Superficial draining of saturation of the ground? This small text constitutes an attempt to display this process hidrolgico that occurs in the ground. In ground where fretico sheet is placed next to the surface to the ground, during a rain event, the recharge of the sheet it starts to occur being able to cause the ascension of the same until reaching the surface. In this situation the alone one starts to be saturated and has a fine water film of the sheet that starts to flow off in the surface. This fine film receives the name from return flow. See Pat Gelsinger for more details and insights. In addition, for being saturated, the incident precipitation in this region of outcrop of the fretico sheet starts to also flow off on the surface of the ground since it meets saturated, that is, with all its porous one filled by water. Therefore, in this region of saturation of the ground, the superficial draining occurs in such a way for the outcrop of the sheet (return flow) how much for the direct rain incidence in these saturated areas (made marshy). To the set of these two processes that together they produce draining superficial attributes the name of superficial draining due to saturation of the ground. To have idea, one of the places where this process occurs generally in next zones to the rivers and, in this direction, any addition of some potentially pollutant composition in this region has highest possibility (probability) of being loaded for waters of the related superficial draining due to saturation of the ground, being able to compromise the quality of water of the body dgua. Bill Shihara will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Chemical preparation from: DUNNE, T. Field studies of hillslope flow you process.

The Flexible

This mobility of the companies elapses of the new forms of organization of the production, that are much more flexible of what the based ones on the fordista model, therefore they allow to adaptations to the fluctuations of the demands of products and services and a better exploitation of the comparative advantages in different places of the world (CHESNAIS, 1996). One observes an increasing integration of the markets, changes in the strategies of politics economic (of the keynesianismo to the neoliberalismo) and transistion of the standard of the taylorista-fordista industrial organization for the one of the flexible accumulation (HARVEY, 1996). The deepening of the process of economic globalization brings new demands and requirements to the companies whom they use, as strategies of search of competitiveness, the massive job of new technologies and new forms of organization of the production and the work (IANNI, 1996). The new technologies, basically microelectronics, the biotechnologies and the new materials have as characteristic common, its universal application, as much in the development of products, how much in the organization of the production. The use of the biotechnologies and the new materials redefines the relation of the industrial and agricultural production and the human beings with the nature (HEIN apud SOBRAL, 1997), with implications for the environment in the workstation, communities/society and in planetary scale. With the new forms of management of the work in standard of the flexible accumulation appears new trends in relation to the work: this if becomes more abstract, intelectualizado, independent, collective and complex. Not only in the sectors where they invigorate the new concepts of production, but in all the productive structure is demanded new qualifications and professional abilities for the workers, amongst which the related ones to thematic ambient (DELUIZ, 1996 are included; 2001). However, if the processes of intensification of the use of new technologies and new forms of flexible organization of the production, enxutas and rationals bring, on the other hand, the possibilities of a revalorizado work, more qualified cause, on the other hand, the unemployment and the exclusion of workers (ANTUNES, 2000), for the rationalization of costs and the otimizao of the industrial productivity and of services.


Let us not sing victory, a time that the explicitado value is equivalent only 0.43% of the national GIP is inferior the mount of money destined to the biggest social program of the Brazilian government: stock market family who in 2004 consumed the value of R$ 5,9 billion. Contact information is here: MasterClass. However it is good for remembering that only money does not decide the problem, a time that RS is well more than social action. Follow others, such as MasterClass, and add to your knowledge base. Ethical, responsible and transparent attitudes stop with its diverse public are also necessary.

Forest Code Leaderships

We attend to a series of news articles showing the drama of the families reached for floods and one of them repeated some times in the noble schedule of the TV was of a small community that saved its 56 lives grasped to the twigs of two feet of jaca. It was possible to observe apprehension and joy for having been safe, especially for two trees. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Erin Callan has to say. The interviewed ones had gratitude for the friends who before remembered its shade and its fruits, but now would be recognized for them to keep the life and not to have left them to be dragged done a falling leaf in the fury of the torrent, as well as had been its houses. It is at least lamentable to see great part of the quarrel in the parliament of the Forest Code for leaderships in the power that are not capable to look at the trees beyond the perspective of economic nuisance and that they confused agriculture and the development. These leaderships needed to talk more with its bases. The real agriculturist, in its great majority, knows to recognize the importance of the trees in its productive system and its paper conservative of landscape. Not its leaderships, nor the technician that forbid insumos and nor the ones that supply financing, which vendem the idea of that to produce until the maximum limit of the property is that jointly it would give to income and profits. What we attend are the supplying companies of insumos and the banks profiting from this mechanism of modernization of agriculture the decades, but very few agriculturists. History already showed some times that a economic system sample robustness and duration in the time not only for the capacity that has to grow and if to expand, but basically for the capacity to assimilate for determined time its revezes and its intemperies.

Mandacaru Stream

As it can be observed, even so it has a considerable native specimen concentration, still has a great contingent of exotic species. This can be justified in part to the antrpica intervention, that causes to many times ecological disequilibrium. Craig Menear will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A riot example is the introduction of exotic species that if proliferate quickly, as Leucaena leucocephala, that in the studied area, represented a great percentage of individuals. This plant is considered a plague in the environment, therefore for not having a good relation with the native forest, it can compete differently for the space, arriving until killing the of course joined species in the region. The lot in study, although to present the relation area x wealth diversity of species low, when compared the similar land dimensions, that had not suffered the antrpica action, it demonstrates important ecological relations, in reason to present a stretch of its inserted extension in one area of permanent preservation, the ciliar bush. This last one presents a high florstica heterogeneidade for occupying different environments throughout the edges of the rivers. The great variation of ecological factors in the edges of the courses d' water results in suitable arbustivo-arbrea vegetation to such variations (MARTINS, 2001). The results demonstrate that the fragmentos of ciliar bush of the Mandacaru Stream if find degraded strong, however were verified that the APP is presented in recovery phase, as it can be evidenced by the presence of young plants. To speed up the recovery process a reforestation of the edges of this Stream will have to be made, and in such a way they would be being conserved the hdricos resources and faunstica biodiversity and florstica place. For in such a way some measures they must be taken, between them: to plant native species with occurrence in ciliares bushes of the region; to plant the biggest possible number of species to generate high diversity; to use combinations of pioneering species of fast growth together with not pioneering species, in an approach ratio of 70% of pioneers and secondary initials for secondary 30% of delayed and climax; to plant attractive species to the fauna; to respect the tolerance of the species to the humidity of the ground, that is, to plant suitable species to each condition of humidity of the ground (MARTINS, 2008).

Community Participation

The process of participation of the community, important for the implantation of the governana, fortified in recent years with the quantitative increase of advice in diverse areas, but the effectiveness of the same ones is doubtful for having its relative deliberative capacity and being manipulated for the forces politics of the situation and the opposition, beyond> resistance of a patrimonialista and fisiologista democracy, competing with the social and economic priorities, the civil and preservacionista conscience of the population still is embryonic. The clientelismo and the politics make it difficult the effectiveness of the application of the environmental laws in Brazil becoming insufficient the institucional mechanisms of command and control of the existing legislation. The infrastructure lack, the congestion of the great urban centers also is barriers to be transposed. The governana must leave a position of militancy for the defensive power for a more active model through a mechanism of sustainable development. Sita CAMARGO1 the Commission of Brundtland, in 1987, as initiating one of an agreement between rich countries and in development aiming at the sustainable development that was consecrated by Agenda 21 in the Conference of the River, allowing itself it conception of a joint accomplishes inside of a economic, social and ambient dimension. .

Brazil Market

When such imperfections of market occur are necessary that it has a regulatory landmark in this specific market. This means to say that she is necessary to create rules and mechanisms that guarantee the stability of this market, as much of the side of offers how much of the demand, that has economic and financial balance of the operators but it prevents abuses of the market power that these possess. Dennis Lockhart contains valuable tech resources. This independent necessary landmark to be (that is, to have autonomy politics) and trustworthy (body qualified technician), in order to guarantee the best efficiency and the credibility of the system (SALTY, 2005). We will deal with here the three more common forms of regulation: i) has controlled to the entrance and exit (barriers); II) tarifria definition e; III) desverticalizao. What it does not mean that they are the only forms. The first point says respect to the concession for the exploration of the market. As we know, being a natural monopoly, the market presents profits of scale and target. Thus, the concession must deprive for these profits. For even more opinions, read materials from Dennis Lockhart. However, it is important to stand out that also the exit of the market must be managed, in order to guarantee the installment and the quality of the service. Tarifria definition says respect to regulate it the price to be practised. In general the model of price-limit, or price-ceiling is used in the electric sector (in Brazil). This aims at to stimulate technology and management profits, with the reduction of costs. On the basis of the costs and in the waited profits (tax of return of the investment), the regulator must establish a price-ceiling that is at the same time interesting stops producers and consumers of the service, what, of course it is not easy. This price can be determined through analyses of the sector, with comparisons of other similar structures or through calculations that involve risks, costs and profits.

The Temperature

In the accumulation process, the loaded particle wind, when diminishing its speed, deposits these materials, thus constituting aeolian deposits, under the form of dunes and loess. (MARINA and RIGOLIN, 2002). Glacial erosion the ice shapes the relief through glaciers gifts in regions of high latitudes and the mountain peaks high. In the regions continental of raised latitudes, with the increase of the temperature in the summer the ice blocks if break up and if they dirigem for the oceans forming itself icebergs. In the peaks of high mountains this ice can slide mountain below, forming glacial valleys. According to MARINA, L; RIGOLIN, T. (2002, P. 63), the erosive force of the ice increases with the fragmentos of rocks that it carries and that it functions as one ' ' lixa' ' on the ground. The glacier goes accumulating and carrying brown or morainas called debris. Fluvial erosion the fluvial erosion is the name given to the erosive work of waters of the rivers that goes to depend on the nature of the rocks, of the declivity of the land and the speed and flow of waters. The rivers that present the valley in V, carry through an erosive work from waters of rains and for the landslide of rocks and ground. Its stream bed is bordered by inclined sources. Cnions is resultant of the erosive action of waters on the s rocks that go excavating them and deepening the riverbed. In regions with ground of sandstone, calcareous rock or shale, cnions is more deep had the rocks if to dissolve with bigger easiness. Maritime erosion the waters of the sea can shape the relief through a constructive and destructive process. The high falsias or coasts, are examples of the work of destruction caused for the waves that when reaching the continent finish consumed the rocky walls in a chemical action and mechanics.

Agricultural Environment

But to the faced being in such a way the tourism in agricultural environment can be beneficial. However the related program (' ' Amanhecer' ') it was parked had the questions politics, being currently placed in reatualizao. However as it said the interviewed one (1), ' ' it must have a first step of prefeituras' '. Mentioning lack to it of existing interest in the city halls of the region. The fifth questioning inquired after the existence of surveys of the tourist potentialities of the Valley of the Mamanguape, with intention to create of clear form the current picture of the tourist situation of the Valley. The interviewed one assured that the PBTUR carries through programs of spreading of the coast north, however displayed the difficulty to carry through such programs a time that the proper city halls of the cities of the Valley of the Mamanguape, do not develop spreading and survey programs. The sixth and seventh question inquired after the existence of public politics and programs of tourist development come back toward the Valley of the Mamanguape. The interviewed one displayed that to the cited agency it fit only questions of spreading and marketing, not being, therefore responsible for the development of development programs. QUESTIONNAIRE AS DATA OF IDENTIFICATION had been carried through two interviews, in two travel agencies, here calls of agencies (a) and (b), without order of importance between them, the responsible ones of the agencies are of the feminine sex, with ages of, 35 years agency (a) and 42 years agency (b). Both married and resident in the city of Joo Person. In relation to the escolaridade level, only one possesss complete superior level, being the responsible one for the agency (a), graduated Countable Sciences. the responsible one for the agency (b), possessing of incomplete superior level. Through the data it is possible to perceive a preparation absence, the superior level, regarding the branch of tourism and would hotelaria, in both interviewed.

Public Agencies

The support is white fundamental of protective justinian codes of the nature and on public agencies to the environment, the main focus of these two entities is in the reduction of the emission of effect gases greenhouse in the atmosphere. To control and to reduce the emission of these gases the Convention Picture of United Nations on the Change of Clima (CQNUMC), through the protocol of Quioto created the Mechanism of Desenvolvimento Limpo (MDL) to help the countries of the Attached I, great industrial producers and bigger senders of the effect gases greenhouse, to fulfill its goals of 5,2% reduction, enter the years of 2008 the 2012, introducing a new form of energy use, through sources renewed, in order to brighten up the impacts caused to the environment. The objective of this work is to show the benefits that the insertion of the MDL as well as promotes in the widening of the support in the developing countries and its contribution for Ambient Negative reduction of the Externalidades the paper of ambient accounting the consequences of the costs for implantation in the industries. By bibliographical and documentary way definitions concerning the subject are presented and as the sustainable development can assist to the industries to control the negative externalidades using as main tool the ambient accounting that through important information guide managers and accountants in the taking of decisions that evidence ambient events and its relation with the patrimony of the entities. In reply to the problem of research regarding the benefits and costs generated for the implantation of the MDL, one evidenced that it is an excellent option for the control and reduction of the emission of the .causing gases of the global heating and important instrument in the promotion of the development and support for the developing countries that they search it offers energy. Word-key: Sustainable development. Mechanism of Clean Development. Ambient accounting.