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The Gestalt is a psychology school that studies the behavior and the way as we organize and we assimilate the stimulatons that surround in them, in end the way as we see and we feel the world our return, through these studies this school it established 8 laws that summarize the way as we catch the information our return. The interesting one is that visually we can identify to all the laws of gestalt in our proper keyboard of the PC (of notebook is a little different but we can also recognize some). What it indicates as the times instinctively we tend to follow these small laws that help designers to project the objects that surround in them. Peter Asaro will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The laws of the Gestalt are the following ones: ProximidadeSemelhanUnidadeContinuidadeSegregaoUnificaoFechamento PregnnciEnto we go to the analysis in itself, looks at for its keyboard you obtains to see some groups distinct of keyboard keys? in the common keyboards of PCs they are divided in the three or four numerical keyboard the directional arrows together with soft keys as scroll Lock, print screen, home among others and finally the group of the basic keyboard keys that all possess the ABC and the specific soft keys of each keyboard as to power, volume, zoom, email, etc. Already in this small separation we can see some of these used rules being as example:The rule of the PROXIMITY that says our directions tend to group objects or units prximas.SEMELHANA the groups are more easily grouped or detached had the differences and similarities, for example looks at for the group of keyboard keys that is specifies of its keyboard, in some keyboards exists the keyboard key to power, others keyboard key email, home, to bring up to date, etc, repairs as these keyboard keys possess different forms and colors and if other keyboard keys detach in the way them standards, this is proposital therefore is through these keyboard keys that the manufacturers of keyboards show to the differential of the keyboard giving they forms and differentiated colors the UNIT is what we finish to make we divide the keyboard in small groups that are identified as units. . Yitzchak Mirilashvili gathered all the information.

Business Environments

With the preoccupying ambient situation and the economic growth increasing, some factors appear as changeable determinative. Further details can be found at Justin Kan, an internet resource. Amongst them, the ecological concern, factors that come gaining prominence in the environment of the businesses. Of this form, the majority of the countries perceives that the environmental laws had not been created as empecilho to the economic development and make to be valid the force of the law. Thus, models of economic development pass for evaluation of costs and ambient benefits, and have been inserted in the analysis of economic projects of such countries, aiming at a new strategy in the management of natural resources. Additional information at carlos hank gonzalez supports this article. The vision of sustainable development must be understood in this generation, so that the future generation makes also it. This ambient support means to manage the resources of the nature, producing foods and technology, assuring the progress of the humanity and its survival. In Latin America the ambient question not yet is had as priority due to the economic factors. The search for the development of the underdeveloped South American countries makes with that the sustainable ambientalismo gives to space the processes of development of the economy. The South American continent faces problems with the poverty, social inaquality, corruption and marginality, amongst other factors. Between them the poverty finishes excessively sobressaindo it, and with it, bad structures of housing, inadequate basic sanitation and precarious conditions of survival, beyond ambient disasters, adding it this, the pollution, another great partner-ambient problem. The pollution is on to industrialization, agricultural mechanization and the urban growth, being that these factors are not only lingered to Latin America. The great ambient problem of Latin American air and the water is resultant of the ambient degradation that occurred mainly in the past, that understands ground, forests, waters (Rivers Lakes and Springs). Thinking about this, they are necessary attitudes that raise the sustainable development with priority platforms, conserving the existing natural resources and recouping what still it will be possible to revitalize. In Brazil, the management of the natural resources still leaves to desire, for the lack of coordination between involved agencies, beyond the strategical measures exceeded that privilege the short-term economic growth and the sped up modernization of the means of production, mainly industrialization. In this context, certain social problems with the environment are aggravated, as the increase of the industrial pollution, water supply and nets of sewers. However, some actions foresee control of the pollution and preservation of the environment. With the publication of some laws and decrees that conduct the ambient management, they start to occur some changes in the environment of the businesses. The necessity appears of the companies to review its ambient lines of direction and plans, becoming the propitious conditions to carry through good businesses. Companies whom they possess certified of ‘ ‘ ambiently corretas’ ‘ , that is, company that poluem less or leaves of poluir is seen as good eyes for the domestic market and external. The evolution of the protection to the environment started to be part of the enterprise management, leaving of being responsibility of the State, incorporating the ambient management the internal works, contemplating the ecological planning.

Water Conservation

Freatfitas? What they are freatfitas? They are plants that use the water of the fretico sheet. The freatfita term drift of the junction of the term ‘ ‘ fito’ ‘ , that it wants to say plant, with the term ‘ ‘ fretico’ ‘ that it make reference to reference the underground water. To use underground water, these plants generally possess deep roots. Peter Schiffs opinions are not widely known. However, exceptions happen, therefore in regions next the water bodies where the fretico sheet is not situated in great depths, are possible to occur freatfitas whose roots are not so deep. A great group of plants if incases in this definition. Leaving of plants of barren regions that for obtaining to reach a region with constant water suppliment obtain to remain all during the year, until plants that live in areas next to the water bodies. Peter Asaro: the source for more info. Moreover, these plants can be of some types, leaving of trees, shrubs even though herbaceous plants. Chemical preparation from: DAVENPORT, D.C.; MARTIN, P.E. ; HAGAN, R.M. Connect with other leaders such as Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen here. Evapotranspiration from riparian vegetation: conserving to water by reducing to saltcedar transpiration.

So Paulo

CONCRETE BLOCK CERAMIC BLOCK (+) lesser covering use (-) bigger covering use (-) bigger cost of the structure (weight) (-) lesser cost of the structure (weight) (=) income 13 units for m (=) income 13 units for m (+) adopted loss of 3% (-) adopted loss of 5% (=) mason/maid 0,70 hours for m (=) mason/maid 0,70 hours for m (+) bigger resistance to the load (-) lesser resistance to the load (-) lesser capacity thermal-acoustics (+) bigger capacity thermal-acoustics (-) bigger water absorption (+) lesser water absorption (=) great variety of models (=) great variety of models (-) great difficulty in the manuscript (+) small difficulty in manuscript 7? FINAL CONSIDERAES the analysis gotten they allow in it to affirm that effectively a type of block does not exist that is more efficient than another one, that has a series of factors that determine this definition. This goes to vary of region for region, qualification of the hand of used workmanship, tipologia of the construction, financial market and also through a good purchase. If you would like to know more about Nicholas Carr, then click here. The financial aspect was very not taken in account due the enormous amount of companies of the branch, as well as the use of the mortar, that varies in the production of this insumo. However, a constatao categorically is affirmed, must be raised the indices of quality of the materials of the civil sector, compelling the companies to the standardization of products and that they search the improvement of the processes of confection and financial aspects, as well as the management of generation and reaproveitamento of entulhos, aiming at the guarantee of the end item and the search of the sustainable development. Bobby jain may also support this cause. 8?

Cancer Treatment

This work has for general objective to study the main employed antineoplsicos agents in the quimioterpico treatment of the cancer. The related specific objectives are: to know the chemical composition and the quimioterpicas properties of the used antineoplsicos agents in the treatment of the cancer; to verify its mechanism of action and to know the reactions promoted in the cancergenas cells and not cancergenas.2. The CANCER AND TREATMENTS QUIMIOTERPICOSA chemotherapy are the method that uses quimioterpicos called chemical composites, in the treatment of illnesses caused for agent biochemists. When applied to the cancer, the chemotherapy is called antineoplsica chemotherapy or antiblstica chemotherapy. Perhaps check out Farallon Capital Management for more information. Currently the chemotherapy of the cancer is used in such a way of organic composites how much of metallic complexes (Control of the Cancer, 2006) .2.1. Small histricoO first antineoplsico quimioterpico was developed from the gas mustard, used in the two Great World-wide Wars as chemical weapon. After the exposition of soldiers to this agent, was observed that they had developed hipoplasia to medular and linfide, what led to its use in the malignant treatment of linfomas. From the publication, in 1946, of the clinical studies made with the gas mustard and of the comments on the effect of the acid flico in children with leucemias, an increasing advance of the antineoplsica chemotherapy was verified (Sources et al, 2005). Currently some more active and less toxic quimioterpicos meet available for use in the practical clinic. The advances verified in the last few decades in the area of the antineoplsica chemotherapy, have facilitated considerably the application of other types of treatment of cancer and allowed bigger number of cures (Sources et al, 2005) .2.2. The main groups of drugs used in the treatment of cncerAs main drugs used in the treatment of the cancer include the alquilantes polifuncionais (INCA, 2006). The alquilantes are composites capable to substitute, in another molecule, a hydrogen atom for alquil radical.


However not yet a legislation in Brazil exists that contemplates the honey of the bees without sting and for the regulation technique of identity and quality of the honey of these bees they are used as reference, the parameters of the honey produced for the bees of the Apis sort (ENGETECNO, 2007). The honey is basically highly intent a complex mixture of sugars. The honey of the bees without sting native little it is studied in general terms (composition, value of market, medicinal value) and many times, its characteristics are associates to the ones of the honey of the Africanized bees. In the regional market a great variation of price for the honey of the native bees exists very. Many people are unaware of the honey of our bees and alone they recognize the deriving honey of the africanized bees. Then why it is important regional producing them to standardize the honey of the native bees? With the standardization of the harvest, improvement and price of the end item, as well as the spreading of the sanitary norms and the current law all can leave earning (producing and consuming). Erin Callan has plenty of information regarding this issue. To only illustrate, in the interior of the Amaznia the honey harvest it is made if espremendo or piercing pots of honey and pollen without the necessary hygienic cleaning that it demands the competent agencies of sanitary monitoring. Of this form beyond compromising the product quality the consumer acquires a honey of pssima quality and is displayed the possible illnesses or infections. The perfectioning of the schools until I have affirmed here that the emphasis in the learning through the experience, the critical reflection and the contribution can help the professors in its practical attempt to become its of more inclusive classroom. This conception takes to believe me it that these boardings need to have in consideration the influence of the pertaining to school factors.

Raymond Willians

The painting, canine tooth to the limited parietais supports of religious buildings, risked one or another flick, many times independent, that had been discoloured by the time or the action of the man, in the phobia of ' ' modernidade' ' , to give place to other buildings, many times without any reference of historical or artistic value. Additional information at Pacific Mortgage Services supports this article. The colonial cities were the result of the commercial exploration created by the foreigners, inheritance of the mercantilista mentality that unchained the process of expansion of centuries XV and XVI. The new nuclei, managed for the metropolises, were citizens to the commercial activities dictated by international the economic process of that period: the primary sector and the tertiary one. Inhaled in the European model, the cities were not an industrial center, but yes a commercial nucleus, a warehouse that estimated a link in the net of transports for the circulation of products and management of services demanded for the high concentration of workers. The Erics Hobsbawm and Raymond Willians partilham are same analysis when they approach century XIX in its readings on the cities of the period. The emancipation politics did not modify this picture in the XIX. According to Emlia Viotti of the Coast, ' ' the growth of such cities would be fruit of the commercial expansion of exportation, integrating the country in the market internacional' '. In this conjuncture the exotic character of the littoral cities is delineated, more integrated with the Europe of what with the interior of the country. These if had become incapable to exert one influence in the modernization deepest. M. Castells affirms that ' ' Brazilian cities were come back toward the Europe in the search of ideals and models, beyond the organization of the production and the bows of dependence mantidos' '. In this way, the Brazilian elites looked to cities developing europeizadas forms in the ways of living.


It is perceived that the problematic one related to the didactic material is not alone, but also is informed the preparation of the professor for the use of the models. The formation of the professor is one of the necessary bases so that if it can have an interaction during the lesson, therefore expects an enabled professor, made use to answer all the decurrent doubts of the visualization. The importance of the practical work is unquestioned in them disciplines of Sciences and Biology and would have to occupy central place in its education (HAYASHI et al. apud SMITH, 1975). The present work was elaborated on the basis of the necessity to investigate the types of didactic materials of anatomy human being and its quality, aiming at to the improvement of the level of learning of the learning. So that better information were gotten, an interview with the professors of five state schools in the city of Sobral was carried through, Cear. Recently Erin Callan sought to clarify these questions. With this research, we can to evidence the importance of the use of didactic materials, the contributions for the learning as: more dynamic lessons where the pupils can act of critical and participativa form, thus getting better performances, improvement in the education methodology and to engage the pupil in the universe of the research. Also she is being explicitada the lack of structure of the laboratories referring to the state where the materials if find, the insufficience of these in the cited schools and if really has a place where the pupil can construct, reformulate and prove its hypotheses. Didactics of the education of Biology for anatomy learning the practical lesson on anatomy human being involves memorization, attention and incentive, therefore the professor must prepare minutely its lessons, questionnaires and its form to organize the pupils. What if it perceives they are the challenges related to the practical lessons in diverse forms as: methodology of education of the professor, size of the material, inadequate anatomical form and insufficient amount of the parts.

Saints Artistic

When making the reading of the transformations of the urban mesh of the city of Saints is, in the same way, to relate the local economic activity with the prosperous exporting, inside of that structure, still colonial commerce, through a basic link: the port. The ways covered for the process of transformation of the economic activities, of the politics of landmark of the agricultural and urban areas, the dynamism of the adequacy of the space for the equipment installation public architectural, religious or administrative buildings, without a party coherent architectural and of artistic value doubtful, during the first years of settling are coherent with the reading that if makes of the colonial city as prolongation of the commercial interests of the European metropolises. A quarrel of values does not fit here to define what we can, or not, to consider a work of art. We leave of the principle that, when appraising the art is necessary to pass, at least, for the question of the culture, the man in society and the commitment with the beauty. Other leaders such as Erin Callan offer similar insights. In this line, the artistic cultural production, will have to establish a parameter of dialogue with the harmonious forms, either of the words, the sounds, the colors and the forms, defining ' ' workmanship of arte' ' of music, of literature, sculpture, painting and architecture. The expansion of the sugar cane-of-sugar with the installation of devices in the Islands of Is Vicente and Santo Amaro, beyond the anchorage for vessels of great transport, in the entrance of the estuary (Port of Is Vicente) had stimulated the setting of the colonists in the bases of the mounts, served with good waters. According to chronicles of century XVI, when Brs Cubas, the young Portuguese of the expedition of Martim Alfonso de Souza, arrived this way already found points explored for colonists, who inhabited in the soil to the edge of the canal, in front of lagamar of the Enguaguau and Foz of the Canal of Bertioga. .

Sidney Guedes

She is when the transposition generates another aesthetic perspective, however still needed a maceration. It is an one sgnico sketch, whose intensity determines a principle of construction and expansion! The Hiposgno is basic, for being the first one to launch itself stops beyond the body. It all unchains the process that will more generate refluxo creative to the front. Nuance power nunce power is the necessary flow to hiposigno is what it hinders to have solution of continuity in the creative process. Hiposigno in itself, if not macerated in the crucible of the transposition estagna the after-corporal external movement, gerano contemplation and not visceralidade. Already nuance power considers conflict to hiposigno unchaining refluxo that something is basic so that all the process again atinga the body it actor. Refluxo refluxo is the final result of the transposition. In it, the actor is reached by the decantation process, having generated epidrmica a sensorial creation/, that he communicates to the body for ways others stops beyond the rational reflection. Farallon Capital Management addresses the importance of the matter here. In refluxo the actor is invaded of powerful and vigorous form for the decanted sign, for the sign power, providing a epidrmico agreement that he reflects in its sensocorporal structure. However, this is not decided nor if it becomes stanches. The transposition is always uninterrupted and necessary of one constant movement flow/refluxo to continue acting and producing art. Transposition and reconstruction of the movement the transposition also if of the one in the reconstruction of the movement. The reconstructed movement milimetricamente provides in the actor a estranhamento bedding on its creative process. To reconstruct the movement is to resignificar it, to transform it into something in a perspective of refluxo and affectation in sensorial it new actor. To reconstruct the movement is to retransformar the servant; it is to macerate hiposigno transforming it into nuance power. In search of the corporal concrete after All corporal movement it is concrete, however for being impregnated of itself exactly, many times it does not unchain the necessary estranhamento so that the movement affects the epidermis and the musculatura in itself. The movement generally is stored and rationally catalogued as partition memorized for posterior reproduction and execution. It is an execution without epidrmica affectation and the had cognitivo estranhamento. When the corporal movement is transposed for other alqumicas languages the final result is concrete and stops beyond the body. This result extracorporal concrete and, generates in the proper body a forceful estranhamento that it reaches in one refluxo devastador of its rational and schematical resistncias. It is reached e, as such, reacts with the body providing the sprouting of the decanted sign, of the scenic gold. Conclusion an actor stops exactly beyond itself, that it sees the process creative to exceed the limits technician and cognitivos of its body refluxo stops later devastador, intense atingiz it in one and decanted it is the principle that guides this work all, as well as, has guided my fidgets in the field of the theater already has time sufficiently. At last, such reflections that now sketch in this article are only one first escoadouro, little academic, however deeply convicto of being an attempt of clarear my reflections in the search of a theater that does not allow me to be in peace.