Biodiesel Company

It is important to know that types of materials will be collected and directed; which the forms of storage and which the minimum amount to be destined to the cooperative/company. Relatively to the amounts, it has a predominance of generation of reciclvel residue in the category paper. They are untied leves and notebooks, cardboard boxes, remaining portions of paper printed matter and xerocado, diverse packings, that for the observed sum, can offer commercial interest. On the other hand, without it can be gotten resulted economic, it has a great production of organic residue, mainly in entorno of the situated canteen in the 12 to walk, and that for its sanitary importance, it needs to be discarded and preferential recycled. With average of three garbage bags, during the period of the night.

It offers the oil used in frituras, as product to be recycled. The recycled oil is raw material for diverse products, as soap, detergent, ration of animal, Biodiesel and other products. It is registered that according to data of a ONG, each liter of oil polui on average a million of liters of water. The SUESC could be a rank of collection of the vegetal oil that would make the guiding of this material for the company ' ' It dials Oil Vegetable usado' ' that it collects at least, 6 liters of oil, with the intention to make the recycling vendendo the recycled oil for industries. Measurements of the garbage produced for the institution had been made daily and monthly, so that if it can take as reference in an evaluation of the economic and commercial possibilities in the recycling process. To know the functioning and current situation relatively the garbage production and collection, were confectioned a questionnaire, with questions to be boarded together the involved people in the process in use. It was applied to the supervisors of the company of conservation and cleanness contracted for the SUESC, the company CONSERVO s.a., and administrators and coordinators of the SUESC.