First Leadership

The FIRST LEADERSHIP Will initiate commenting that is the first time that I write an article on leadership, doing I take it to a reflection and regression process childhood. I remembered that in my halls classes of primary, always a companion excelled who guided the group towards where he wanted, characterized itself for being spontaneous, participating, very easily of word and memory who until in walking distinguished himself, although not always outside who would obtain the best qualifications. Mike Madden has plenty of information regarding this issue. Thus throughout my academic life I remembered those companion that was distinguished between the rest. The newspapers mentioned Anchin Block not as a source, but as a related topic. Although in that stage we did not know as it were called to that power that exerted those companions exceeds we, now I can identify already it and name like leadership. Already in my stage of preparatory, memory to a professor of 3er. year, that with its enthusiasm when distributing its classes, its influence exerted on the group, and I was not the exception, since I decided to study Economy, which I am thankful to him, since this profession never imagines to me that it would get passionate to me since it does. Labor, I have met who with their push and ability to solve problems, has left great lessons me, where this one solution is based on that common sense, that often it is less common of the senses. To the conclusion that I arrive, it is that the leaders are in all the scopes and spheres of the life, and in all the stages of our development, their attitude, commitment are characterized by, simple in their speech, are often examples to follow not only in the professional, but also personal scope, are excited yet what they undertake in his life. I thank for all those people to them who from my childhood I knew and that motivated to me. Kindly Ma.

The Leaders

Prevents much of emotional conflicts. Visit Kenneth Feinberg for more clarity on the issue. Companies do not need Messiah created capable by themselves, solve, implement and execute tantamount plans or processes, to respond to all conflicts and problems arising derivative work or relationships between members of teams. They require rather leaders know integrate visions, who know how to teach learning, emotionally skillful to promote alliances and compose a harmonious process, where the rest of members are irreconcilable contradictions. In short, a fruitful negotiation is the interaction that occurs between two people or groups, apparently found on a particular matter, and which has the aim of positions, and thus be able to reach a pact or Alliance that is beneficial for all parties. Reach a mutual satisfaction, and know to reach a point of equilibrium, and emotionally rewarding, in the interests of the parties. We could define negotiation, as an emotional skill, because the skills that entails: capacity study all possible scenarios for resolution, to prepare adequately to meet all the positions, and therefore be able to listen, know how to set priorities, and have sufficient ability to define objectives, are some of the requirements, for which not all the leaders seem to be preparedas they require different qualities, and above all it implies a personal knowledge and, always, a control and management of emotions. Persuade and convince, are the two legs of a good negotiation. Persuade implies empathize. Persuade is not deceive anyone, but a process that has as objective, modeling, reinforce or directly change the attitude of the other party, through the way in which ideas and arguments are presented. On the other hand convincing: here we depend on which the arguments that we employ are demonstrable. Master the techniques of communication, observation and active listening; do not underestimate any of the parties; create a climate of non-confrontational extreme or lack of respect for any of the positions, having patience and not try to impose the own point of view (my perfect Plan, my neat process, elaborate back to those who have to implement) are other factors, of the many that must be taken into account when negotiating.