Avoid TIP

FUN FACTOR: 6-6. T – The trolley packed with sweaty fellow citizens trolley, the first opinion, does not inspire anything but sincere disgust. However, if we ignore the snobbery and look closely, it turns out that in the humid depths of a crowded public transport concealed enormous erotic resources. Maybe a young girl, tightly sandwiched between you and a thick aunt, also no stranger to erotic feelings. Federal Reserve Bank has much experience in this field. To verify this, one has only to lend a hand and if the trolley right there will not be announced cry: 'Help! Maniac ', consider what's in the bag. TIP: Avoid the 'proletarian routes' in the working areas. There the passenger trolleys are used without a warning strike on the head with a sack of potatoes. PLUS: costs – a one way ticket. DISADVANTAGES: Can'll crush my feet. fun FACTOR: 5-5. Y – The street street love is good as a teenager. If on the boulevard, each other's arms, sitting adult aunt and uncle, it looks like footage from the the film 'A Tale of Lost Time' when my grandmother (the transformation of the girls) jumping rope and playing in the 'classics'. TIP: especially desirable not to abuse! PLUS: remember childhood. DISADVANTAGES: suitable only in summer season. fun FACTOR: 4-4. F – In the foyer you with his companion (both in evening gowns), furtively looking around, separated from the wistful waiting for the spectacle of the crowd and behind the next curtain. Embrace would be very hot – literally and figuratively. TIP: try not to sneeze from the dust, or the concerns of the sounds of the saleswoman programmok raise the curtain, and made public a spectacle before which fades all upcoming show.

Sales Goals

A well-known seller once said: I have a 100% graduation rate. I count only the customers who have actually completed with me, I blot out the others just go away.” How to expunge something in your consciousness? By rephrasing it and this new focus. No hunting instinct, the fields are ordered properly, but the hunters to stay home”, says Christian Fischer, consultant for Accelate companies such as BlackBerry sales optimization, in his article better sell”. He focuses on lists, which only the internal Sales will be made available. Thus arises a kind of competition between sellers. On Monday morning one want to be eventually no one who has posted the worst numbers; is only among colleagues. A secure route guidance is therefore certainly not wrong to fuel your own motivation. 3. optimum targeting hunting, sports, vacation or business projects: We can always have a goal in mind. This makes it easier to control the focus and spark motivation. The Hunter aims to the wild in the Woods. Sales communication involves the customer and yourself. What goals do you have? What drives you? Sit quietly great goals, ask for really. It should be however realistic and give you a relaxed feeling. For the concrete planning of your project, there is the 3-step goal plan for the optimal alignment of the target, leading to sales success and a promotional direction gives your sales drive: a maximum contact. A really big target, where after the Stars access where you are really must make an effort to achieve it. Sit also an expected destination. This goal is undoubtedly for you to achieve, because it best matches your expectations. Set a minimum target now. This goal includes the minimum of effort that you are running, you are also satisfied with the. The 3-step plan is so efficient because you can reach something under all circumstances. You will never fail and can always motivate. This plan gives you self-confidence, strength and encouragement for your activities. However, you should avoid the following when the objective: not get depending on other circumstances/people. Do not compare yourself with other people or situations. No negations, so: no, not etc. Consider exactly where you want to be in five years. Ask the following questions: what will I have achieved in five years? What do I need for this? Contact dates. Formulate the answers clearly and write them on a sheet of paper. Take some time and think about in peace. And set goals that are not too large and not too small. Head movie may not exert negative pressure on you. “Their objectives in large and small, when it only” to the next customer conversation goes to inspire and motivate. If you want to go the next time on the prowl and appease your sales drive, will drag not only in the Woods, without a goal in mind. Though: with regard to the hunting of animals, it would be better, throwing the gun into the grain and would rather just go to the next customer.