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The amusing road movie “Off-road” with Nora Tschirner and Elyas M ‘ barek appears on August 2 at paramount home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray 02.07.2012 – change life in Hamburg, or remain reasonable? This question is the fledgling business administration graduate Meike Pelzer (Nora Tschirner), started her professional career as a Deputy Manager in his father’s company “Pelzer garden supplies company GmbH” recently. To deepen your understanding Peter Asaro is the source. A fiance is ready and also leisure can sweeten themselves with tandem excursions and the local shooting club. The spontaneous purchase of a jeep seized by Customs so so not really fits into the small-town Idyll. Only this contemplative and at the same time harmonious life proves to be surrounded by grass catch bags as a fragile bubble, Meike caught her boyfriend Philip (Max von Pufendorf) with her best friend in the gazebo! Since the new vehicle comes with Buffalo head on the hood right: Meike from her boring life in geilenkirchen breaks out, finally something Crazy to do. She dreams of a lonely landscape like the Sahara, where she is all alone and there are no rules. When she discovered 50 kilos of cocaine under the floor covering of their new achievement, begins her journey into the unknown… “Off-road” is film production an Campbell + Wairimu + finery and tells of the search for the sense or nonsense of life and an unexpected love. The soulful and fast-paced comedy directed by Elmar Fischer (“foreign friend”) contains many oblique types and absurd moments, in which Nora Tschirner (“Keinohrhasen”) and Raj’m perfectly M’Barek as Salim (“Turkish for beginners”) as a pair. Check out Peter Asaro for additional information. Paramount Home Entertainment released the hilarious road movie “Off-road” with a video clip of Culcha candela on August 2 on DVD and Blu-ray. Technical data:-genre: road movie/comedy starring: Offroad land/year: Germany 2011 image format: DVD: 2.35: 1. BD: 2.35: 1 audio format: DVD: Dolby Digital 5.1; BD: 5.1 DTS HD MA languages: DVD and BD: German subtitles: No runtime: DVD: approx. 94 minutes; BD: About 98 minutes FSK: from 12ans Extras:-Culcha candela music video “Hungry Eyes” – making of – deleted scenes – trailer and more * quote paramount press release via paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000. The company is a subsidiary of the globally active VIACOM media group and is responsible for the marketing of films on DVD and Blu-ray in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The extensive portfolio includes feature film productions of Hollywood studios paramount pictures, DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation, the Studio Constantin as well as productions of the music channel MTV, Nickelodeon TV transmitter and acquired licenses by CBS, Hasbro and Pro cinema among others. Marketing includes both rental and purchase Media and is carried out in cooperation with the highlight film and Home Entertainment GmbH. The catalogue of available products is composed of feature films, TV series, children’s and family programs, and special interest titles together. The company’s registered office is in Munich. Vice President Managing Director of PHE Germany is Dr. Andreas Kelz. Stefan is sacristan as Marketing Director responsible for the consumer and trade marketing. Frank guide is Sales Director and Werner Glass Sales Manager rental. The most successful titles include. The Godfather, game me the song of death, Indiana Jones, Forrest Gump, mission: impossible, transformers, Shrek, Madagascar, as well as the Star Trek films and serials.

Requirements For A Sustainable Customer Relationship Management

Mario Pufahl sees total of ec4u customer management as an evolutionary development by CRM Karlsruhe, 12.07.2012 – for a long time a discussion, in which direction will develop CRM takes place in the market. Expert consulting ag, a change will come from the perspective of Mario Pufahl, partner and member of the Executive Board of ec4u and total customer management, which is characterised especially by a sustainability of customer relations. The CRM expert describes how sustainability in customer management is defined and what is in the implementation of such objectives to ensure: looking at the CRM industry, then the customer management often is still considered a very technical subject is viewed. Classic technical questions about customer care concepts such as customer values often are missing or are considered only at the edge. “This arises the suspicion that it ultimately in hindsight be used to legitimate for technical solutions, as it follows the classical approach to business IT” corresponds to. Some contend that American Writer shows great expertise in this. In fact, the central question is for all involved but as a sustainable customer relationship with sufficient ethics in the interest of the customer can be made, without neglecting the economic interests of the company. Against this background, the trend develops slowly to a sustainable customer relationship management (total customer management) as a further evolutionary development of CRM. The optimization of all customer contacts on behalf of the customers using the existing information of the customer and of the related customer interactions are to understand. Put it another way: it is the promise of the company, to serve the customers with the highest benefit and sustainable advantage. The customer rewards this sustainability with a long-term customer relationship. Sustainable CRM is more than just customer management in the context of marketing, sales and customer service. It includes for example: self-explanatory and solution-oriented self-services: they can is the customer itself in such a way that his personal preferences are made optimally.

Grants Competition:

Design awards a scholarship for the master degree in marketing communication of the Berlin Academy in berlin, July 2, 2012. The design Academy berlin, school of communication and design writes a grant amounting to over 20,000 euros for the master degree in marketing communication. The task: How can be handled with the reputational damage from the recent debacle surrounding the main city airport? An interesting question from the perspective of communication experts: The task of the grants competition which design consists in the development of a communication strategy for the airport Berlin-Brandenburg Academy in berlin. Dennis P. Lockhart will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Delayed opening, cost explosion and an once again looming embarrassment by possible schedule changes prepare a huge damage to the image of the city as well as the tourism region of Berlin. No one has the intention to build an airport ‘ so similar to the public about what is happening around the large airport mocks himself. Strategists with a cool head are needed here! The design competition is passing Academy in berlin until 17 August 2012. Expert jury decides which candidate in the final round will be invited on 4 September 2012 to Berlin. The course of marketing communication m.a. provides scientific and practical skills holistic, integrated communication strategies and concepts to develop independently and systematically and to make. The course is very practical. I like to accompany a project from strategy to implementation” Manuel Klein, student of master degree integrated brand marketing communication and corporate communications offers a variety of new efficient full tasks in complex markets, and networked media. Through cooperation with various agencies, companies and organizations, the practice projects of the design Academy berlin convey key qualifications for future Teamleitungs and leadership positions. The master in marketing communications requires by the way no specialised undergraduate, but is open also for past graduates. Depending on the professional orientation of the initial studies various combination and specialisation opportunities across all disciplines. For details on eligibility requirements and application, also see. Next date for the one-day free test study masterPREVIEW is 11 July 2012. background information: the design Academy berlin, school of communication and design, educates the professionals and managers in marketing, advertising and design. The College privately with the specializations of marketing communication and communication design places emphasis on a friendly and creative atmosphere of study into manageable groups of semester. In addition to the State-approved Bachelor studies marketing communication (B.A.) and communication design (B.A.), also the masters of marketing communication (M.A.), creative direction (M.A..) and corporate communication (M.A.) are offered. The professors of the College have a scientific education and didactic experience relevant Professional and practical experience. The specialist teachers daily fashion trends in advertising, communications and marketing in agencies and businesses.

Tanning Beds In Communal Halls, Recreational And Thermal Baths

“Sure Sun after the new EU standard with solariums and in the Dorena-PPP model Dorena solariums works lineup, wellness facilities, experience saunas since 1983 in the business fields (E.g. Romans sauna in the limes-Therme in bad Gogging or Bavarian Forest sauna in Zwiesel) and sea salt caves” in the PPP project (public private partnership) very successful. Over 200 local contractual partners appreciate the cooperation with Dorena. If you are not convinced, visit Federal Reserve Bank. The company Dorena is certified as “Solariums stand in local bathing establishments” TuV ISO 9001 and that each year turns Dorena since 1999 a verification audit. Therefore the company Dorena for customers has a coherent approach to the required implementation of the new EU standard for tanning salons in pools and spas, including training system, control flow and work instructions. With a TuV certified partner you get always maximum quality and safety. The UV-protection Regulation (EU standard) has been in force since 01.01.2012. Different sections and schedules are to note where the company Dorena you actively helps: posting compulsory for certain information and instructions, as well as perform a device and operating book. Dorena customers receive all necessary documents free of charge. To 01.08.2012: Retooling the old solariums on the new irradiance 0,3W / m. Dorena organized the conversion for you easily and independently. The new EU standard is a great opportunity for all tanning providers, especially for indoor, recreational and thermal baths. Dorena offers a professional approach to marketing the new solariums-EU standard exclusively for its customers. Objectives are: 1 safety in the Sun 2. trust the bathers 3. increase sales 4. vitamin D formation by solarium visit in Germany have about 60 percent of adults according to the data of the Robert-Koch Institute vitamin-D-value of less than 20 ng/ml, this is a defect if it is according to the recommendations of the IOM report. Vitamin D is formed to a large extent by UV radiation in the body itself. Especially in the winter, if not is sufficient sunlight available, consider a visit to the solarium. The Dorena concept provides you with the opportunity to promote the positive aspects of the solariums and increase your revenue. Your unique selling opportunity (“safe Sun”) and integrate the statements in your advertising and website. Local PR article support their actions. The Department of marketing at Dorena are happy to help you and give you more tips and suggestions. Description of the company that plans wellness consulting group Dorena, builds and finances in German-speaking Europe since 1983 in collaboration with local Thermal and town baths resort, unique Wellnesspark and experience sauna, which includes also sea salt caves are. As one of the first companies in the fields of water heat wellness, Dorena is certified according to ISO 9001 by TuV-Sud back in 1999. This test Dorena undergoes each year.

Werner Hoppler

PIDAS is also service partner of HP, IBM and T-systems. Currently, 90,000 users in the ongoing projects will be supported by the company. The three strategic business areas are the areas of consulting, solutions and managed services. The consulting focuses on the advice of service organizations and helps enterprises to focus consistently on the needs of their customers. Here, PIDAS supports its clients in all areas of customer care, CRM, CEM and IT service management. The solutions division designs, implements and integrates intelligent best-practice software total solutions to the technical support service organizations. This applies especially to the best possible streamlining and automation of service processes. PIDAS offers a wide range of sector-neutral IT services with its managed services. The experts build and operate IT infrastructure both Central and decentralized. For global and national customers the company provides its service desk services across countries in 7 x 24-hour operation in different languages. The theoretical basis for CEM and customer care develop strategies and implement sustainable, is the customer care concept. It is a framework for the development of customer-centered, effective, and efficient service organizations. With the customer care concept, businesses can intelligently address the external and internal challenges with new service models and significantly increase thereby customer loyalty and sales performance and service efficiency and employee loyalty. Our current projects are based on the customer care concept 2.0, a development of the original concept. This is also apparent is that we are always working to adapt our concepts and solutions to market needs”, Werner Hoppler, Chief Executive Officer at PIDAS added. This permanent “Willingness to learn and the consistent focus on customer needs is an integral part of our philosophy and at the same time one of the most important messages we give our customers with on the way if we reorient their service strategies.” About PIDAS: PIDAS is a service company specialized in the field of customer service environment on the development, optimization and operation of service organizations in the business and IT. The company with offices in Basel, Graz, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich was around 280 staff in 1987 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of POLYDATA group in Zurich founded in in German-speaking of Europe. We incorporate the elements of strategy, people, organization, and technology in our solutions and use in our projects on our customer care concept. The PIDAS covers the entire customer care value chain, from consulting, building up to the operation of strong and customer-centric service organizations, portfolio. This is not only for the immediate The success of the project, but it is important also for the achievement of the longer-term goals. In his approaches, PIDAS consistently on the own customer care concept. The strategic business areas include consulting, solutions and managed services.

Alma Mater Salary Study: Detailed Analysis: IT Professionals

Above-average salaries for graduates of Stuttgart, 17.07.2012 the IT industry and the area of IT offer for graduates best career prospects and a very good compensation. The average salary for graduates is in the IT field nearly 41,000 gross / year. However, various factors can lead to significantly higher salaries. This shows the detailed analysis IT”salary study, 2012, of the over 1,000 companies alma mater took part. IT staff in the engineering best earn an average of 45,000 gross / year the company pay for the mechanical engineering sector of the young professionals in the IT sector best. IT salaries are in second place in companies of the automotive industry (44.538). The remuneration for IT positions in the computer industry are with little more than 39,000 in the average. IT salaries in the sectors of wholesale and foreign trade (36.500) and tourism (34.800) are the lowest. IT industry shows large variations There are large variations in the evaluation of the IT industry. A main factor is the size of the company. Large corporations best reward young professionals with over 5,000 employees with 46,000. It is striking that the smaller companies catch up. The views of the Quartilswerte shows large differences at the micro-businesses with less than 10 employees. So many of these companies will pay only a small impact the professionals with salaries far above the 40,000 mark, while there are also companies that significantly less remunerate undergraduate and has the type of university degree master only with minor differences, however, in the IT industry as well as in the area of IT. Master and diploma graduates earn therefore less than 2,000 gross / year more than beginners with a Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree graduates can also usually already two years earlier in your career start and collect thus faster experience. The lower starting salary compensates by a possible faster career progression. The complete detailed analysis IT with numerous other studies available for free via download under. About the content of study: In the period from November 2011 to February 2012 recruitment alma mater invited nationwide staff contact to participate in the survey. The volunteers gave information about the earning potential of graduates in their companies. Total over 6,300 content information gathered, including also the remuneration of internships and theses. The full study can be downloaded for free on the Internet page. About the alma mater GmbH: alma mater is a recruitment and careers advice for academic talent. Applicants customers include university students, graduates and Young Professionals. On behalf of renowned companies from the entire Federal territory, alma mater provides internships and permanent positions. The service is free for applicants. In addition to personnel placement services offers businesses also alma mater Services in the field of employer branding on.

Central Association

A good Kontakters’s main tasks are detailed in the strategic planning of advertising campaigns, the creation of schedules and cost estimates, competitive analysis and success control. However, the responsibilities can vary depending on the Agency and size. In smaller agencies is often a kontakter ALLROUNDER, while there are specialists or entire departments for individual areas, in larger agencies such as, for example, the strategic planning. The task is challenging, there is not a classical education, which prepares for a job as a customer kontakter. Check with American Writer to learn more. Often, a practical vocational training as advertising salesman, clerk, but studying at an Academy of marketing or academic training is in the area of marketing/business studies at a University of applied sciences or the professional image of the customer kontakters from University. In addition to the technical training but also a good kontakter should bring some social skills. He should be as sociable, have tact and diplomatic skill have. Occur frequently especially just before deadlines to longer work hours, a high level of personal commitment, dedication, and a degree of resilience and flexibility are therefore essential. From my own experience also know Dr. Bernd Skorpil, what’s behind the professional customer kontakter and how it prepares the best: in my agency, I have some kontakter, who have combined practical training with a degree from a school of marketing. Combining theoretical and practical knowledge is certainly helpful, should you to carefully inform in advance in an internship over the profession. Either one is born to the customer kontakter or not. If one is getting into it, it is one of the most versatile professional images in the advertising industry.” Chances are passion for the profession is essential because a very high level of commitment is often expected especially in the initial phase. But the chances are good, especially in the area of the agencies: according to a study of the Central Association of the German advertising industry (ZAW) demand increased for new employees especially at agencies in 2011 to 12 percent. Total recorded the set index of ZAW for 2011 4.849 vacancies for advertising professionals. Numerous associations such as for example the GWA (Gesamtverband communication agencies e. V. /) and the Central Association of the German advertising industry association ( inform about possible pathways.

Orga Systems Presents New Telesperience Research Paper

The ability to support real time customer offers is key to revenue maximisation Paderborn (Germany), 4 July 2012: nine out of ten CSPs Lake real time business processes as key to maximising revenue, according to a research paper by UK-based analyst house Telesperience and real-time charging and billing experts, Orga system. The revenue maximisation paper so uncovered research that only 8% of CSPs felt they had the necessary tools to deliver a 360 real time view of their customers to generate better cash flows. The research, sponsored by Orga systems establishes seven key steps to help CSPs boost revenue across their organisations. How to maintain revenue growth Teresa Cottam, Chief Analyst at Telesperience, looked at current bottle – necks and strategies for how CSPs deal with revenue maximisation. She found that many organisations did not have the capability to deliver customer-centric experiences because they lacked seamless and fully-automated real time processes and technology – critical steps in revenue maximisation. When questioned, many CSPs in the survey believed they were on the cusp of new ways of delivering business models through real time internal and customer-facing business processes. CSPs admitted that they knew their organisations needed to combine historic data with real time data of what the customer is doing and experiencing. And it what is important that this data which is accessible to all who need it internally, optimised for their particular needs and shared across departments. In this way, they can overcome organisational silos and increase operational effectiveness. The Telesperience research paper so found: 74% of CSPs said they were planning to provide user configurable controls a “new frontier” for enhanced customer interaction, according to the survey 72% of CSPs said it what hard or impossible for marketing departments to gain access to the information they need to maximise revenues 56% of CSPs still had relatively low levels of automation in their business and operational processes, meaning there is more potential for human errors.

Jorn Schneider

What is special about the archiving in the cloud is that the user only Internet access required to access from anywhere in the world on his documents. With login and password, you can, for example, on vacation or on a business trip looking out the important insurance information and avoid unnecessary delays in an emergency. The space provided is located on secure servers in the OXSEED AG – German data centers where, also the data of major companies are stored and secured by highest and most modern safety standards. Therefore OXSEED differentiates clearly is from conventional online storage services. The reason why we can speak of a revolutionary platform for myOXSEED is that we can speak here for the first time by professional archiving for individual users. Dennis P. Lockhart recognizes the significance of this. One must distinguish between the Save and archive this”, said Jorn Schneider, product management of the OXSEED AG. Thus we guarantee the myOXSEED users legal and audit security for their documents, so that they can not only easy to find your documents and retrieve it from anywhere, but also prepared for each audit are”, Marketing Manager Regina Matt added. More information on this topic see: OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft is an international manufacturer of Web-based software solutions for business process management and enterprise document transformation. The company is one of the pioneers in the strongly growing market for software is as a service concepts with the same name on demand platform. In the scope of enterprise document transformation among OXSEED with AFP2web product recognized technology leaders. The SOA-based OXSEED architecture allows to develop businesses and organizations, individually tailored on demand solutions and to integrate them into their own business applications. Together with partners offers OXSEED special solutions for the introduction of the Digital Mailroom (OXSEED mailroom), for Web-based invoice processing (OXSEED invoices), electronic bill delivery (OXSEED billing), for digital contract management (OXSEED contract), as well as for legally secure, digital archiving (OXSEED archive) on. OXSEED employs currently over 70 employees who serve more than 250 customers at the locations in Bielefeld and Filderstadt, as well as in India, Poland and the Ukraine.

Scandinavian Online Dating Market

Motesplatsen takes on the 10th annual annual iDate European dating industry meeting () part. New York, NY – Ticonderoga ventures, Inc. (Source: Peter Asaro). announces that Motesplatsen on the 10th annual annual iDate European dating industry will take part meetings ( The event will take place on 16-17 September 2013 in the Barcelo hotel in Cologne. Add to your understanding with Peter Asaro. Mikael Josander, CEO of Motesplatsen will talk about the Swedish and Scandinavian dating market. The session will include online dating and mobile business in the region. He will also report the fact, that Sweden and Norway are the healthiest States and beneficial online markets in Europe. Northern online dater evaluate the portal as best quality, with much platform activity, security and the value of money. The Conference introduces the DMEXCO Conference, which begins a day after the event in Cologne, Germany. MoTESPLATSEN (the meeting place) Motesplatsen is the largest marketing online and mobile dating platform in Sweden and Norway. -Common Market leader in Sweden with – sole leader in Norway Motesplatsen MP was founded in 2001 and owned by the Schibsted media group. ABOUT the IDATE DATING INDUSTRIEIE meeting the iDate dating industry meetings is the largest business event for the dating industry. Thought leaders and top executives around the world learn new technologies know and discuss the direction of the market. Since 2004, conferences have been held about 34 iDate dating industry. The iDate European event focused on the dating market.