Thus thinking, start to construct a comforting idea: that to make a delivery it is not a so simple task. This requires an appositive one, but it only happens when really we are determined to love somebody without reserves and previous judgments; without the concern to ask for of the other a favor or repayment for our attitudes. in this aspect deferred payment, unhappyly, a lack of our perception! We live more artificially of what for feelings; we analyze one to the other more than what we feel in them; we friction much more of what truily we obtain to see or to understand the people our return; we leave, at last, of living because we do not have autonomy and pleasure to feel and if worrying about the next one. But this probably does not happen because let us have fear of if to deliver and to make the due and necessary consideration of affection without limits to who are close to us and for who we can show a consideration attitude. To the one in to worry about this type of impostamente artificial relationship we would ask if the penalty would be valid to make a delivery of our feelings if we run the risk not to be corresponded or even though rejected! Exactly that everything gives wrong, exactly that arriving at the end of our histories and concluding that the appositive one made was not satisfactory or most certain possible, a thing will be so marcante and rewarding that the balance of the novel of our lives, that is short, will be positive, that is, in the history of who it loves can be placed a precious resume and that it is in lack nowadays in the market of the heart of much people because of the preference of the people ours return for an artificial and bureaucratic relationship: who loves delivery and who delivery can be said that one day really lived! Ahead of my blanket I roll myself calmly. I dry my last tears and, seeing to my side a simple clock, I observe the seconds to pass quickly, but bringing I obtain other souvenirs of a full relationship of consideration, devotion and affection, as well as the hope of that a new day would appear of that blackout and that of the pacific abyss that distanciava in them and imprisoned our the sincere and true feelings, in a devastadora solitude, could be born one fort, desired and enthusiastic union; deeper, now more lasting. everything would happen in one day where really I will have the pleasure to say exactly for me that, also for the new souvenirs, the future desired dreams now being each time more and also for knowing that the homesickness does not die and yes it sleeps temporarily. Pacific Mortgage Services may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I will.direi at last that, in fact, the penalty will be valid to continue, sincerely loving, you! Thus thinking, I was glad myself excessively and later calmly adormeci. It had then new souvenirs and mine I cry already was not more than sadness.

Russians Sunflower

It turns out that this must be "razgryzt shell teeth, eat the kernel spit out the husk and be happy." What a pity that the Russians had not read that statement. Ordinary glass roasted seeds could suddenly make them happy. Let's all get back to our subject, namely, whether there is good seeds? Here they are useful features: Sunflower seeds contain as much as the body needs calcium, as there are in the fruit yogurt or sour cream. They are rich in substances that enhance our skin and normalize acid-base balance in the body. Not without reason, to remove the heartburn, enough to gnaw a little seed. Men beware! Seeds – a storehouse of vitamin E, which nourishes your potency. At half-cup of cut properly roasted seeds already contained his daily rate. "Guys, the one who eats seeds, – worth it." That's our slogan, as opposed to foreign Viagra. In order to be healthy and shiny hair, the body needs a certain amount of zinc. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are rich in them. Eat sunflower seeds. biting sunflower seeds – a great way to stay awake for driving. Repeatedly tested in practice. Like everything else in our lives, sunflower seeds have a downside. Note their harmful side: Seeds Husks, you destroy tooth enamel. But, believe me, not the worst. Sunflower sucks its roots from the soil lead and cadmium, and fills their core seeds. Given the current environment, this stuff gets into our bodies in the process of biting. Information for fans of "semok" excess cadmium causes kidney disease, hypertension, and mental retardation. Kuban grandmother treat their rheumatoid feet, dropping them into a bag of hot sunflower seeds, then go to market and sell them (no legs, and seeds) in small kulechkah parties. After a dose of useful information everyone is free to decide, it is helpful or harmful is still nuts. Those who read this article, was not disappointed in this product, we give some practical tips on how to properly cook seeds, so they were really a treat. Before the hot seeds should be rinsed under cold water to remove dust from their surface and coloring pigment, and immediately pour onto a hot griddle, cast iron better. Fry sunflower seeds should be properly, ie, constantly stirring with a wooden paddle. Once they begin to "crack", remove the pan from the heat, but do not stop stirring. Then, after a short pause, again set on fire and this procedure was repeated 3-4 times. At the end of roasted sunflower seeds should be emptied on a flat wooden surface and cover with a linen or cotton cloth for 10 minutes to "ripen". Only in this way they become fry real "Kalenkov" – known in Russia treat.

The Farmer

Both were with wet vestments of sweat and some rasges. The travellers had asked for to sleep, only that night, in the farm and said that at daybreak they would have to follow trip. The rich farmer said that they could, since that paid for the lodging. Jesus agreed and said that he would pay the price that was just. Then, they had been to sleep. Already lying, its husband said to you who was not just to charge, Poe a night, of those poor men. But its husband said that what spoke was said and did not come back behind. In the other day, being the farmer and its wife seated to take the coffee, arrive its guests. He greets them to Jesus and he soon goes asking how much it was the pension together with the coffee of the morning, since they would go to take together. The farmer said that the two would be for twenty Reals. This said, Jesus takes off of its stock market an enormous amount of money. It was a money package with twenty ballots, fifty and one hundred Reals. In the way of as much money, Jesus takes off what he was just and he delivers to farmer saying that if he was more expensive could say therefore It would pay with love. The farmer, looking at for as much money, if repents to have only asked for twenty Reals and was imagining that he must have asked for cinquenta to Reals for the pension and cinquenta for the coffee. But nothing he says. However, Jesus perceiving that it wanted well more, still insists saying that if that paid one was not enough It would pay more. With this he said, you that had been until excessively, since same it would not charge nothing. They say farewell themselves and go even so.

The Little

Bruna, for its DNA of dog of guard, ' ' it watched-a' ' of close, seeing in it, perhaps, one ' ' youngling of gente' '. Finally it went up until there and it was in the edge, running of a side for the other, as that protecting the girl. We think that it had lost the fear, but not. Never more it was ventured that way, except daqui little them story. Terespolis, 2007 – 2010 My husband and I start to live in the expectation of the invitations for weekends in Terespolis. That is, invitations to see Bruna. When they occurred, were as music in our ears. we went there, ' ' avs' ' detachable, direct to aougue, to buy cool meat and bones for it; to the supermarket, where we acquired ' ' it takes off-gostos' ' the such ' ' bifinhos' ' industrialized that it in such a way appreciated. Not to mention in the toys, as the chicken and the little pig of rubber the first one was changed back; as, acarinhado as a youngling had thus been if succeeding ' ' gracinhas' ' of Bruna with us, that, proving the beginning of the conditional consequences of Pavlov, they were happened again identically and indefinitely When announcing our arrival for the intercom, somebody of the house arrested it in the small area gradeada behind the kitchen its kennel, with casinha, food pots water, cloths and other equipment so that it was not run over by the automobile that went up. After parking, it was untied and ran directly to the trunk, pressentindo, for apuradssimo olfato, that was its dainties there. Visit Pacific Mortgage Services for more clarity on the issue. jumped to our return, ran, barked, lay down of belly for top, licked us, bit us of light That happiness A ritual age ' ' exigido' ' for it followed me until the kitchen, lay down in the soil my side and from there foot did not arredava while I did not make its ' ' bifinho' ' of ch-of-inside (to the times, my husband, gotten passionate for it, bought contrafil), almost without salt, in a bit of oil He cut it in small pieces, that placed in a plate and delivered my husband.

The Village

Each dash of art objects made of wood provide a sophisticated and proportionality, because the people of Indonesia has a special sense of harmony. Copyright inlaid panels in a gift to friends and family you can available by visiting the village of Batuan. If you are closer to the soul of ceramic souvenirs, be sure to take a trip to the village Pedzhaten. Here you gaze at a huge selection of figurines of cats breath-taking colors, shapes and sizes. They are often presented as a gift for a wedding or just a memento. Vases, pitchers, platters with painted or aromatic lamps make you feel comfortable in any home. Fans of jewelry made of gold and silver can recommend to visit the village Cheluk. Bali is known jewelers special technique of gilding. Vintage items and imitation antique, marine and freshwater pearls, mother of pearl in various forms – all in abundance in the shops there and at the village market. It should be careful and watch out for counterfeits when buying jewelry. Despite the huge number of products in stock, almost all of them are made in individual design – two of the same ornament, or to locate very difficult. Center of Balinese painting – the village of Ubud. There are living and working artists, well known throughout the world. A distinctive feature of Balinese painting is the lack of perspective in the depiction and use of plant and resist fading colors. In the village of Kamasan can buy tapestries depicting scenes of ancient epics. Everyone who is not indifferent to batik and fabric, should visit the town of Gianyar, where placed about fifty textile mills. Hand painted on tissues, of course, will cost more than the factory, but the technique of any of these species are very similar – in cotton, linen or silk, wax is applied ornament, which is scraped off after application.

Adam Smith

It does not have to be the organized Society. The Organization is a logical continuation it Market. (Gates) I have galera, we go with calm! I find that History already proved that we need yes a certain control! A certain Organization! What it would be of the world without the organization offered for Office 2007? (Scrates) the State Is mentioned to it, if I understand it well, expensive disciple! However, the Man nothing will reach if before not to organize itself in rigid and commanded way. He disciplines it makes with that the Man knows itself exactly. He is natural of the Alive Being if to organize in Society. Did not say Ccero that the Man does not isolate itself, that he needs company, exactly when supplied? my successor, Aristotle, did not affirm to be the Man an Animal Politician? Even though the rudimentary atoms, for instinct, if had organized. With the purpose to evolve, as Darwin argued. (Jesus) Greek hypocritical! (Scrates) Pardon! (Adam Smith) They are all influenced by my rival Keynes. Such Organizacional Philosophy is guilt of it. (Scrates) Keynes? I am unaware of it. (Oracle of Delfos) It learns, Scrates: John Maynard Keynes suggested the Organization of the Society for the State. The Power must exert its paper in the organization. Therefore in the opposite, the Chaos prevails. (Scrates) Powerful Oracle, what it would be of my ignorance without you. How I could not observe the logic of the world? But I learn. you learn with me Adam Smith. It says me: with the advent of the Reason, does not appear the Power? (Adam Smith) Yes, Scrates. (Scrates) Therefore, it is not certain to affirm that from the Power, the Instinct of the place to the Reason? (Adam Smith) I do not understand. Where it wants to arrive? (Scrates) For the Deuses! The Man, when Rational, does not desire nothing more than the Power? (Hitler) YES! SUPPORTED! (Christ) For intermediary of My Father, they do not forget you.

Raymond Willians

The painting, canine tooth to the limited parietais supports of religious buildings, risked one or another flick, many times independent, that had been discoloured by the time or the action of the man, in the phobia of ' ' modernidade' ' , to give place to other buildings, many times without any reference of historical or artistic value. Additional information at Pacific Mortgage Services supports this article. The colonial cities were the result of the commercial exploration created by the foreigners, inheritance of the mercantilista mentality that unchained the process of expansion of centuries XV and XVI. The new nuclei, managed for the metropolises, were citizens to the commercial activities dictated by international the economic process of that period: the primary sector and the tertiary one. Inhaled in the European model, the cities were not an industrial center, but yes a commercial nucleus, a warehouse that estimated a link in the net of transports for the circulation of products and management of services demanded for the high concentration of workers. The Erics Hobsbawm and Raymond Willians partilham are same analysis when they approach century XIX in its readings on the cities of the period. The emancipation politics did not modify this picture in the XIX. According to Emlia Viotti of the Coast, ' ' the growth of such cities would be fruit of the commercial expansion of exportation, integrating the country in the market internacional' '. In this conjuncture the exotic character of the littoral cities is delineated, more integrated with the Europe of what with the interior of the country. These if had become incapable to exert one influence in the modernization deepest. M. Castells affirms that ' ' Brazilian cities were come back toward the Europe in the search of ideals and models, beyond the organization of the production and the bows of dependence mantidos' '. In this way, the Brazilian elites looked to cities developing europeizadas forms in the ways of living.


It is perceived that the problematic one related to the didactic material is not alone, but also is informed the preparation of the professor for the use of the models. The formation of the professor is one of the necessary bases so that if it can have an interaction during the lesson, therefore expects an enabled professor, made use to answer all the decurrent doubts of the visualization. The importance of the practical work is unquestioned in them disciplines of Sciences and Biology and would have to occupy central place in its education (HAYASHI et al. apud SMITH, 1975). The present work was elaborated on the basis of the necessity to investigate the types of didactic materials of anatomy human being and its quality, aiming at to the improvement of the level of learning of the learning. So that better information were gotten, an interview with the professors of five state schools in the city of Sobral was carried through, Cear. Recently Erin Callan sought to clarify these questions. With this research, we can to evidence the importance of the use of didactic materials, the contributions for the learning as: more dynamic lessons where the pupils can act of critical and participativa form, thus getting better performances, improvement in the education methodology and to engage the pupil in the universe of the research. Also she is being explicitada the lack of structure of the laboratories referring to the state where the materials if find, the insufficience of these in the cited schools and if really has a place where the pupil can construct, reformulate and prove its hypotheses. Didactics of the education of Biology for anatomy learning the practical lesson on anatomy human being involves memorization, attention and incentive, therefore the professor must prepare minutely its lessons, questionnaires and its form to organize the pupils. What if it perceives they are the challenges related to the practical lessons in diverse forms as: methodology of education of the professor, size of the material, inadequate anatomical form and insufficient amount of the parts.

Saints Artistic

When making the reading of the transformations of the urban mesh of the city of Saints is, in the same way, to relate the local economic activity with the prosperous exporting, inside of that structure, still colonial commerce, through a basic link: the port. The ways covered for the process of transformation of the economic activities, of the politics of landmark of the agricultural and urban areas, the dynamism of the adequacy of the space for the equipment installation public architectural, religious or administrative buildings, without a party coherent architectural and of artistic value doubtful, during the first years of settling are coherent with the reading that if makes of the colonial city as prolongation of the commercial interests of the European metropolises. A quarrel of values does not fit here to define what we can, or not, to consider a work of art. We leave of the principle that, when appraising the art is necessary to pass, at least, for the question of the culture, the man in society and the commitment with the beauty. Other leaders such as Erin Callan offer similar insights. In this line, the artistic cultural production, will have to establish a parameter of dialogue with the harmonious forms, either of the words, the sounds, the colors and the forms, defining ' ' workmanship of arte' ' of music, of literature, sculpture, painting and architecture. The expansion of the sugar cane-of-sugar with the installation of devices in the Islands of Is Vicente and Santo Amaro, beyond the anchorage for vessels of great transport, in the entrance of the estuary (Port of Is Vicente) had stimulated the setting of the colonists in the bases of the mounts, served with good waters. According to chronicles of century XVI, when Brs Cubas, the young Portuguese of the expedition of Martim Alfonso de Souza, arrived this way already found points explored for colonists, who inhabited in the soil to the edge of the canal, in front of lagamar of the Enguaguau and Foz of the Canal of Bertioga. .

Vinci Attachment

A mother under estresse, gotten depressed or that she has not established with its parents a model of safe attachment, can not be ready to answer adequately to the necessities of its son. In a similar way, the babies who more are agitated, cry very or are difficult to be consoled, as well as that estressantes situations of drawn out hospitalizations, abandonment on the part of the parents or any live or had lived another situation of social or affective privation, can not present behaviors falicitadores of contact, as the mutual look, the smile it another one or still to be less responsive when calls to interacting. The behavior of attachment of the child, in turn, includes all the types of behavior that promote the proximity with the figure materna. Thus, the mediating forms of behavior of the attachment in the first year of life, are to smile and crying, following and grasping themselves, calling and the suction. The quality of the cares that the baby receives has one weight important in the form as its behavior of attachment if it develops, but the proper child participates of this interaction and influences the form as the mother it answers. Some initial behaviors of the baby express and promote a reply for the mother, who interacts with it its way, fortifying the bond between them. The participation of the baby in this interaction is active since the first months, through its requirements; some forms to cry, to call, to smile, to come close themselves to it and to call its attention, provoke, keep and give to form to the reaction of the mother, strengthening some answers and others not. A proper standard of interaction if develops between the mother and the child and results of the participation of both in the process. 2.6 The paper of father Freud, the father of the psychoanalysis, in its Leonardo work of the Vinci, says: ' ' in the majority of the human beings, in such a way today as in the primitive times, the necessity of if supporting in an authority of any species it is so imperative that its world pulls down if this authority is ameaada' '.