A Study On The European Market Of Used Cars

According to a study recently published by automobile AutoScout 24 platform, European regions with highest salary per inhabitant are those who show more affinity towards known as mileuristas cars, i.e. second hand of low price and high mileage cars. These countries are Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, while in other countries of the European Union such as Spain, Italy and France are less conducive to opt for these cars, despite having a smaller economic capacity. This study breaks with the general belief that the demand for second-hand cars maintains a relationship direct and proportional to the purchasing power of the conductors, which generate more demand can be found in countries with higher purchasing level per capita. Autoscout24, company that manages 40% of transactions of used cars in the Spanish market, also points that the key factor when buying a car is its price, regardless of the miles which has travelled and its antiquity. Those are considered mileuristas cars cars that are priced below 3,000 Euros, and in Spain its demand represents 17% of the car market, a point below 18% of European average. The ranking is led by Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands to muestranunos high percentages of 25%, 21% and 18%, respectively. On the contrary, Europeans with less affinity with regard used cars are the Italians, as only 11% of their drivers prefer this type of car. She is thus demonstrated that economic capacity is not the only determinant reason when a driver decides to change sucoche, but there are many more inputs that affect the final decision.

The Market

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Twitter Marketing

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Network Marketing

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