SHARES the secrets of the marketing of articles > if you are looking a couple of secrets about the marketing of articles that make you drive your business to the next level, congratulations because you came to the article correct! There are many secrets of marketing of valid articles, than you should know but there is one in particular, one super powerful, rather a trick, that is the difference that makes other secrets: the best secrets of the Marketing of articles revealed revises the following image, is one of the accounts that one of my mentors have in ezine articles to publish. This is a fairly new account that the has been using to publish articles about marketing on the internet. Realize that has published a total of 31 articles in January. So the results listed are basically for articles published before January (because sometimes it takes time that items be rankeen in search engines) and, of course, a few views here and there. That is to say that results that are thrown in January are basically work conducted in November and December nearly two months after that report was published. What tells us that the #1 secret of all secrets of the marketing of articles is that it produces cumulative results to the passage of time.

That kind of results? Traffic to your web site to measure that readers of the article they click to know more about topic that are exhibiting in the article. For example, let’s say that we published 20 articles in January and that combined, produced 400 clicks to our web site. Now other 20 articles we published in February. What you think or how you think would read our report in March? 400 clicks for articles written in January 400 clicks for articles written in February given the cumulative effect we we’ll see benefit during the time for work previously performed; If we continue writing and publishing and promoting more articles in way consistent over a period of time, then very soon we can enjoy massive results although our workload remained the same didn’t you?