Importance Of Continuous Improvement

The concepts and principles of science are free inventions of the human spirit. “Albert Einstein One of the great weaknesses of many companies is the lack of attention to the scope and impact generated by identifying with the continuous improvement, an aspect that should not be in this, especially given the reality of the current scenario, where companies succeed have been identified fully with total quality and continuous improvement to offer. a It is known, continuous improvement is a philosophy that cuts across all aspects of life, not just the company level, and that in itself, men have a need to move towards self-improvement. This makes philosophical basis for continuous improvement becomes a “culture to be better” that goes beyond economics and in this sense is almost an ethical issue that is intertwined with the theories of Maslow veterans. It is said also, that to carry out this process of continual improvement in an apartment as determined in the entire company, take into consideration that this process should be economic, ie it should require less effort than the benefits it brings, and cumulative, that improvement is made will open the possibilities of successive improvements while ensuring the proper use of the new level of performance achieved. Through continuous improvement is achieved to be more productive and competitive in the market the organization to which it belongs, on the other organizations should analyze the processes used, so that if there is any problem can be improved or corrected, as a result of the application This technique may be that organizations grow in the marketplace and to become leaders is meant by improvement over? Sullivan LP (1CC 994), as defined, in an effort to implement improvements in every area of the organization to what is delivered to clients.