– Some companies present the speech of the serving leadership, but in the practical one they have heads in the traditional model. Which are the possible solutions: – For incredible that he seems its head does not consider that its system generates fear or that it is joke reason; – Its head needs to know that its behavior cause consequncias; – Courses and books of leadership help in the auto-perception; – the RH in the disconnection interview can collect given that they point that definitive head is causing asked for of resignation in the team; – The climate research when carried through for the RH or external consultants they point as the employees perceives its head recommended: Hunter, James. As if to become a serving leader: the principles of leadership of the Monge and the Executive. Sextant: 2006..

A Note On How To Choose For Themselves A Psychoanalyst

Very exciting, and also for me the question: how to choose for themselves a therapist? Why am I so concerned about this issue that I return to it again? Because, unfortunately, more and more clients come to me with experience of working with "Masters of psychology" and I'm on my own experience I know to some serious injuries to them such experience sometimes leads to. At present the work of psychologists is not regulated or controlled in general there is no official organization. In order to deal with counseling does not require a license, then there is no one engaged in proficiency testing specialist, practitioner, and marketing their services. And that means addressing the person declares himself as a psychologist, you are not insured, even from the fact that this expert has the appropriate education. Most ordinary people do not even understand the differences between a psychologist, counselor, psychotherapist. Services market thrives even anarchy, and some debauchery.

And sometimes a good outcome if you get an appointment with a person at least having at least some psychological education. Although it is scary as can be worse than outright charlatans only be a dilettante. In our town of psychological education – fashion, psychologists are released, it seems, all universities, up to the building. J And these "experts", God forbid assimilated the basis of "general psychology" – offer their services, feel free to begin to advise, correct, advise. Moreover, even in such a respectable institution as a university, there are three specializations in the Psychology Department.