The Bottom

This means that the morning meal should be moderate, and most food has eaten in the evening. Causing the greatest harm to fat and spicy foods, as well as sweetness. The best choice would be a meal consisting of vegetables, fruits and grains. Clothing-type figure. Recommendations to build a wardrobe to reduce the problem to balance wide hips to the upper part of the body. This can be done in two ways: to focus on the top of any attempt to darken the bottom, or better both in the same ensemble. To visually expand the shoulder girdle is well suited podplechiki, various decorations in the form of ruffles, large collars, neck deep cuts, breast pockets. You can also draw attention with ornaments for the neck and decollete area: short chains, necklaces or pendants, scarf around his neck is not, brooch on the lapel of a jacket, and bright textile designs. As for the bottom, it is desirable to draw in dark colors. Free to wear pants cut or slightly narrowed towards the bottom, skirt – medium length, straight. In general, choosing the clothes for this type of figure, it is undesirable dwell on style with detachable waist. It is better to buy clothes semiadherent silhouette top, which will be expanded downwards. Type of female figures 'Hourglass' closest to ginekoidnomu on features of the distribution of body fat and metabolic rate. Last slightly higher than that of the classic 'pear'. Hourglass – is an example of the feminine figure, which is characterized by proportional top and bottom.