Avoid TIP

FUN FACTOR: 6-6. T – The trolley packed with sweaty fellow citizens trolley, the first opinion, does not inspire anything but sincere disgust. However, if we ignore the snobbery and look closely, it turns out that in the humid depths of a crowded public transport concealed enormous erotic resources. Maybe a young girl, tightly sandwiched between you and a thick aunt, also no stranger to erotic feelings. Federal Reserve Bank has much experience in this field. To verify this, one has only to lend a hand and if the trolley right there will not be announced cry: 'Help! Maniac ', consider what's in the bag. TIP: Avoid the 'proletarian routes' in the working areas. There the passenger trolleys are used without a warning strike on the head with a sack of potatoes. PLUS: costs – a one way ticket. DISADVANTAGES: Can'll crush my feet. fun FACTOR: 5-5. Y – The street street love is good as a teenager. If on the boulevard, each other's arms, sitting adult aunt and uncle, it looks like footage from the the film 'A Tale of Lost Time' when my grandmother (the transformation of the girls) jumping rope and playing in the 'classics'. TIP: especially desirable not to abuse! PLUS: remember childhood. DISADVANTAGES: suitable only in summer season. fun FACTOR: 4-4. F – In the foyer you with his companion (both in evening gowns), furtively looking around, separated from the wistful waiting for the spectacle of the crowd and behind the next curtain. Embrace would be very hot – literally and figuratively. TIP: try not to sneeze from the dust, or the concerns of the sounds of the saleswoman programmok raise the curtain, and made public a spectacle before which fades all upcoming show.