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Minimum Services

They just stay in these workshops workers on minimum services for the maintenance of the facilities. Lopez has highlighted the successful way in which started the strike in Metro shops, in addition to the cessation of the output of trucks of garbage, except hazardous and medical waste. Electricity demand electricity demand stood at three in the morning at 20.455 megawatts, 8,15% less than that recorded at the same hour on Wednesday of last week (22.270 megawatts), according to data from the web page of electrical network of Spain (REE). If you compare this actual demand with the registered yesterday at the same time the drop is greater than 9%. In electrical network of Spain data, actual consumption reflects the instantaneous value of the demand for electric power, although the company also informs its demand forecast according to the time of day, that elaborates with the values of consumption in similar previous periods, correcting it with a series of factors that influence consumption, such as the laboralidadclimatology and economic activity. Also mains also advises production scheduled for groups of generation who power the Cassation of daily and Intraday markets, as well as management of offsets and tertiary regulation markets was awarded. These last two are managed by mains, taking into account the evolution of the demand. Well, if these forecasts are considered actual demand at 3: 00 hours (20.455 megawatts) coincided with the scheduled, but is a 9.40% below the planned for that time. In the previous general strike, Thursday 29 of March of this year, demand for electric energy stood at one in the morning at 22.829 megawatts, which was a decrease of 15 percent from the registered at the same time of the previous Thursday.