Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a wonderful tool, especially because it’s free, all that will cost you is your time (and if it is scarce, you can hire a specialist in social media marketing to handle it for you). Twitter can provide good exposure for your business, but can also damage your brand if you don’t care, so it is worthwhile to learn what to do and what not to do before you start using Twitter. Council 1: show your human side, be yourself the good thing about Twitter is that it is a large worldwide community of human beings (especially), there are accounts, spammer, but they are easy to detect, block and report. So show your human side, especially when you use your business account. Talk about the things that interest you: the fun things your kids say, recent achievements, your favorite band, or television program, and so successive mind. Participates in conversations that interest you is nice, shows the result of your emotion and use smilies if you wish. On the other hand, don’t be too human not overdo. Do not share anything that does not share in an event of business networks in the real world; It seeks to maintain the intimate problems of health and controversial opinions or potential mind offensives for yourself.

Council 2: help how to write some people write well, others do not, that is true in all areas of life, not just on Twitter. It is not necessary to be a novelist or professional writer to use Twitter, but it helps if you have basic literacy skills. However good (or bad) your writing skills are limited to 140 characters Twitter so you need to be creative with your Tweets. In your Tweets, you will have the need to be concise but informative, and are often sent to a URL (services such as and shortening are lifeline).