Marketing Communications

Not all read magazines or just watch TV, or see the billboards. If you are trying to quickly build new brand awareness, then you want outdoor advertising. And in order to maintain existing business, you should issue the fashion catalogs. Understanding of what is now your brand is just as important as advertising itself. " Conclusion constant turnover of fashion seasons, given the specifics of the fashion calendar, made the whole range of marketing communications tool designer brands rapid impact on consumer expectations, tastes and preferences. Diversification of designer brands is subject to the decision, including, and communication tasks of design houses. Collection of haute couture, created as a specific stylistic fashion house and the fashion industry as a whole, not a cost-effective, however, provide an essential communication role for the designer brand: create a pretext for a powerful PR campaign. Collection of pret-a-porter – the core designer brand – are the focus of communications policy of the fashion house. Diffuse brands solving economic problems in the main, create additional opportunities for advancement designer brand as a whole. Marketing communications in the fashion business, following the characteristics of the industry, have developed a certain standard time and form for presentation of designer brands. Time for a marketing communications designer brands are also subject to fashion calendar. Turnover of fashion seasons (fall / winter, spring / summer) dictates very limited time for communication campaigns: the usual cycle of less than six months for a comprehensive campaign of a new collection. In the center of marketing communication used by design brands, is showing the new season collection. Only after the show started a massive advertising and piarkampanii whose purpose is to inform and printing of new fashion images. The most important tool Advertising for the promotion of designer brands – it logs using mostly genre staged photography and effectively combine materials advertorial and editorial for the visualization of basic stylistic features of the seasonal collection in terms of color, texture, silhouette, image. Transition of most designer brands from boutiques to create a standardized unique flagship stores in key geographic markets intensifies Marketing Communications fashion houses, creating customers for new opportunities to further their material and aesthetic needs.