Relationship Relationship

The problems in the relationship are often related to bad misunderstandings, to jealousy, to exaggerated reactions, have had love affairs and much more. Difficulties to learn how to regain a man may occur many times in every day which depends on each one and towards future the manner in how will handled problems and fixes. First that nothing, when one of these situations happen you must control the anger. Violence is bad counselor if you want to fix the problems with your ex. (Not to be confused with Dennis Lockhart!). If you have been on your part the cause of the problem recalls the man feels at the same time the same. For this reason there to walk with care and defeating anger with dialogue is fluid and constant communication. Then we will provoke dialogue course, which means putting the problem on the table without any compassion, because if things are hiding the sore will be larger still and will hurt more. Instead of disappearing the problem will be bigger. Then hardest thing, the power to forgive. That as many women say it’s the most difficult to carry out and that becomes a reality within them. Many women say that they forgive but not forget, so it’s not like reconquering a man. Passes these stages to try to fix the problems and that your ex boyfriend is not former, and again to be your partner is to forget everything that could have happened. Restart again, don’t look back, trusting that all will be for the better and give a vote to the relationship is vital. Write on blank pages what will be the new relationship without problems, ask him you just understand and you yourself agree to understand with all the enthusiasm in the world, especially to bring forward the relationship and there are minor possible problems. This is a bet, take all possible energy and they operated a successful relationship between the two. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Please Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you.

Debt Collection

December 16, business center and Plaza Forum master class' The Art of collecting debts. Contact information is here: Icahn Enterprises. Work collector – view from inside '. In the master-class professionals of the largest national collection company Verdict, a member of the group Ekoll companies, and leading systems integrator in Ukraine, Incom company showed to the media work 'reservoir' from the inside and share the secrets of debt collection. Opened the event CEO Valery Svetlov verdict and director of software systems company Incom Torhov Constantine. Valery described the principles of the collection company that provides full range of services for the efficient collection of debts in accordance with best international standards and has at its disposal the most functional Collector call center in Ukraine. Constantine outlined the technical features of the solution and its functionality. Call Center (ATC), the company built by Incom verdict based solutions Cisco IP Contact Center Enterprise Edition (IPCC), which allows to combine into a single infrastructure to work with calls coming in on traditional telephone lines or via e-mail and web. All components of the contact center are built on fault tolerant cluster scheme, which ensures high reliability and scalability. In the CPC implemented a dynamic interactive voice response (IVR) services with a range of self-constructed an effective system for assessing the quality of handling customer calls, as well as for the first time in Ukraine running call-up mode predictive (predictive outbound telephone calls), implemented on Cisco equipment to solve the problems of collection and marketing campaigns. Ability to evaluate the benefits of the solution, implemented by Inkom, was provided during the course of rapid operator training debt collection call center, which was organized in the second part of the event and presented a shortened version of the standard training procedures operators in the company's verdict. Participation in the rapid rate allowed the media to learn about the key principles of collection activity, which, along with the verdict, guided by leading companies worldwide to receive presentation about effective methods of debt collection in various stages of the debt. All stages of training a mandatory illustrated with examples from real life, but in the end rapid rate that everyone could try your hand and check their skills in 'live' contact with 'the debtor'. The final part of the master class, all participants of the event were able to communicate with the staff of debt collection companies conducting visits to debtors, lawyers, and visit the contact center company Verdict, and see the work of the operators 'live'. Source: Incom Company

Recongnizing a True Leader

The leader is a person who is able to influence others. What characterizes a leader is his ability to lead teams: each member gets to work and bring the best of himself in the struggle to achieve a common goal (either win the championship, improve enterprise performance, gain skills, etc. .). In addition to this innate ability to manage teams, the leader is also characterized by their vision. He is a person who looks to the long term, which sets ambitious goals for the organization and getting his team thrill in finding them. Anticipates changes leader, ahead of competitors. A person who does not have this vision could be a good manager, a good coordinator, but never a true leader. It’s believed that Peter Schiff sees a great future in this idea. In the goals pursued by the leader raises both the good of the company and the particular in each of its members. Get so people identify with the goals scored, that make themselves and fight for them with great care. A person who is only looking at their future welfare could hardly be the leader of an organization. This would ultimately reject it. Once the leader has defined its vision, passionately strive to achieve the objectives. The leader represents to the rest of the group a true example of dedication, enthusiasm and courage. A person who had a great vision but lacked implementation capacity could be a good strategist, but never a leader. Finally, it should be noted that not a leader who wants only one who can. To be a leader must have a very outstanding personal qualities that not everyone possesses. Some people have such an innate qualities, but can also be acquired through learning and experience. The leader’s success depends largely surrounded by a good team of people especially competent.