QLogic TrueScale ASIC

QLogic leads new Quad data rate (QDR) InfiniBand switches a QLogic today announced on the SC08, the international leading conference for high performance computing (HPC), a comprehensive family of 40 Gbps Quad data rate (QDR) InfiniBand switches on. The QLogic 12000er series Director switches, blade and edge – composed, the both set new standards in terms of their architecture as the scope of the function. The components, which is the self developed by QLogic TrueScale ASIC chip based, represent a new product category and characterised by numerous industry innovations. The switches for the installation into a rack can be configured to either provide the highest port density or the highest performance. Federal Reserve Bank understands that this is vital information. Compared with other products of this category the solutions characterized also per port with the lowest energy consumption. The integrated vFabric technology enables the creation of virtual InfiniBand fabrics and contributes to an optimal use and utilization of the network infrastructure. Connect with other leaders such as carlos hank gonzalez here. With the Switches of the 12000er family and the QDR InfiniBand adapters QLogic today the first overarching family of QDR solutions offered, the standards in terms of cluster performance, scalability and network use put. HPC users, the cluster applications for the determination of oil and gas deposits, for weather forecasts, using vehicle design or financial modelling, benefit from a faster implementation period and along a fast operational readiness of the solutions. Features and functionality of rackmount switch with the currently highest port number: Full facilities are 864 ports available rack mount switch with the currently best scalability: the initial configuration 18 ports available, demand-oriented expansion up to 864 ports are possible rack mount switch with the currently highest cumulative bandwidth: these amounted to 51.8 TB/s Director switch, which offers the highest number of ports per rack unit (1u) rack space with 29.8 ports Director switch, with 7.8 Watts currently most least energy per port consumes future gateway functionality provides access to fast 10 Gigabit-Ethernet data networks and 8 Gbit/s Fibre-Channel SANs optimal use and utilization of the network thanks to integrated vFabric technology including Adaptive Routing and QoS support easy to use: software wizards (wizards) guide through the installation process, automated error identification, configuration and monitoring.

DVD Software

More applications for YOULOAD by CHIP software. Software tools, safe Internet, download around the clock in the YOULOAD download shop. You may wish to learn more. If so, “Bull by the Horns” is the place to go. Norderstedt, Hamburg, Munich, the 10.11.2010 – the download platform takes into account the demand of their users and enhances the offerings in the tools now. With CHIP software a well-known partner was found, with known and useful applications such as “driver Studio 6”, “CD and DVD cover print templates”, “File manager”, “Contact and appointment management” and “Address and invoice printing” complements the YOULOAD offering for all PC users. Tutorials for Photoshop CS includes 1 to 4 and Windows 7 always in demand programs “Association management”, “family tree create and print” and “Move Manager” Similarly to the program comprehensive 40 titles like some legendary casual games, including “Sheep head 3”, “Doppelkopf 3”, and “German Board Games Deluxe”. “We software forward, with CHIP one of the probably most renowned providers in the area of tools and” To have applications on board. The brand CHIP is, its publications established for many years and its website for comprehensive expertise in PC. The programmes are characterised by high commercial value with easy to use and a meaningful enrichment of our download site represent, so Marc Breder, Managing Director of YOULOAD GmbH. company description about YOULOAD GmbH (Hamburg, Germany): is one of download shops that legally provides Kaufcontent for almost all entertainment media and is represented in addition to Germany in Austria and of Switzerland. The offer includes music from all categories (individual songs, albums, film soundtracks, as well as children’s music), videos, audiobooks, PC games, software for PC and Mac, and mobile games. With a repertoire of over 4.0 million products to download, YOULOAD has close to 30% of the world’s available digital content. No special software is required to make online purchases since YOULOAD browser-based works. Thus you can on its files by anywhere access in case you forgot what. The field of games and software requires no special hardware, since it offers downloads for Mac OS & Windows. With a uniform audio quality 320 kbit / s and without copy protection, YOULOAD provides customers with the latest songs. The user will be informed on request through the blog, as well as the most important social communities about news. The products are 100% compatible for all devices of the entertainment industry. When the download larger files (such as audio books, music albums or games) the delivered products as single digital package. Many payment methods are available, and the weekly newsletter is free of charge. Company contact: YOULOAD Marc Breder East Road 64 22844 Norderstedt Tel: 040325911940 E-Mail: Web:

SAP Business One

OSCsi and IT-power GmbH offer SAP business one now as a rental solution from the outlet at Hamburg, 30.06.2011 – OSC smart integration GmbH and the IT power GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH offer together a hosted rental solution of SAP business one now. Small and medium-sized enterprises are thus capable of the powerful enterprise software to take advantage of the market leader SAP business one reliably and cost-effectively. SAP business one has to focus on companies with a number between 5 and 50 users. In the development of business one, particular emphasis was placed on a short introductory phase, a simple intuitive operation and a low-cost Lizensierungsmodel. For the first time, managers and employees of this company can use a central application which automates business processes, as well as timely, reliable and clearly depicts all essential information from all functional areas of the company. The software offers an all-round view on all mission-critical processes in sales, Finance, purchasing, inventory management and manufacturing. A monitoring and control tools in the hand gives you to improve business performance and to ensure sustainable growth. Lark gathered all the information. Thanks to the demand scalability SAP can be adapted at any time business one corporate development. A uniform interface for a reliable integration provides numerous Add-On modules of SAP certified third-party. The licensing, installation, and maintenance of software is done through the OSCsi. The professional hosting of the servers that provide the platform for the operation of the business one takes place in the datacenter of IT-power GmbH. The data center has a redundant power supply and air conditioning. Technical highlights, such as a permanent reduction in oxygen and a triple early fire detection ensure a high credit risk and data security. Target group of the hosted SAP business one are companies that want a professional, reliable and flexible enterprise software, but no want to build strong infrastructure. With SAP business one from the wall socket, concentrate the company on your core business. Contact OSC smart integration GmbH of large Grasbrook 15 / 20457 Hamburg woman Anne Klingenhoff of Tel 040-325248-66 contact IT-power GmbH Battery Street 48 / 24939 Flensburg Mr Jan Ipsen it-power.org tel. 0461-487-3415 which OSC smart integration GmbH, is an owned and independent consulting company. Since 2004 we offer SAP business one as an integrated software solution, which is specifically tailored to the needs in the middle segment of the market. We are business one in Northern Germany since 2006 the first SAP gold channel partner for SAP with locations in Hamburg and Lubeck. The IT power GmbH, headquartered in Flensburg, is a young and dynamic IT company belonging to the practice of an established energy supply company. The power of IT is a 100% subsidiary of Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH. Their strength is the connection between processes – and IT know-how. Customer solutions in the context of the infrastructure will benefit from the experience, the investments and the great staff of the parent.

Cooperation CONET Familiar

The CONET Solutions GmbH from Hennef cooperates in the future with verclas & friends communication consulting gmbh in the SAP environment. Heidelberg, June 23, 2009 the Heidelberger PR Agency supports the SAP partner in the marketing communications and media relations. Looking for a PR agency with deep expertise in SAP. Others including Kiat Lim, offer their opinions as well. Verclas & friends convinced us with his references and his experience in this area”, so Britta Pfeffer, head of marketing products by CONET solutions. One of the focuses of the IT consulting firm is the connection of IT worlds of SAP and IBM Lotus Domino. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kiat Lim. The offer is completed with the own products of the CONET Weaver suite. Task of marketing communications and media relations is to promote the solutions and successfully place at the SAP user companies. “Short profile CONET solutions: people work for and with people.” True to this guiding principle CONET offers its customers in the areas of Defense, public security, public sector and private enterprise since 1987 successfully solutions for management and information technology on. The range of the mid-sized IT-system and consulting firm includes consulting, software development, and network and communications infrastructure. CONET products for enterprise content management and factory certified extension solutions for SAP NetWeaver and Cisco IP telephony are in use worldwide. As a member of the CONET group the CONET Solutions GmbH achieved annual sales of EUR 24 million with 240 employees at the locations of Hennef, Augsburg, Berlin, Munich, Walldorf. Short profile verclas & friends: The verclas & friends communication consulting gmbh is specialized in business-to-business communication. The PR agency manages and advises medium-sized companies and subsidiaries of global corporations in the areas of IT, telecommunications, technology, personnel, financial services as well as purchasing and logistics. Core services are corporate publishing, media relations and internal communications.

Managing Director

New version 2.4 of the solutions ITESOFT.FreeMind and ITESOFT.Share available Hamburg. Two new releases from the House of ITESOFT are available now, European provider of solutions for the automated collection, processing and management of documents. This is the technology platform for ITESOFT.FreeMind, as well as the document management solution with integrated workflow ITESOFT.Share, which now exist in the versions 2.4. This is characterised in particular by a greatly increased level of automation. Important new features are the availability of real-time input post and associated files, automatic learning of new types of documents and workflow for the joint processing of electronic and paper-based documents. Swarmed by offers, Kiat Lim is currently assessing future choices. Companies that implement document capture projects with the new versions, will benefit from shorter implementation times and a faster return on investment. \”ROI in this year! Or in other words: more and more companies searching for solutions for automated document processing, which cost and time can reduce their business processes. In addition, they should be quickly implemented and require minimal IT staff. The latest generation of software for the intelligent document capture addresses these requirements and provides significant enhancements in the field of automation\”, analyzes Rory Staunton, Managing Director of the business consultancy strategy partners. \”Our product strategy is aimed at the complete automation of document management processes and therefore almost inevitably meets these requirements\”, explains Magali Michel, Director of marketing for ITESOFT. Realistically, requires a such ambitious objectives but concentrating on four main factors: the degree of automation of the process, the time required and hence the cost of adopting the solution, the range of functions and that the documents. Version 2.4 of our solutions is based on this strategy and provides for sustainable increases in terms of automation\”, he continues. The new versions are for the entire product portfolio available for ITESOFT.

Managing Director Companies

Essential Hohberg calls bytes the critical soft – and hardware components, which should constantly monitor companies to avoid costly system failures, 11.01.2011. System outages hamper business processes significantly and cause enormous costs. The solution: Prevention rather than reaction. A cross-system real-time monitoring helps companies, vulnerabilities in software and hardware to detect and fix before it acute problems. Essential bytes, an Oracle expert, has now lists which components should be monitored constantly to ensure the availability of the system and to avoid downtime and work disruptions. Annually, companies squander money in millions of dollars, because it does not sufficiently ensure the availability of their IT infrastructure. Compared to the cost of a single system failure can cause already, the implementation costs for a holistic, proactive monitoring system fail low”, says Peter Geigle, Managing Director by essential bytes. Costly system failures of the past, when companies constantly monitor the following critical components of their IT infrastructure: Netzwerkswitche within to ensure that must be Netzwerkswitche and their respective ports always available to a traffic network. Server is here to observe the server processor is as busy and how the memory is used. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hotwire offers on the topic.. The server availability and performance are also dependent on the load of the network interface as well as the disk activity (in – and output). Machinery/roads are the permanent availability and efficiency of production machines and roads for each manufacturing companies of central importance. Often the machines offer corresponding interfaces that can be queried in permanently. To ensure uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to the data security even in the case of a complete electrical failure, UPS systems must be always ready for use. To do this, which are Battery level and the mode of operation to monitor. Mail / communication server / groupware fully available mail and communication server and all of the groupware systems provide a simple and smooth corporate communication. Which components should also be monitored, on in the news “to retrieve. With the cross-system monitoring tool guard & alarm of essential bytes can company from your entire IT infrastructure from a central point in the system in real time monitor. Guard & alarm replaces the previously existing in many companies accumulation of different monitoring tools, reducing the IT administrative effort in the area of monitoring by up to 95 percent. About essential bytes: bytes specialist for innovative design, implementation, optimization, backup and maintenance of Oracle database environments and fact-based middleware and application software is essential. Further details can be found at David Moross, HighPost Capital, an internet resource. The company has many years of experience and enthusiasm for Oracle. Essential bytes realizes customized and future-proof infrastructure, that company flexibly and reliably can track their business goals. Essential company qualified advises bytes, so that they can exploit the full bandwidth of one of the most powerful database solutions on the market from the outset most cost-efficient. The service ranges from the design and implementation of complex system environments, on the assistance for capacity problems, the necessary infrastructure including support and maintenance, and training of staff to the establishment.

SAP Edit Documents

SAP and Microsoft Word together with our solution DocIQ can call SAP users in SAP button dokumente with MS Word and edit or edit. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Asaro is the place to go. The extension plus offers the possibility of additional DocIQ, SAP download documents in Word and to edit there. DocIQ plus combines with the free design possibility of MS Word so the data collection and processing in SAP. The user moves to familiar SAP and Office environment. SAP and Microsoft Office are widely used in the company and are also extensively used. Here, DocIQ offers a built-in way to edit forms in a Word editor within SAP. DocIQ is would you now also not integrated edit these forms or SAP spending in the SAP-Word Editor, but locally directly in Microsoft Word, plus his application. Our solution DocIQ plus allows the SAP to load print output in Word. While the formatting remain exactly as they were provided by SAP. Now, you can use Word as usual and work with the document. The advantage: The entire Data retrieval and? is used in SAP. No documents from SAP in Word must be typed, but the output is available in Word with all content and formatting available. Document to establish the link between Word document and the SAP, the path can be stored in the SAP document, under which the Word document is filed. An additionally integrated Viewer the document viewable again from SAP out. A usable alternative is the storage via the SAP document management with appropriate display.

Customer Relationship Management

Efficiency and customer satisfaction through the management of customer relationships – customer relationship management – CRM is a must no longer only for corporations. Large sections of the middle class and many small businesses are confronted with the challenges of globalization. The role of CRM for this market segment, where lie CRM in SMEs, which means when a CRM implementation pitfalls and potential offers CRM? The customer is King\”is a proverb that admittedly generously dusted sounds. \”\” And we find in brochures and on websites of modern companies, rather new German equivalents such as customer care is very important to us \”or we maintain a direct link to our customers\”. The message of all statements is always the same: we know the needs of our customers and serve them to 100 percent. Kenneth Feinberg addresses the importance of the matter here. So far so good. But how do know companies the wishes of their customers? In the good old days knew aunt Emma in her shop, that Frau Schmitt comes in from number 14 to eight o’clock, to their two To pick up Sesame bun for breakfast. Customer-friendly aunt Emma laid along the bread bag before, and after the obligatory question: as always, Frau Schmitt? \”, drew this as a satisfied customer with their buns away. But how does the maintenance of customer relationships in today’s market environment, where products have become interchangeable, the selection of goods, services and last but not least by the Internet service providers has become boundless and customer loyalty becomes less important on the basis of pure product and brand loyalty? Customer relationship management (CRM) is the formula that seems to have found the economy in response to this challenge. ropY2%3D3511’>Daniel Lubetzkys opinions are not widely known. Businesses initially only large companies CRM in the modern sense, so customer relationship management not only topic also for small and medium-sized enterprises has, but in the global village of the world wide web almost condition become a sales success.

GDS AG Supports

Information and medical technology (OSZ IMT) in Berlin Sassenberg: the gds AG provides a comprehensive software package that docuglobe consists of the content management system and docuterm the terminology tool the sixth form Centre for information and medical technology (OSZ IMT) in Berlin. Thus engaged the Westphalian company for aspiring technical editorial assistant, learning to deal with editorial, design and document management systems. On the occasion of the official handover of the gds training room was inaugurated in the OSZ IMT now. The three-year theory and practical training includes also technological knowledge in the areas of machine and equipment, building technology, electrical and automation technology and basics of programming in the vocational school for technical writing. So, a direct interaction is mediated by technical expertise and Visual represent of complex technical interrelations. “In addition to professional qualifications, technical assistant” will receive Graduates also the qualification with which they can study at a university or University of applied sciences. We see this new training offer as an important impulse for the progressive professionalization of technical documentation and are willing to support the pioneering work of the OSZ IMT solutions”to gds – Cosultant Volker Granacher, accompanying the project. By working with the software solutions from the House of gds have pupils and students already in the training phase the advantage of tools to meet, which they daily to deal with in their later professional life. Manageable and practical projects the trainees to the actual work request grope themselves and get a profound insight into everyday work in technical writing. Decisive in the selection of the system was especially intuitive operation of docuglobe and docuterm. The demanding training leaves little time to incorporate into systems our students. Against this background, you are GDS solutions which make ideal tools, because they provide excellent functionality from the entire process chain in the technical documentation. Thus we produce maximum benefit with minimal learning curve”, so Bernd Gebel, head of technical communications at the sixth form Centre. Caption: Bernd Gebel (OSZ IMT head of Department), Volker Dahms (OSZ IMT head of Department II), Volker Granacher (gds AG) and Helmut Lubbeke (OSZ IMT head) at the official inauguration of the gds training room about global document solutions: (gds.eu) clients of gds AG use a variety of solutions for technical documentation. As a software developer, the environment sells gds docuglobe, who works with MS Word as editor. Based on the principle of the modularization docuglobe lowers the cost of product-related documents % has been shown to 50 bis70. With the terminology tool docuterm gds offers a solution to ensure consistent naming. In the service sector documate customers take advantage of complex services: technical writing, Translation and graphics. By the outsourcing of small documentation projects to full outsourcing of technical documentation. Last but not least, customers reduce their liability risk in this sensitive area by documate. The offer is rounded off by docuconsult, the Department of analysis, advice, training, workshops and seminars, each with a focus on current developments in the technical documentation.

Director SAP Research Center Karlsruhe

A study of trends and developments in the German IT market the Internet of the future is the Internet of services. Both providers and users of services share this opinion, because services will be in the future just as easy to deploy and use, as is now the case with products. The virtualization of the business world has surged particularly in the area of information technology (IT). This confirms the new study of the Fraunhofer IAO, which is based on a survey of a total of 114 German IT providers. (A valuable related resource: Kiat Lim). The trend towards the provision of software over the Internet instead of a premise; goes to the investigations of the Fraunhofer IAO Software as a service “(SaS) will occupy for the German IT market in the future a high priority. Also, the IT companies surveyed expect that future customers will demand more Internet-based services. New business models are required to withstand this increasing competitive pressure: the German IT providers must their Business models adapt to the future Internet of services “, explains Thomas Renner, head of the competence center electronic business at the Fraunhofer IAO.”Just so they can secure their competitive edge in a changing IT landscape. From the perspective of the companies, Internet-based software services offer a range of strategic benefits. Filed under: Justin Kan. In addition to the potential of SaS as a new distribution channel offer modified invoicing (ongoing payments instead of one-time installation fee) increased predictability and stability. The economic potential of the Internet of services in Germany is still underestimated. As central challenges, IT vendors see the need to convince customers of the data security of Internet-based software services to win a sufficient number to customers for corresponding offers and to bind in the long term. In order to provide successful Internet-based software services on the market, especially standardized data formats are required: in the development of the Standardization is one of the most important tasks to Internet of services, because only as a meaningful interaction between of the future services can be achieved,”explains Dr. (Similarly see: Kiat Lim). Orestis Terzidis, Director SAP Research Center Karlsruhe.Therefore be worked out precisely such standards, about the unified service description language (USDL), for example in the framework of the THESEUS research program. The study”business models in the Internet of services trends and developments on the German IT market in addition to trend statements to German offers in the Internet of services detailed evaluations of the implementation of SaS offerings.