How To Understand People

You will agree with such data – the success of human life depends on his or her abilities and personal qualities. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro. And it's true. But not all people are born with such qualities that contribute to success. Does this mean that success they do not shine? Or is it possible to somehow fix it? Yes you can. There is a special program of self-improvement, you can use to become more capable. Dennis P. Lockhart understands that this is vital information. She described in detail in the book "Dianetics." By definition, Dianetics – a modern science of the mind. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen recognizes the significance of this. It contains a program of self-improvement, which is called – auditing. Auditing – a sequence of steps or processes that holds one person to another. Itself the word comes from the Latin – audire – listen. The purpose of auditing – to help people to release (disclose), its potential and make it more capable. In a nutshell, the process of auditing by trained person, asks questions and listens. The man who carried out the auditing, reviewing various aspects of their lives, increase their ability to cope with different situations and get rid of the burden of past losses and adversity. In other words, a program of self-improvement, which is the exact technology and gives a clear, predictable result. Application of this procedure gives a great result – the general tone of a man increases, it becomes, as it were, more energy, strength, increased rate of human intellect (people was conducted to test for intelligence, and then after receiving auditing). Improvement of aspects such as life energy and intelligence, it has a lot to enhance human abilities, I think you will agree with me.

Technological Process

In the necessity of affirmation of Brazil as strong and pujante nation, it appears in the half intellectual and politician a theory to give account in the way of as if to reach these objectives. Initiatives as, an interventionist action of the State, union of the majoritrias classrooms in favor of the nationalism, industry lizao and capitalist development, would have to be placed in practical, stop of this form, to alavancar the process of transformation of the country route to the technological progress and the economic development that would characterize at a subsequent moment the cultural indices partner. This desenvolvimentista speech establishes a economicista perspective atrelando all the social, ambient and cultural factors to a production question and commercial relation with countries industrialized in the condition of conjecturar the possibility of in a next future reaching the platform of developed country. /’>CB Richard Ellis does not necessarily agree. A characteristic perceived in this project is the emphatical institucional character of the debate and also, certain form, directed for an analysis macro of the national situation with little prominence on the alternatives available how much to the exploitation of the population in the joint of the way for the progressive success, individuals these basic ones for the work in the verge and knowledge production? mechanisms important to be used in the confrontation with the external market. One another contradiction says respect the agricultural demand, quarrel this that must be washed in account, since, a country as Brazil of great geographic dimensions, with strong productive capacity in the agricultural area, cannot leave to pass blank this highly favorable element for the national economy. A related site: Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen mentions similar findings. The great difficulty would be to breach with the logic established in the field, where the latifundium elite if imposes and said the rules of the game hindering a joust distribution it productive space stopping the initiative of a productive diversification e, therefore, a qualified relation between the primary and secondary sector. It is important to remember that the majority of the industrialized countries already surpassed the debate around the agrarian reform, serious question this that while cause is not nullified upheavals to the urban space, each swelled time more and desestruturado, consequence of the agricultural exodus. Ahead of all these elencados factors and dived in a capitalist perspective of development that is exculpatory by its very nature, where if imagine that all the underdeveloped countries must exceed conditional stages for cartilha of the countries central offices, emerge of this desconfortvel situation a nation that has all the requirements to act in the world-wide scene with real equality of forces, since that, it obtains to always supplant referring its mazelas historical the disqualification of the enterprising character of its people and the current idea of if pointing out in the vanguard without obtaining to breach with old structures of the past that still if they make gifts. Said this, exactly that the economic criterion can be overlapped to the others when we deal with development, it is good for remembering that this country is constituted of a people who must be the central reason of all these elaborations, that is, a development ' ' with people dentro' '..

Walk Always

I am liking to walk with you, you I am an excellent company. Thanks a lot for yielding some minutes of its life to be with me. The peace is with you! Reflecting on the miseries of the world and also of the many imperfections that can have, I am thinking what I can make, what you can make to brighten up the situations, to the times, constrangedoras that live most of the population of the world. Continue to learn more with: Kenneth Feinberg. You have the right of not wanting to become involved themselves with nothing, and to only take care of of its interests. Many people act thus. In the maximum, she dedicates yourself to give to an assistance its family to it. But she will be that this is the sufficient? She thinks about this! You are who you go to decide what it is important for its life. Without hesitation Lark explained all about the problem. Today, it is one day special is the day of its victory on all its difficulties. You can want to know because I say this. It happens that you are very special and the entire world conspires to its favor. It is enough that you keep good thoughts. always reveals good feelings stops with everything and with all, it does not matter situation. It is a law spiritual! What you desire for the other you return pra. Then he desires the good! By the way, for saying in laws spirituals, a law exists, that is very important you always to give attention. It says who with the same measure that to judge the others, you will be judged. She gives attention well! If you have to say something or to think something regarding another person, either it who will be, remember, this exactly feeling you will be to the disposal of the other to condemn you. does not advance you to say that it was not this that you wanted to say or to think.


Shiigumen Sawa. Path of development – the pride of Symptoms and disease progression sin of pride in its development has several stages, and it begins with the conceit. Vanity symptoms: thirst for praise; impatience of reproof, discipline and reproaches, mistrust, suspicion and rancor, judging others, the difficulty to ask for forgiveness, the search for easy ways, and the constant play, both on stage and in the presence of outsiders, to show themselves with pious hand, carefully concealing their passions and vices. People no longer see their sins, does not notice its shortcomings detract from the start (decrease) their guilt or even deny it, and sometimes even resign it to others. Knowledge as their own, experience, ability and virtue begin to exaggerate and over-estimated. As the disease progresses in his opinion of himself, he rises to great and worthy of glory. Therefore, this disease is called: megalomania. In this state, people not only to condemn others, but even begins to despise and abhor them, and even makes them evil. Deliver us, O Lord, from this! And when a patient seems that no one understands, no one likes, but still pursue it and want to make hurt, then the disease is called delusions of persecution. Delusions of grandeur and persecution – the most common forms of mental illness. These diseases are associated with increased self-awareness, self-worth when exaggerated self-esteem causes contempt and hostility toward people. Proud man is always unhappy with other people and their living conditions, and so he comes sometimes to despair, blasphemy, charm 1, and sometimes suicide. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen recognizes the significance of this.

How To Spend A Million

Many stumbled on books like "How to become rich," "How to make a million, some even read these books, it is quite possible that someone made millions, maybe even on the advice of such a book. But a million of what? Nobody wrote his to spend. So millions of us will certainly, I can tell from what he is and how to spend it. I've spent on it a little of your time and much less printed text than in the books for a "successful" people. When it comes to money, you can not make the mistake and to treat them as a physical object, money is a purely metaphysical concept, energy, abstract and mystical :))). Who saw the movie "Money as debt" and "Zeitgeist" will realize that 90% all the money, it's something whose debts. Agree duty concept is not physical. Of all the money in circulation and out of it, only 10% is in cash, the rest exist in electronic form. That is, the vast majority of money does not even touch it. Money that can hold, say $ 100 what is their price and what is their value? Expended if the production of paper equivalent to the sum of 100 rubles equivalent to 100 rubles? Gold originally serves as collateral for paper money, the long-rotting in warehouses, and it is not too much, and generally anyone seen him? Touched? Exchange rate maintained by a different currency. A currency is supported solely by faith. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Peter Schiff. Take Economists, myself an economist, but I do not need to take)). They make plans, projections and analysis. Anyone know what the different markets are often unexpected changes and crises, lie tests, predictions come true. Why? After the default of all of them to explain why half of the explanation is in advance will refer to some "external factors" justify the mechanisms of action (each of its at least 4 different views) and all would be logical. Learn more at this site: David Moross, HighPost Capital. Economics is science, based on figures, but figures it's not the money, they do not reflect them. Where the numbers work, there is mathematics, the exact figures are present in it. In mathematics there is no unexpected disruptions and crises. Money is not subject to any physical or mathematical laws. They are present in the metaphysical world. Do not take the credit. No need to open a deposit. The best thing you can do with money is spend it, there is a turnover. Faster spending, quicker. You give for free, get well. Keep your money under your pillow, to save, to feel like every day inflation dilutes them, it's not a choice. You can save a million, you can spend. Please yourself and loved by trifles, enjoy the gifts to friends, the unexpected departure and the arrival of money. And be sure to back up his embezzlement of the belief that I deserve it, and this is not the entire amount I am willing to spend just what would bring pleasure to himself and

Mechanical World

The foundation of new science, with emphasis in the rationality and the relation theory/experimentation, occured in century XVII and raised to the apex of its thought in century XVIII came for knocking down the power any speculation to explain the cosmos and its realities. Analogous, Newton conceives, for the matematizao of the Universe, questions still in opened exactly with the discoveries of Kepler and Galileu. Of this form, the Cosmos is reduced to an enormous system of a great complexity that, however, is understandable for the application of the mathematics. The Cosmos of Newton becomes something as a mathematical equation, where to get a value y it is enough to place a known value x already. Of this it consists the mecanicismo of Newton, the Nature can be understood by the rational knowledge of the forces that interact with it, using the physical laws of the movement and the gravitation. Read more from Dennis Lockhart to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Universe does not pass, therefore, of a machine that has predefined functioning already, creating thus a capable implicit determinismo of everything to foresee and to disbelieve. Objetiviza the Cosmos and in this way also the world vision them people. All the spirit of centuries XVIII and XIX breathes this physical mecanicidade applied to the astros and bodies. The philosophy becomes, consequentemente, mechanist and the methods and theories used for sciences, reducionistas. Everything is objective and the certainty is always present. However, a epistemolgico questioning with Locke, Berkeley and Leibniz enters in evidence, showing the complexity of if conceiving substances. Destarte, such line of thought opens the doors so that if the preposition elaborates of that everything what we know does not pass of existing qualities in the spirit, that is, more cannot be objective. Going beyond, Einstein claims that even though the certezas conserved for the mechanics of Newton are relative, thus destroying the world mathematical and determined by the physical laws. In fact, the space alone has existence in the conscience human being, only of this form is objective: while order of the things perceived for the man. Equally, the time does not have proper existence not to be organizador of the events measured for the man. In this manner, the picture of conception of world starts to take new forms and to enter perfectly in contrast with the old mechanical and conducted Cosmos for the numbers. Relativity opposes the objetividade of the Universe that if becomes uncertain and dependent of the citizen, in a horizon where the only certainty is of the divergence before what it is overcome as referencial.

De Janeiro Representation

sunday, 20 of June of 2010 On ‘ ‘ Hipostasia of simulacro’ ‘ the form of the icon protects the beginning of identity with the reality, its logical form to the empirical constatao for the Imaginary one. The icon is primary aimagem as representation of the experience – by means of these images we have a sensation of ‘ ‘ dj vu’ ‘ , potentiality that stimulates Subject to a recognition, update of the experience for Mnemsina, simulation of reminiscncia in the unit of the time. This proper way to compose the narrative, that supplies the minimum elements of the recognition to the proper form of the virtual one in what if it produces as what conserves of formal similarity with the representation most archaic of the reality is what it constitutes the journalistic speech effectively as a simulation: hipntica sphere or chamber virtual-mnemonics that allow in them to revivenciar facts which do not live deeply. It stimulates the nervous center to liberate its intensities in output by means of the significant correlatos of a similar or analogous experience. The telejornal is the new instance of the letter! But as simulacro, it inscribes its information as experience, experience of a not-lived reality! The modulation in that if it composes is so only the logical form of this representation, differentiated in its combinatrias peripcias. With its simulacros of arrangement the periodical in its speech restores as hiperrealidade, its glamour exerts a restoration, a reform of finishing in the Real to its ‘ ‘ representao’ ‘ , as similarity to its image.. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kenneth Feinberg.

For Aristotle

Thus, Apolo, the god symbol of the beauty and intelligence, finally extended to its arms for Dionsio giving origin to the tragedy Greek inside of an conscientious-unconscious dualidade, rationality-horror; clarity – blackout. Another element that resulted in the tragic text was the evolution of the ditirambos – the dedicated songs the Dionsio – that they had regularly passed to be interpreted by the choir, celebrating the start of the Spring and the blossoming of the grapevines, being glad or sad as the disposal of the bacantes. The actors, always men, presented themselves with Personas, masks, not disclosing its true identity (hypocrites). The age, the sex, the social importance and the state spiritual of each personage came, so to speak, ' ' escrita' ' in the mask. It had that to have an expression (sadness, joy, terror, etc.) identified clearly by the public, without hanging no doubt under which type of emotion the personage if she found dominated at that moment of the act. For Aristotle, the tragedy would be an imitating representation of a serious, concrete action, of certain largeness, represented, and not told, for actors in elegant language, using a different style for each one of the parts, and that, by means of the compassion and of the horror it would provoke the liberating desencadeamento of such affection. Thus the tragedy is seen as a way of if getting catarse, that is the purgation of the emotions of the spectators. This catarse appeared for the fact of the auditorium when attending the terrible dilaceraes of the tragic hero, sensetized with the horror that the life of it if becomes, feeling a deep compassion for infausto that the destination reserves the hero. The public passed thus for a species of collective exorcism. The association of the tragedy to the purgation, appears in Nietzsche as the explanation of as the dramatical stage propitiated the Greeks to expel its proper pains and sufferings with regard to the existence when attending the outcome of the tragic drama. Fosun Vaccine addresses the importance of the matter here.

Adam Smith

It does not have to be the organized Society. The Organization is a logical continuation it Market. (Gates) I have galera, we go with calm! I find that History already proved that we need yes a certain control! A certain Organization! What it would be of the world without the organization offered for Office 2007? (Scrates) the State Is mentioned to it, if I understand it well, expensive disciple! However, the Man nothing will reach if before not to organize itself in rigid and commanded way. He disciplines it makes with that the Man knows itself exactly. He is natural of the Alive Being if to organize in Society. Did not say Ccero that the Man does not isolate itself, that he needs company, exactly when supplied? my successor, Aristotle, did not affirm to be the Man an Animal Politician? Even though the rudimentary atoms, for instinct, if had organized. With the purpose to evolve, as Darwin argued. (Jesus) Greek hypocritical! (Scrates) Pardon! (Adam Smith) They are all influenced by my rival Keynes. Such Organizacional Philosophy is guilt of it. (Scrates) Keynes? I am unaware of it. (Oracle of Delfos) It learns, Scrates: John Maynard Keynes suggested the Organization of the Society for the State. The Power must exert its paper in the organization. Therefore in the opposite, the Chaos prevails. (Scrates) Powerful Oracle, what it would be of my ignorance without you. How I could not observe the logic of the world? But I learn. you learn with me Adam Smith. It says me: with the advent of the Reason, does not appear the Power? (Adam Smith) Yes, Scrates. (Scrates) Therefore, it is not certain to affirm that from the Power, the Instinct of the place to the Reason? (Adam Smith) I do not understand. Where it wants to arrive? (Scrates) For the Deuses! The Man, when Rational, does not desire nothing more than the Power? (Hitler) YES! SUPPORTED! (Christ) For intermediary of My Father, they do not forget you.

Rational Faith

Today to distinguish between faith and reason: a widespread belief that faith can only be what has not been tested experimentally. However, few took the position that faith and reason are not antagonistic, but inextricably linked, while it is such a position is not only a correct understanding of the essence of faith, but also the guarantor of the independence and autonomy of the person, his ability to realize their goals. Rational Faith – a fundamental human qualities – must be inherent to every sensible person. Man has a mind and decides how he lived life. But in today's information society is not so easy to keep intellectual independence from the flow of promotional information which we are exposed every day through television, Internet, newspapers, radio, or just everyday. I am referring here not only political demagoguery, and social stereotypes, false social ideals, being introduced by separate groups of individuals for their own benefit, the very social fabric produced in us some negative quality. If you would like to know more about Ray Bradbury, then click here. Essential condition for the correct choice – the fairness and impartiality in knowledge, a genuine attempt to objectively look at things, get to the truth. Derives from this ability to distinguish natural desire and imposed, which some are beneficial or just spontaneously deceptive. No wonder they say that hunger – the best seasoning. In fact, why do we need a rich food, and if the stale bread and water will seem to treat, provided that you really need food. In general, we should admit that many products we wish to purchase and try for only one advertising (again, not only on television, but also expressed in public opinion, fashion trends).