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Therefore, over broken a lot of copies. His views on his own experience. Website Promotion. The site registered in various bookmarking well indexed by search engines. In fairness, I note that not all services provide direct links for all search engines. But most still make this a useful thing. With regard to search engines, they are excellent references to bookmarks, and more, bookmark indirectly help determine the popularity of the resource.

The more visitors made bookmarks for a particular resource, the more they seem to be more popular to search engines. Not accidentally, and Yandex and Google have created its services to your bookmarks. To the effect of promotion in search engines with a maximum of bookmarks should be careful description of the site, or blog, to include the keywords. And also to prescribe a tag (Hand column) you are interested in the position for which you have a blog or pumps resource. For example, in the description of my blog and a list of keywords I included words and phrases: "Earn Money on the Internet", "to make on the blog," "School Internet-based business "," earnings ". Have a look at the statistics a blog – it is for these keywords and come up with search engines visitors. In addition, key words and descriptions of services, users often look for resources certain subjects that interest other people. Which is quite logical. It is always useful to know what your colleague is interested in Uncle Vanya, that he reads. It is clear that the larger the number of services you are registered, the more backlinks to your site and tangible impact in terms of search engine optimization.