Vinokourov Vincent

The owners of the share capital of an LLC can sleep peacefully at her sold below face value. First, FTS is not specifically track such transactions, such as for joint-stock companies whose shares are traded on organized stock market securities. Secondly, the current legislation, not the obligation, to involve an independent appraiser to assess the market value in the share capital sold by the Company. And third, the judicial practice of assessed taxes from the sale of shares LLC is absent. Less quiet should be the shareholders who sold their shares at a price below par. Usually FTS checks only joint stock companies, regardless of whether their shares are treated on an organized stock exchange securities or not. "In respect of securities not traded on organized markets securities for tax purposes, the actual price of sale or other disposal of such securities if at least one of the following conditions: – If the actual price of the transaction is in the price range of similar (identical, uniform) of the security – if the deviation of the actual price of the transaction is within 20 percent upward or downward from the weighted average price similar (identical, uniform) securities, calculated the organizer of trading in the securities market in accordance with established rules of the trading results at the date of such transaction or the date of the next auction held prior to the date of the relevant transaction "- Section 6. Art. 280 of the Tax Code. In this case, provides that for determining the settlement price of the shares can be used by the issuer's net asset value attributable to appropriate action. If no assets and accounting data can create a motivated sale price below par, then in that case had nothing to fear not the desired effect. Prior to January 1, 2005 at determining the size of the tax base for personal income taxpayers eligible for a property tax deduction in the amounts he received during the tax period from the sale of the share capital, but at this point is rule of law does not apply. Summarizing this article, we note that should not be afraid to sell the loss-making venture for the real low cost, which can be ten times lower than the nominal value of the share capital. When sale of individual business success at a price higher than the face value of the share capital of the firm, paid income tax at a rate of 13% of the difference between the selling price and the par value of shares. When selling a business price of the nominal value of the share capital of the Company income tax is not paid. Vinokourov Vincent, Zdesenkova Catherine, a consulting firm Capital Prof ,

School Internet Blog

Therefore, over broken a lot of copies. His views on his own experience. Website Promotion. The site registered in various bookmarking well indexed by search engines. In fairness, I note that not all services provide direct links for all search engines. But most still make this a useful thing. With regard to search engines, they are excellent references to bookmarks, and more, bookmark indirectly help determine the popularity of the resource. The more visitors made bookmarks for a particular resource, the more they seem to be more popular to search engines. Not accidentally, and Yandex and Google have created its services to your bookmarks. To the effect of promotion in search engines with a maximum of bookmarks should be careful description of the site, or blog, to include the keywords. And also to prescribe a tag (Hand column) you are interested in the position for which you have a blog or pumps resource. For example, in the description of my blog and a list of keywords I included words and phrases: "Earn Money on the Internet", "to make on the blog," "School Internet-based business "," earnings ". Have a look at the statistics a blog – it is for these keywords and come up with search engines visitors. In addition, key words and descriptions of services, users often look for resources certain subjects that interest other people. Which is quite logical. It is always useful to know what your colleague is interested in Uncle Vanya, that he reads. It is clear that the larger the number of services you are registered, the more backlinks to your site and tangible impact in terms of search engine optimization.

Business Needs

To date, no computers do not do any business. In the shops they control the production, offices – print invoices and process sales. Developed computers that are installed in harsh environments industrial environments. Shells such computers are hard and tight – they protect against dirt and moisture, and also from the heavy blows and other injuries. But industrial computers have their costs: they are not very amenable upgrading and repair, and when they break down (and it certainly ever happen), the loss of production can be critical, since it will suspend until the arrival of a specialist. Lack of adequate protection can break and a conventional computer, which can not withstand the foreign elements, especially if it's water or dust. A good solution to this problem could be building for the industrial computer, here are five the reasons that your business needs it: 1. Large amounts of dust may in a few minutes damage your computer. And even a minimal amount of it can lead to overheating or clog mechanical contacts. Housing industrial computer IP 54 is designed in accordance with international standards and provides protection against any dust. 2. In all industrial areas with water. In the food industry, for example, requires Instruments made of stainless steel that can withstand splashes, or even running water. Housing for the industrial computer IP 65 is fully waterproof and can withstand a long flow of water. Waterproof housing for industrial computers can also be made of stainless steel 316. 3. Flexibility – is another important factor in sales of buildings for industrial computers. You may have already set shop in industrial computers, and they work well. But what if they go wrong? Need to call an engineer for maintenance to return the device manufacturer? If so, how long the repairs will run, and will not stall your production? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need an enclosure for industrial PC. 4. Replacement of information technology is inexpensive, however, many companies are wasting money, as their cars could run two or three times longer than if they were placed in the enclosure for a computer. Design for industrial PC, or a safe for your computer will work a decade and prolong the life of a computer located it is three-fold. 5. Protecting your computer from the weather, the body keeps it well from the blows, vandalism and theft. It is very important in cases when your computer is installed in public places or vulnerable environment. Paul Piontek is author and technical specialist for industrial computers and industrial PC chassis. For more information about the decisions Armagard, svyazhites us industrial PCs and industrial buildings.

Yandex Direct

Followed by a question: "How many times can I raise it profit?". I replied that for the online store 20% – that's cool. What the answer was that this stuff and they even more (at least 10 times!) (: I do not even know what to say (: I'm extremely not understand such an attitude toward business. Even if the profit will be 1% more than the bank deposit – this is cool. Let's continue to face it. I was told that some aunt somewhere by Yandex Direct's increased the number of orders of 10 or 20 times. Again, substitution of concepts. In general, the relative value of very, very slippery thing. Never it does not get fooled. If my aunt had a reservation a month, and has 20 orders, then nothing surprising. Here you increase orders by 20 times. Receive 20 per month with Disabilities Yandex Direct in writing refereta – complete nonsense. Such things make even Newby. If yesterday you earned $ 1 a day are $ 10. Really? Of course! You have increased profits by 10 times or 1000%! Cool? And if you invested one million dollars, earned on this $ 10 000. Okay? You bet! But the profit was only 1%. Therefore, throwing the words that someone somewhere makes profit of 1000% is the same thing to say that somewhere out there live better than here. Live anywhere cool, just need to live well. In every country there are rich and successful and it should be remembered. And if the neighbor's grass is greener – it's not the problem neighbor, your problem is to this relationship. In order to give a guarantee to work and say how much profit can be stretched, you need to know all the unknowns in the equation. This applies to any business. How much will it: 5 + x =??? Any mathematician will tell you that can be any number. Restrictions on X are missing. In my case I did not know anything. I did not know that for a site on which it is a domain which it content, much of the information, the site sells, how it works and so on. Here, even when constructed perfectly Direkte ad campaign, things may be ugly pohereno site content. Even if Yandex hang on the front page of a banner, then the effect will be terrible, because if the user has come to the site that are not sells, the script works lousy, sloppy texts, and the design is such that you want to throw the monitor, he did not buy it. Even trivial "decline" can host all poherit. Profitability of the site depends on many parameters, and to me, as a consultant, you must know them. Therefore, there is not all unknown in your equation – your business will work to "maybe". You need this?

A Note On How To Choose For Themselves A Psychoanalyst

Very exciting, and also for me the question: how to choose for themselves a therapist? Why am I so concerned about this issue that I return to it again? Because, unfortunately, more and more clients come to me with experience of working with "Masters of psychology" and I'm on my own experience I know to some serious injuries to them such experience sometimes leads to. At present the work of psychologists is not regulated or controlled in general there is no official organization. In order to deal with counseling does not require a license, then there is no one engaged in proficiency testing specialist, practitioner, and marketing their services. And that means addressing the person declares himself as a psychologist, you are not insured, even from the fact that this expert has the appropriate education. Most ordinary people do not even understand the differences between a psychologist, counselor, psychotherapist. Services market thrives even anarchy, and some debauchery. And sometimes a good outcome if you get an appointment with a person at least having at least some psychological education. Although it is scary as can be worse than outright charlatans only be a dilettante. In our town of psychological education – fashion, psychologists are released, it seems, all universities, up to the building. J And these "experts", God forbid assimilated the basis of "general psychology" – offer their services, feel free to begin to advise, correct, advise. Moreover, even in such a respectable institution as a university, there are three specializations in the Psychology Department.


How many correlates the image consumer paid advertising and the image of the buyer of goods advertised in it. What influences the effectiveness of advertising sms mailing – specific audience or the effectiveness of this method mobile marketing. A number of different companies, ranging from operators and ending with e-projects, are invited to promotional text messages on their phones and get paid for each sms money on mobile. It is assumed that in this way a certain part of the population, spending a month to 150 rubles, will be able to secure a free wireless connections. That once I find it difficult feelings. On the one hand everything is simple – it's a freebie and should be taken until the yield on the other – the facts. mts paid 0.28 rubles per received message, the other projects offered for reading advertising 1 ruble. Ie mts subscribers to pay back the bond, should receive around 15 sms per day (450 messages per month)! More favorable conditions for internet projects – 5 sms per day and 150 rubles per month on your account! At catcher and the beast runs – two proposals have found their audience. Chart database subscribers to Internet projects GSM-INFORM and OpenSMS good agreement, which gives opportunity to talk about the total audience of sms advertising: * 90% of subscribers – people aged 16 to 34 years .* 70% – male, female part of the audience is only 30% .* 50% of the audience does not work .* 80% of operating revenue is less than 20000 rubley.Takim it turns out that the average image of the recipient's sms mailing – is a student who earns a little bit, and that can not be sure that he will be able to deposit their mobile phone $ 100 at the end of the month. Or He just wants an extra bonus. And now it becomes clear that stimulate the interest of this audience directly to the content distribution is not easy! "The golden rule of advertising: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (). So – warning! Many rashly believe that once the phone started to play your favorite tunes or vibrated in my pocket, and attention is drawn, then the job is done – now a subscriber reads advertising. But no – no interest. And when it comes to regular mailings, the interest or curiosity appears nowhere. Next is another complication. Modest graphics capabilities of sms can only convey the essence of advertising proposals should not assume that one message can be branded advertising. And then a little trick. If the advertisement is not removed, then the recipient accepts it, accepts it. And you can count on a good otklik.Takim arrive at the idea that sms delivery, devoid of interactivity (as it successfully makes the virtual operator Blyk), is informing character. It is not based on advertising images, nor the repetition. The man initially should be located for reading sms ads. And the monetary motivation while hardly proves its worth, although it remains high compared with other types of engagement in reading sms reklamy.Proekt, created by our mobile marketing agency, showed that simple interest will send you information can significantly improve the response to the advertising sms list.

The Interviewer

A Mistake of asking the question shows up when the interviewer asks respondents using wording that is different from the recorded in the questionnaire. On how the interviewer asks a question and asks about the details, influenced by the following factors: its own view the interviewer as to what the answer is ‘right’ and waiting for replies that will ‘match’ the respondent. For example, during a conversation with a man without higher education, the interviewer may be arbitrarily replace the question ‘What kind of education your children are? ” question ‘Maybe your kids are not taught at the institute?’. This is an obvious mistake of asking the question. In most cases, a personal interview for the respondent is an entirely new experience, as a result of the interviewer becomes his main source of tips on how to behave. The interviewer should give the impression of a man who is able to understand his point of view party, and do so without rejecting his opinion. Accordingly, the inability of interviewers to be ‘on the same wavelength’ with respondent provokes the error of imposing impression. Error intervention, fraud, and fraud – the most acute problem of marketing research. The problem of fraud and deception on the part of interviewers is due to several reasons, including modest salaries, lack of control and low cultural and disciplinary level. Forgery can be very serious when fabricated will be all the interview entirely, or touching certain questions for which answers were not obtained in the course of the conversation with the respondent.