Different Neighbors

Brazil is one of the countries with bigger inaquality of the world. Some forms exist to evidence such fact, one of them is to notice the existence of the great number of places with slum quarters and condominiums of luxury as neighboring. In Recife this in almost all is evidenced easily the quarters of the pernambucana capital, although to be possible to find quarters total ' ' elitizados' ' quarters completely ' ' favelizados' '. This mixture of slum quarter with luxury finishes on account forming eventual shocks and conflicts them different cultures dividing the same surrounding, therefore it is common to hear phrases as ' ' This is program of liso' ' or ' ' Thing of playboy' ' , friction the individuals in models that can generate a problem to the person depending on the way where the same one it lives. For this and other reasons, if in such a way argue the necessity of a great change in the Brazilian culture, where nor all person of low income has that to be football player, prostitute or some another thing formulated for the society. That these same people have chances to be great executive intellectuals or of success, for example, without being isolated cases of its families. With this new culture the social inaquality would tend to diminish. The culture must also be changed that says: monetarily rich people are superior and must demand its rights, being bigger of what of people who many times had not had nor the same chances. The slum quarter next to the great concentrations of income is faced by many as senzala of the house-great one, however the slavery finished has times and domestic jobs and dribble, for example, cannot be seen as it loves of milk and slaves of the house-great one, now all the individuals have rights and duties ones with the others, people of high income cannot more be the old owners of devices that ordered in its feudals and kingdoms contemporaries. The same globalization that cause an aggregation between strangers of distinct places highly, arguing ideas and values, generating good debates, can cause the disconnection of ' ' vizinhos' ' that badly they are known. The segregation between the two worlds, wealth and poverty, only it tends to get worse the situation of social inaquality.

Public Agencies

The support is white fundamental of protective justinian codes of the nature and on public agencies to the environment, the main focus of these two entities is in the reduction of the emission of effect gases greenhouse in the atmosphere. To control and to reduce the emission of these gases the Convention Picture of United Nations on the Change of Clima (CQNUMC), through the protocol of Quioto created the Mechanism of Desenvolvimento Limpo (MDL) to help the countries of the Attached I, great industrial producers and bigger senders of the effect gases greenhouse, to fulfill its goals of 5,2% reduction, enter the years of 2008 the 2012, introducing a new form of energy use, through sources renewed, in order to brighten up the impacts caused to the environment. The objective of this work is to show the benefits that the insertion of the MDL as well as promotes in the widening of the support in the developing countries and its contribution for Ambient Negative reduction of the Externalidades the paper of ambient accounting the consequences of the costs for implantation in the industries. By bibliographical and documentary way definitions concerning the subject are presented and as the sustainable development can assist to the industries to control the negative externalidades using as main tool the ambient accounting that through important information guide managers and accountants in the taking of decisions that evidence ambient events and its relation with the patrimony of the entities. In reply to the problem of research regarding the benefits and costs generated for the implantation of the MDL, one evidenced that it is an excellent option for the control and reduction of the emission of the .causing gases of the global heating and important instrument in the promotion of the development and support for the developing countries that they search it offers energy. Word-key: Sustainable development. Mechanism of Clean Development. Ambient accounting.

Biodiesel Company

It is important to know that types of materials will be collected and directed; which the forms of storage and which the minimum amount to be destined to the cooperative/company. Relatively to the amounts, it has a predominance of generation of reciclvel residue in the category paper. They are untied leves and notebooks, cardboard boxes, remaining portions of paper printed matter and xerocado, diverse packings, that for the observed sum, can offer commercial interest. On the other hand, without it can be gotten resulted economic, it has a great production of organic residue, mainly in entorno of the situated canteen in the 12 to walk, and that for its sanitary importance, it needs to be discarded and preferential recycled. With average of three garbage bags, during the period of the night. It offers the oil used in frituras, as product to be recycled. The recycled oil is raw material for diverse products, as soap, detergent, ration of animal, Biodiesel and other products. It is registered that according to data of a ONG, each liter of oil polui on average a million of liters of water. The SUESC could be a rank of collection of the vegetal oil that would make the guiding of this material for the company ' ' It dials Oil Vegetable usado' ' that it collects at least, 6 liters of oil, with the intention to make the recycling vendendo the recycled oil for industries. Measurements of the garbage produced for the institution had been made daily and monthly, so that if it can take as reference in an evaluation of the economic and commercial possibilities in the recycling process. To know the functioning and current situation relatively the garbage production and collection, were confectioned a questionnaire, with questions to be boarded together the involved people in the process in use. It was applied to the supervisors of the company of conservation and cleanness contracted for the SUESC, the company CONSERVO s.a., and administrators and coordinators of the SUESC.

Civil Society

(The day-care centers also will have to present monthly temporary balance sheet and report of activities, both approved by the Chamber, City hall, CMDCA and Public prosecution service). With this monthly total of R$ 13,000, 00 the annual investment of the Public Power with 1200 Cultural Centers will be of R$ 187.200.000, 00. Esteem a total population of 6 million people (average of 5 a thousand inhabitants) that they will be benefited directly and indirectly in the 1200 cities, the per capita investment will be of R$ 31,20 or R$ 2,60 (Two Reals and sixty cents) for month, a small investment of sum and with so significant consequences how much of the PROGRAM the STOCK MARKET FAMILY, who already is part of the life of a considerable parcel of the Brazilian population. 4) Each City council of Rights will have to be organized of the following form: 2 Council members duly enabled; 2 employees for administrative positions, enabled; 2 representative citizens of Organizations of the organized Civil Society; 1 Councilman; 1 employee of the Executive with being able of decision. The two council members and two employees will only be remunerated; the too much members will not receive remuneration for already having incomes gained in its ranks of origin and for only participating of the biweekly or monthly meetings. For beginning of functioning of the CMDCA the Chamber of Councilmen will make the spreading of the available positions and the members will be chosen from the individual evaluation of the petitioners to the positions. The Public prosecution service will have to homologate these initial acts of contract, that will be carried through by stated period of two years, being established itself it option to be able to concur for the following elections in equality level. These elections will be carried through by the Chamber with direct supervision of the Public prosecution service.