Rational Faith

Today to distinguish between faith and reason: a widespread belief that faith can only be what has not been tested experimentally. However, few took the position that faith and reason are not antagonistic, but inextricably linked, while it is such a position is not only a correct understanding of the essence of faith, but also the guarantor of the independence and autonomy of the person, his ability to realize their goals. Rational Faith – a fundamental human qualities – must be inherent to every sensible person. Man has a mind and decides how he lived life. But in today's information society is not so easy to keep intellectual independence from the flow of promotional information which we are exposed every day through television, Internet, newspapers, radio, or just everyday. I am referring here not only political demagoguery, and social stereotypes, false social ideals, being introduced by separate groups of individuals for their own benefit, the very social fabric produced in us some negative quality. If you would like to know more about Ray Bradbury, then click here. Essential condition for the correct choice – the fairness and impartiality in knowledge, a genuine attempt to objectively look at things, get to the truth. Derives from this ability to distinguish natural desire and imposed, which some are beneficial or just spontaneously deceptive. No wonder they say that hunger – the best seasoning. In fact, why do we need a rich food, and if the stale bread and water will seem to treat, provided that you really need food. In general, we should admit that many products we wish to purchase and try for only one advertising (again, not only on television, but also expressed in public opinion, fashion trends).

Stock Exchange News

Pluto tends to increase the level of risk. If you’ve allowed themselves to risky behavior and not afraid of anything, it now follows to be prudent and not to tempt fate, even if your risk is minimal. The first part of May completely unsuitable for business risks. The financial situation in the world and the markets will remain challenging. There’s even a chance that during the first ten days of May we hear the disappointing news about the global economy and markets. For those who are engaged in a game on the Stock Exchange, the first ten days of May can be extremely unsuccessful. Can someone in an instant to lose a fortune. These recommendations are particularly important for Scorpio, Aries and Taurus. That these signs should be cautious, as little as possible to take risks and rely their steps. The most dangerous days in that period – from 1 to May 2. Dangerous crowds, ride on an expressway. Can not attend public events such as concerts, go to the stadiums. Around you creates a field of high aggressiveness may be disputes and quarrels. We must be careful, there is even a tendency to an accident. The influence of Neptune and Pluto in May will resist the influence of Uranus, which will make the positive aspects. He bring sudden and exciting events of friendly, happy nature, random, unexpected happiness, news, messages that cause a happy surprise. Increase intuition and inspiration, creating a fruitful time and favorable conditions, especially for science and technology, art and painting, for researchers and inventors.

Each Horoscope Is Unique

“Every life journey is unique. Among the thousands of horoscopes I’ve never met the same or uninteresting. Likewise, each is unique astrologer. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Asaro, another great source of information. He has his own life and professional experience, their own school, his style. Those who appeals to me, know that I’m the only one on the American continent Zoroastrian astrologer school, which combines the work of psychology, astrology and magic.” It is thought Anna Falileevoy, professional astrologer and remarkable woman, intelligent and kind-hearted person. Anna has kindly agreed to come to visit us and answer some questions. Thus, a successful interview an astrologer for the blog”home business for women.” 1. Anna, tell us about yourself and your heart”Art.” I am a professional astrologer, writer and psychologist. She studied at the Tbilisi State University and the Moscow Literary Institute. Gorky in Moscow Astrology Academy of Pavel Globa and Stratfordskom Institute in Canada. Engaged in astrology, and psychological counseling for over 12 years. My many clients – citizens of Russia, Canada, America, Israel, Australia and Europe. Many of They ask me all the time – 5-6 times throughout the year. This is due to the fact that they get concrete answers to complex questions about business, love, health, parenting, career choices, leaving the stresses. My method of work called Practical Astrology by which solved the problem of the client. Many have changed their fate, began to live more happily, learning the secrets of your personal horoscope.

A Note On How To Choose For Themselves A Psychoanalyst

Very exciting, and also for me the question: how to choose for themselves a therapist? Why am I so concerned about this issue that I return to it again? Because, unfortunately, more and more clients come to me with experience of working with "Masters of psychology" and I'm on my own experience I know to some serious injuries to them such experience sometimes leads to. At present the work of psychologists is not regulated or controlled in general there is no official organization. In order to deal with counseling does not require a license, then there is no one engaged in proficiency testing specialist, practitioner, and marketing their services. And that means addressing the person declares himself as a psychologist, you are not insured, even from the fact that this expert has the appropriate education. Most ordinary people do not even understand the differences between a psychologist, counselor, psychotherapist. Services market thrives even anarchy, and some debauchery. And sometimes a good outcome if you get an appointment with a person at least having at least some psychological education. Although it is scary as can be worse than outright charlatans only be a dilettante. In our town of psychological education – fashion, psychologists are released, it seems, all universities, up to the building. J And these "experts", God forbid assimilated the basis of "general psychology" – offer their services, feel free to begin to advise, correct, advise. Moreover, even in such a respectable institution as a university, there are three specializations in the Psychology Department.