Specialized Furniture

Originally designed furniture for kindergarten must have a special strength of the structure, and at the same time be easy, because the crumbs, restless perceive the world around us through all things and objects that are gets them a curious glance. Purely upbeat, vibrant colors special furniture in the play area, quiet and calming – a recreation area. Perfectly matched colors, and well bring in the furniture of traps children’s collective joyous variety. Games component of the special children’s furniture, its colors, mobility must meet age children, and cause only just positive emotions. The functionality of the room should be characterized not only gaming, but also the training feature that will help children of preschool age to purchase except as such an emotional charge, store of knowledge. School furniture, in exactly the same as the options of furniture for schools preschool type, made exclusively from environmentally friendly natural materials, must meet all standards of hygiene items, and do not have sharp edges, glass inserts and surfaces. Tables with adjustable height and angle of the tops, by its ergonomic features could not be better suited for use in schools and pre-school type, provide an opportunity to fine-tune it for each child. School desk – a special place at which a child spends part of his time, and that it is his ‘workers’ place, which must necessarily be a convenient and comfortable. Ideally, desks for writing should be provided with stand by the book, special notches and holes for the office, blocks from the walls. Pay attention to and seats – in particularly the chairs. They should be comfortable, easy, and not on your nelly not spoil your posture, so the angle and height of the backrest should also be regulated. Modeling and production of office furniture, special furniture for schools and nurseries, sophisticated high-tech process – the creation of sketches, preliminary preparation, as well as material selection, assembly structures – which employs experts who know their business. In fact, from what kind of situation every day around your children, depends on their mood, behavior, ability to concentrate when necessary, so in the process of manufacturing furniture embedded grain of the soul of anyone who engaged in this hard work. For nothing pleases us as healthy and carefree and gay kids, who are willing to spend their time in comfortable surroundings.

Conceptual Control Center

Realistically, in my opinion, everything is completely different. The mechanism is simple. Conceptual Control Center (West) transmits software adaptive mod (n-residents of Russia), some decisions that the latter accepted. Everything. Do not believe me? Look at the original text of the draft law on the police. Any more or less literate person can see that the bill was written by non-Russian lawyers. With regard to essence of the law, it is also clear that only non-Russian people could prepare the fate of a "Russian trash" – to make it completely powerless in front of police arbitrariness. This and other examples show that in Russia, our "Benefactors" "from behind a hill" hands of the Russian "elite", including a senior official of the country, openly trying to impose a real fascism. As for himself that person, then at him as a well-known anecdote about Lenin, and will recorded the entire "gesheft" then he will be remembered as it is today "labeled ." Ie the entire "conflict" n-resident and mayor, is not a clash of two state "men", no. It is also not ingrained conflict behind the data persons "elites" – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Indeed, the boundaries of these groups so blurred that today's St. Petersburg easily become Moscow and vice versa. And this is natural because the driven force of both is very commonplace and therefore not makes them high moral claims. And because of the mess of pottage, they not only business partner willing to sell, but it is quite possible that your own mother. This is not the event in the fight against corruption, because onaya permeates the entire bureaucratic environment from top to bottom.


Global warming and global (Ice Age), as scientists have found, is a cyclical process that took place before the advent of man. Man plays in global warming is not a major role. Even Considering all the human impacts, the main causes of climate change is different. The first is the position of the Earth to the Sun, the Earth's axis inclination and energy cycle of the Sun. Secondly, the power Earth's magnetic field that protects us from harmful radiation from the sun, without giving the earth very hot. Earth's magnetic field also has a cycle. From time to time, Earth's magnetic poles switch places with the Earth's magnetic field weakens. During this period, the earth is vulnerable to sunlight. If, during the Earth's magnetic field weakening solar activity strongly increases, global catastrophe is inevitable. But in today humanity is not capable of anything to counter these processes. Hence, the hysteria is overblown because of something else. The main reason for concern about global warming and supposedly sharply declining oil and natural gas – the banal desire of developed countries to get rid of dependence on raw materials. The main exporters of oil to date are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (the entire Middle East in general), Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, Norway, Nigeria, etc. Major importers – the U.S., Japan, Western Europe, China and India. It is clear that importing countries, particularly the U.S. and Western Europe do not want to depend strategic issues of energy supply from the exporting countries. Especially considering the fact that countries in the Middle East, Africa and South America, to put it mildly dislike the West. Hence the energy saving campaign, the collapse tankers and the development of hybrid cars. However, many forget that hybrids need Lithium-ion batteries. Now there are hybrids with nickel batteries, but lithium is used more often. Manufacturing battery – a very energy-consuming and dangerous for the environment business. In addition to mining and processing of lithium requires a tremendous amount of water. But that's not all. Deposits of lithium, the main component batteries are scarce. The main deposits of lithium are in Mexico, Chile and Bolivia. Demand for lithium has recently increased, to blame an increase in the production of handheld devices and mobile leap technologies. If we add to that and the automotive industry, the lithium will be about the same things right now is oil. Namely, strategic raw materials, production of which in the hands of a limited number of countries. Very probable war and coups to ownership deposits, the loss of hundreds of people jump in commodity prices, environmental disasters in the mining area and an acute shortage of water. In addition, the need for lithium electricity, which, in the old, will be produced by burning fossil fuels. Thus, the dependence on oil-exporting countries will not go anywhere, but instead will be added depending on the countries-exporters of lithium and the problem shortage of fresh water. But need to dispose of used batteries, which also can be attributed to 'green' technologies. Slightly improve the situation would use supercapacitors instead of batteries, but, as hydrogen installation of such technologies are difficult to manufacture and require improvement, and most companies do not want to spend money on developing new technologies. So far, hybrid technology – is half-measures do not give anything but more trouble and exacerbating the already acute problem of raw materials. Therefore, mankind needs something completely new.

The Royal Family

Universal enthusiasm by foreign experts – temporary, because the western world by appreciated the priority of the bilingual (possession of two languages). The greatest value in today's world represent teachers, are capable of thinking in the context of two cultures and to convey to students an appropriate mix knowledge. Lingvosotsiokulturny method One of the most serious and comprehensive method of studying a foreign language – lingvosotsiokulturny, involving an appeal to such a component, such as social and cultural environment. Proponents of this method strongly believe that language loses his life, when teachers and students aim to acquire a 'lifeless' lexical and grammatical forms. Someone said that 'identity – a product of culture'. Language – too. And most convincingly confirm this our language mistakes. The student of English may use any grammatically correct expression of The Queen and Her relatives, but the Briton hardly understand what I mean The Royal Family; or, for example, such a phrase as Hero – spokesman author's ideas was translated sentence 'The hero is the loudspeaker of the author' ('the speaker's'), and ideally wanted to use 'mouthpiece'. Such oddities are common. Turn to a more subtle matter: for example, if for our compatriot, who owns the surface language, the difference between the expressions Don't you want to go? and Would you like to go? not very large, then for the British it in principle, because the first, he will perceive as not the best tone. Familiar to our business communication What issues are you interested in? often translated as 'What problems are you interested in?', no matter what the English word 'problems' has consistently negative.

The Bed

Said that it is free for some action. I have long resisted, but finally gave up and went, full of protest and fear that I somewhere lure that-be and then extort money. It was a room on the second floor, which contains 22 beds and as many chairs. Some people lay on the bed and massaging, and the second group sat in chairs. looking through video movies, listen to instructions. People communicate: to share their problems and joys. There was music, doing gymnastics, in general fun as we could and waited for their turn for 40 minutes, and another the next group waiting their turn outside the hall. When it was over and I took my first massage and leaving no one demanded money, gave a color brochure, which was about the bed and asked him to give it to someone I know or do not know who may be too suffers from some health problems. Doubts continued to bite me, and having come home, I found a room at the advertising booklet and rang the bell. Replied the director. I asked him about when will bonus share and who can actually afford to buy such an expensive bed for just 3,000 dollars. He smiled and said that they buy and buy well. It angered me even such "blatant" lies. Said that the action never ends, and that is a patented form of marketing. In this center, I went about a month, back ache has stopped, the bed to buy for 3000 could not thousands of dollars, but made for a discovery of a new marketing.

Skype Office

The main advantage of this mechanism is duplication. Your people will repeat you. The mere fact that many masters of network marketing, such as Randy Gage, Brig Hart, Randy Shreder and many others, almost all of the net on autoship says a lot! And checks they have, uh what is not small:) 7. Modern virtual office (back office) is very important point when choosing a company, without it almost anywhere! In the back office, you can view information about the turnover, structure, paying commissions, company news, order products and more But another very important application of the back office – is recruiting! Let's imagine that you communicate with a potential candidate for Skype. So, in the Skype version 4 and higher have the opportunity to show people they are talking screen your monitor, and, accordingly, can you show him your back office. A man showing his back office – you show it yourself, your business, its earnings benefited from his company. Or you can give it your password back from office, and then immediately change it, and when people come out of it, he can not come back. You know what this is? You man the facts show! 8. The possibility of online registration of partners most important criterion! The possibility of inviting a partner in business with anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. You can register it out of its back office. Or, even better. Writing a partner link to the registration page, with your id, let himself registers.