo3D employees are sought-after experts in seminars and lectures such as the euro mold 2013 or 3D printing show 2014. In addition, enjoys a high media and Printprasens iGo3D and maintains close contact with the press and thus represents the function of the newsmakers. The references are including RTL, ComputerBild, chip, focus online, Spiegel Online, NDR, ct magazine as well as the Mobile Edition of Deutsche Bahn (online/print). Every thought and action is characterized by customers standing in the focus on. Accordingly he is iGo3D in the specific marketing and sales activities to specific needs Target groups and relevant markets. Here, the central control of the activities of the brand iGo3D plays an essential role of brand management. As a result is iGo3D in the processes of decision-making even more efficiently, to accelerate the introduction and further marketing of the portfolio, as well as technical innovations, make available to the 3D printing of public location. Short decision paths ensures an effective and close cooperation of the central marketing with relevant target groups, so that current market conditions and consumer habits can be considered better. At the same time, iGo3D by consistent process as also value creation optimization ensures a knowledge transfer of the know-how and applications within and outside the organization. In September 2013, iGo3D opened the first 3D-Druck-Fachgeschaft of Germany. The retail store offers a large selection of 3D-Druckern, 3D-Filamenten, 3D-Software, 3DScanner and 3D-Dienstleistungen as 3D-Scannen and 3D-Druck on the 133m 2 retail space, as well as 25-40 m2 large workshop area. In the first quarter of 2014, iGo3D ( opened more stationary 3D-Druck-Fachgeschafte in throughout Germany like for example Hannover, Berlin.