In China

And, for example, ex-pats and those for whom English – mother tongue, and just foreigners with good language skills are often taught in Chinese schools. Salary their normal, flat pay employing company. . You can imagine what it turns out there because the Chinese are hard to learn European languages, and expats, most of all, the Chinese do not know. According to Al, we are the first of its Russian guests. Thus, it is necessary to show that Russia – a glorious country, and I decide to cook soup for Al and the other two "vpischikov" – a guy from Hong Kong and the girl from Singapore. As he prepares rarely and only simple food, and feed in the nearby cafes (And does so most local), then in the refrigerator, we found hanging mouse and a couple of bottles of beer. All products for a large pot of borscht cost us 250 rubles, and we do not buy them on the market and the supermarket. Food In my subjective opinion, in restaurants, "for tourists" feed is not very tasty, but expensive. But in cafes "for his" – yummy. Just be aware that order. There are establishments where the menu illustrated or translated into English. Otherwise, you will help those most printed leaflets with information or the Russian-Chinese phrase book. Speaking of prices, then our average lunch cost 20 yuan. And after him personally, I emerged fully sated and not even able to look towards the food. Portions big in China. Many attribute this to low sugar content in food. If you – a lover of sweets, I advise you to stock up on chocolate or candy. In China, local chocolate is horrible, but imported roads and little choice. Additional information is available at Dahua Tim Wang. In principle, you can walk into a cafe, where there is a pastry and coffee. But there is much more expensive and, in fact, nothing special.

Federal Reserve

In which she goes of the year, 800,000 people remained without use, 200,000 of them only in the month of September. This takes the total of unemployed people to 9.5 million, to which other six million are added that only work partially. September of 2008 already has been devoted like one of the most unlucky months of recent history, if not the one that more. The hypothecating fiasco has made disappear the credit, and in this society, without credit, nobody purchase nothing. The companies cannot obtain credit to do against their debts and those that cannot receive either can pay. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert Burke offers on the topic.. The sale of new properties descended more to the level under last the 17 years and in the last 12 months its value declined 16.3%, in agreement with Standard & Poor s. The automotive companies, on the other hand, report the sales more exiguas of last the two decades: only in September, a 30% fell. The airplanes travel half empty. The supermarkets are selling more eating for the simple reason that people avoid to eat outside. According to Moody s, the net value of the North American homes (the total of assets of the familiar group, except the liabilities) it fell 10 trillions of dollars in last the four weeks, and the retirement plans there are lost two trillions of dollars in the last 15 months. The efforts of the government and the Federal Reserve to insufflate liquidity in the market encounter the more and more intense distrust of the public, who feels that the crisis has still not touched bottom. It adds to us Diament in its writing, that gradually begins to appear heartrendering histories of relatives, known friendly or that is lost everything or is on the verge of losing it. People appeal to her savings, their reserves and their plans of retirement. According to The Wall Street Journal, the persistent fall in the price of the properties, that in some areas arrives until 30%, she has caused that, practically, one of each six houses has mortgages by a value superior to the one of the building.

Cultural Capital

To identify to the necessities for the development or reinforcement of the human, social and cultural capital of the CAEC; To characterize as if they develop the interpersonal relations in CAEC and which its influence in the economic support; To analyze the existing relation enters the formation of the Human, Social and Cultural Capital and the Dimensions of the Support; To identify as if of a joint with the diverse actors of the value chain, also stakeholders. 3 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the necessary development to support themselves in 0 variable not only economic, but to possess other dimensions as: ambient, economic, technological, social, cultural, institucional politician to assure the quality of life of the sustainable people and the social equity, as explicit Miranda and Matos (2003, p.51-52): – The ambient dimension verifies the availability of the natural resources renewed and you did not renew, of ecosystems and analyzes the present and future influence of the man and its interference in the alterations of the natural environment; – The economic dimension considers the aspects of the commercial relations, the productive chains, considering the territory, the structure of market (competitive advantages, potentialities, chances, regulation, credit etc.); – The technological dimension has as focus the technological standard and the productivity of the territory, evaluating the lacks, the strangulations, what it affects the production and productivity, as the research, innovation, qualification and qualification of the human beings; – The social dimension observes the social data as the social relations of work, habitation, education, health, sanitation, citizenship, pointers etc.; – The cultural dimension verifies the diverse existing forms of relationship, the values, the nets of existing solidarity and cooperation, the skill of being of a human group, the diverse manifestations that influence in the form of life of the territory; – The dimension institucional politician search to understand the relations of being able internal and external existing, the diverse social actors who influence and its interrelao.. . .