Perpetual Peace Flight

At that moment also, it augured that, exactly small, its plant would dominate the market in quality and it would see this to happen. The man who always said that he woke up before the sun. The man who always gave to the last word in all the decisions. The man who arquitetava ideas and said that its ideas always were the best ones and most correct. The man who wise person the twine inteirinho of when ' ' Lampio arrived at inferno' ' still carried through all an interpretation when singing it. The man who counted histories, one day gave itself weakened for illness and accepted that was winning it because it prioritized other things as source of its happiness. Thus, the man was isolating itself in its Passarinho Mansion and many times its stubbornness was alone there in way. It is difficult to understand, but, what for much age a torment, a suffering, for it was the peace and, exactly making what it he was not healthy, he was as soon as it was felt well. In the night of day eight of March, after counting some glad and saudosas histories, the man more incredible than I knew, my hero of infancy and my example of life, my beloved and inesquecvel father, decided to alar a longer flight and ' ' Passarinho' ' it beat wing. It was itself and here he left in them with a so unknown pain that in them he arrests the breath and he transforms all space into an emptiness. The only source of comfort that we, the children of ' ' Passarinho' ' , we have, is the presence of the angel who almost folloied it during 46 years of union and fellowship, our mother, who used its wing stops comforting in them at this moment. It is ours shelter and our consolation. One day after ours so loved father having left, we were the children and the grandsons around of our mother, in one afternoon cold, sad, when, suddenly, in the high one of a twig, one passarinho sang one sings delayed, full of doura and peace. In silence, all we observe passarinho e, exactly without saying a word, all we had searched there to understand that one we sing as being a certainty of that our father was in a good place, in peace. After its I sing pacifying, passarinho, of the high one of the twig, raised flight route to the blue infinite of the sky and if he was, disappearing to our eyes He follows tranquilo, ' ' Passarinho' ' , in its flight route to the blue the holy ghost of the Perpetual Peace. Here, we will always feel homesicknesses its, but we will search wisdom to understand its moment of raising flight and leaving. Posthumous homage Vicente Mouta Rodrigues ' ' Passarinho' '

Formation Education

The presented work brings in its first chapter a historical boarding on the Docncia in Superior Ensino. As the chapter deals with Formation of Professors for Superior Ensino. In the third chapter we argue the relation professor-pupil in the didactic process, focusing the importance I tie apt. The methodology is presented in the fifth chapter, followed of the quarrel and the final consideraes. 2. DOCNCIA IN SUPERIOR EDUCATION the professor profession is one practical educative one, a form to intervine in the social reality, through the education and, thus being, it is one practical social one. Considering that it exists practical difference between and education, we pautamos in them in PEPPER; ANASTASIOU (2005), that it explains that being the practical one institutionalized, that is, the form to educate existing in different institutionalized contexts, configuring the culture of each Institution, that would be content and the method of the education. As for the action one considers the citizens, its ways to act and to think, its values and commitments, desires and options. One of the main questions related to the performance of the university professor it is the relation enters education and learning. One is about a sufficiently controversial subject. Masetto (2003) reflects that one of the main options made for the professor of – education is entered, what it gives to the pupil, and the learning that this acquires. This relation is in fact indissocivel, only completing ' ' ensino' ' if it will have learning. The pedagogia in superior education must be understood as a space in movement, in which if it can analyze and understand the phenomena to learn and to teach the professions, adjusting itself, always, to the social reality and the market of work. Of this form the Pedagogia of Superior education must be thought as a space about which the proper university docncia in action can be revisited and constantly reconstructed (BOLSAI; ISALA, 2010).

Agricultural Environment

But to the faced being in such a way the tourism in agricultural environment can be beneficial. However the related program (' ' Amanhecer' ') it was parked had the questions politics, being currently placed in reatualizao. However as it said the interviewed one (1), ' ' it must have a first step of prefeituras' '. Mentioning lack to it of existing interest in the city halls of the region. The fifth questioning inquired after the existence of surveys of the tourist potentialities of the Valley of the Mamanguape, with intention to create of clear form the current picture of the tourist situation of the Valley. The interviewed one assured that the PBTUR carries through programs of spreading of the coast north, however displayed the difficulty to carry through such programs a time that the proper city halls of the cities of the Valley of the Mamanguape, do not develop spreading and survey programs. The sixth and seventh question inquired after the existence of public politics and programs of tourist development come back toward the Valley of the Mamanguape. The interviewed one displayed that to the cited agency it fit only questions of spreading and marketing, not being, therefore responsible for the development of development programs. QUESTIONNAIRE AS DATA OF IDENTIFICATION had been carried through two interviews, in two travel agencies, here calls of agencies (a) and (b), without order of importance between them, the responsible ones of the agencies are of the feminine sex, with ages of, 35 years agency (a) and 42 years agency (b). Both married and resident in the city of Joo Person. In relation to the escolaridade level, only one possesss complete superior level, being the responsible one for the agency (a), graduated Countable Sciences. the responsible one for the agency (b), possessing of incomplete superior level. Through the data it is possible to perceive a preparation absence, the superior level, regarding the branch of tourism and would hotelaria, in both interviewed.

International Monetary Fund

The shout of emergent towards the IMF 2 September 2009 the BCRA to turned for the first time into decades in an anchor of stability for all the citizens who inhabit in Argentina, Martin Redrado President of the Central bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA). One of the subjects that more debate has generated in the Monetary and Banking Days of the BCRA, has been the policy of accumulation of international reserves on the part of the emergent economies. At the beginning of 2006, when Argentina decides to cancel its debt with the International Monetary Fund (the IMF), by an amount considered in US$ 9,810 million using for it part of the international reserves, in the country a great debate around the alternative uses had been generated that could be given them to these reserves in an economy with so many needs as it is it (and it was at this moment) the Argentine economy. Memory even that the subject had been strained until in familiar char them, in which it saw me forced to explain and to defend the nonuse of the international reserves for cost public in the form of road construction, plants of energy or new hospitals. Certainly it is difficult to explain to him to common of people the importance that stops a country represents to have kept so many thousands from million dollars while unemployment grows and the economy stagnates. I do not have doubts in affirming that Martin Redrado was due to feel in certain form to taste with the numerous episodes of turbulences that has been called on to him to face. When the economy grew with force and nothing made suspect the imminence tense situations for the markets, those that criticized to the policy of the Central bank of the Argentine Republic, concentrated in accumulating international reserves were not few.

Liam Gallagher

The exguitarrista of Oasis finishes alone keeping awake the first subject of its album debut pertaining to its new race. The song calls ' The death of you and me' and it combines the MGP with sounds country and wind instruments. During the years golden and conflicting of Oasis, Noel Gallagher was nicknamed by its companions of band like " The chief' (' The j ') by its key paper in the composition of the subjects. In addition, those are many that make responsible to him of the great success that obtained the British formation during years 90. After numerous fights and rivalries with its brother and soloist of the group, Liam Gallagher, Noel the band left in 2009 that had given the popularity him, alleging that it was impossible to him to continue working with Liam. Since then, the main author of the songs of Oasis remained in silence, but always with the promise to send an album alone, and to even embark in a second project. Now, and shortly after which his Liam brother sent his first disc next to the band Beady Eye, the guitarist is developing to the aim his subject debut and first single del that will be its new CD like soloist, High titleholder flying IBRDs. The expectations were high. Josh Franceschi, singer of the You group me AT Six, was developing in its profile of Twitter that had been to Noel in the recording studio, in the contiguous room to hers: " I can listen to Noel touching its new songs. Absolutely alucinante" , tuite. Also it described the new stage as Noel of " preciosa". The new album not yet has arrived at the market, but already The can be listened death of you and me, a piece that takes with a beautiful melody with ramalazos country, but that also contains in its refrain sounds MGP and own beatlemaniacos of Oasis. In the second part, even, the wind instruments take protagonism. Like newness, it is Noel that takes this time takes the microphone to intone the verses. Sight in the video the result. Source of the news: Thus it sounds the new thing of Noel Gallagher, ' exj' of Oasis

Holland Industry

After World War II, the route traced for Switzerland or Sweden assured its expansion following. The Italian industry is based on foreign, over all American credits and in a potential of work, favored for the initiative of the state. Industrial Italy is Italy of the North, especially the urban regions of Milan, Turim, of Genoa, and guirlanda of industrial cities that border the Alps. The main one of Central Italy is the Toscana where the textile industry of high tradition is associated with the mechanical and chemical industries. Italy of the South, the Mezzogiono, disfavored for its distanciamento of the great European industrial nuclei and for the absence of industrial tradition, has received all saw a strong impulse of the part of the government and ' ' It annuls Del Mazzogiorno' ' destined to attenuate the economic and social disparidades between the north and the south of Italy. Already central Italy has as main industrial region the Toscana. Of the colonial exploration to the industrial reconversions. In Holland it was before everything a state of agricultural economy, guaranteed for a long and solid commercial tradition. However it decided to a large extent its problem developing specialized industries. At the same time, Belgium, that was an industrial state penosamente looks the forms of its reconversion, therefore was, conscientious of the aging of its industries. At the beginning of the decade of 60, the French industry is found ahead of some imperious requirements. It needs to combine itself in Common Market e, therefore to line up its conditions of production with the other countries of the Europe. Therefore everything concurs to request or to provoke at the same time the modernization and the expansion of the French industrial economy. The indices of the industrial production show that this expansion has been continues, the least until the gift. Three types of evolution can be distinguished in the French industry, the two first ones correspond to an almost estagnada regressive evolution or, the irregular evolution that holds the advances and jibs for the saturation of the market.

Everything Car

It if avizinha. High, esguia, brown. The black, great eyes. The drained, short hair. The gracious floor. The sung voice, sexy: – Everything ' ' jia' '. – How it is, wants supper with me? Keeping the smile of covinhas it acquiesces: – Accepted. It opens the door of the car and it moving with the feminilidade of the charm of the age adentra. the car has left soft. 2 the car parks. – I liked you very, ' ' gata' '. It takes my card. It binds pra me. Tchau. – Tchau! It repeats, looking the lean face, aged. Of coarse traces, thick hair, rentes in the oval skull of the citizen, that smiles and coming back the attention to the glass on the direction, bind the car and have left. The young woman walks. In the practised, requested mind, scenes for ' ' cliente' '. Until when it will be submitted to the humilhao of vender the body, the proper soul? Ah, if it was not to the survival necessity, the sick mother, the small brothers – But, one day I leave this! The empty bank. One sits down. Tiracolo opens the stock market. It removes vidrinho and opening it, leaves the white dust to fall on the coasts of the hand and, bending down itself, it inhales it, to feel itself renewed, ' ' outra' ' , and to face the proper reality. Its steps lead it the next scene. Already then the dawn hugs the beach, the dispersed couples, the cars in lesser number, the high, imponent, modern buildings, of light in varandas and dependences. The figure goes if moving away. It has advanced, suddenly, the imported car stops. The face of the youngster appears and it hears a' ' cantada' ' known: – We go to give one ' ' giro' ' for there, teso of woman? There to the similarity of the animal that it will invest on the canine tooth, it rebolando itself with sensuality, if avizinha. The door if opens, receiving it.