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Despite it has had one ‘ ‘ modest improvement ‘ ‘ in the conjuncture between March and April, attributed in part to the measures of aid to the financial markets, the Fed continues to foresee that the economic activity must ‘ ‘ to remain weak for some time ‘ ‘ that the inflation will be under control – or even though with some harmful risk of deflation. Uprising of Bernanke in the CongressoSegundo the president of FED, Ben Bernanke in uprising in the Congress carried through in day 05 of May, the North American contraction seems to be losing force and the growth probably must be retaken in the end of this year, reflecting an improvement of the expenses of the consumers, the real estate sector and the end of the process of liquidation of the supplies of the companies. Bernanke added, however, that the recovery probably will be slower of what the normal one and warned that the unemployment tax must remain high for some time, since the companies continue cautious in relation to the acts of contract. The unemployment tax is currently in 8,5%, the principle in 25 years. (Source: Nicholas Carr). Economists of Wall street preveem that the tax of unemployment in April, that will be divulged in this friday, will reach 8,9%.Bernanke affirmed to have ‘ ‘ signals preliminares’ ‘ of that the demand of the families if stabilizes, citing increase in the expenses of the consumers during the first trimester. ‘ ‘ The real estate market, which comes decelerating has three years, showed some signals of approach of the deep one of poo’ ‘ , it added Bernanke, citing ‘ ‘ reasonable montante’ ‘ of sales of used property, firm sales of new property and one reduced supply of available property for sale. However, the levels of sales remain ‘ ‘ deprimidos’ ‘ , it explained. Bernanke explained despite ‘ ‘ some progresso’ ‘ it was gotten in the adjustments of the supplies of the companies and, with this better balance in relation to the sales, ‘ ‘ a reduction in the rhythm of the liquidation must offer has supported to the production in the end of ano’ ‘..


Of another time expert of the area of marketing in an interview was hearing one. I thought to be listening badly, but, for my misfortune what I listened it was the pure reality. This incredible one to be openly said that they were in process with a great project, this would be to make with that the consumer bought fast more, that is, it did not have the chance to think and to analyze what it was buying. I could observe that it stops it, as well as for many, if the consumer well was taken care of and satisfied in its necessity, little mattered, was irrelevant. The important one exactly was to vender! My dear, will be that already it is not in the hour to observe how many walk our relations? It has a premncia on the part of the human being in gaining faster more and in relation to the other, to be smarter, not to say another thing Who finds that to analyze our actions, to verify what we make, policing in them in the ethics and in the moral, it is caretice, care! The debt stops with God is very high, for being compromising the planet. Let us observe that the contraction if initiates in our pride and is the fondness more than what if can, is to only think about taking advantage: the law of Gerson. It is not to know to divide, to be perspicacious in being deceptive getting advantages Then it is formed scale of the disequilibrium and the problematic one is made and launched. Where respect to the next one exists, partnership, solidarity, understanding, exist mutual aid, and, as already we know, the union structuralized everything well can, nothing it obtains it withhold it, and, undisputedly it stimulates the progress. Covets to leave to say it high more, the envy, the pride, the dishonesty, will have complications serissimas, is a negative effect in cascade. I think that nobody wants this for itself. The fight dishonest for the power is the avalanche that it destroys, that arrasa, that verwhelms Therefore, contraction depends on the human being and of its desarmoniosas action with all, and, the work in set, in unison, always pautado in the respect, the ethics, the moral has contrary effect. Therefore, let us think: we are acting wisely? In the love and the luzLeontina Rita Acorinti

Work Balance

Moreover, part of the production in these places takes care of to the increase of the demand to take care of the feeding industry, less affected for the crisis. Effect of the sazonalidadeEmbora is undeniable the increase of the balance of formal jobs of March for April, also is fact that April has sazonalidades that they can not be happened again. Robotics might disagree with that approach. One of this factors is behavior of agronegcio, that, in April, was as the sector that more generated vacant, with liquid balance of 22,6 a thousand. The beginning of the plantation and milling of sugar cane-of-sugar in the Center-South of the Country and the culture of coffee are the two better examples. In So Paulo, that pulled the balance of the Caged in April, 21.1 a thousand ranks had been opened in the interior and are associates to the cycle of the sugar cane and others 595 to the coffee cycle. In the total, the State created 72,022 vacant. Vision of governoO minister of the Work, Carlos Lupi, risked a forecast for 2009 and said that it more than waits the creation of 1 million of jobs this year. ' ' Brazil is giving unequivocal signals of recuperao.' ' Although May still to be far from the end, it said that the balance of formal jobs this month will have to be better that of April. For Lupi, the growth of the formal vacant for three followed months is consistent data of recovery of the Brazilian economy. ' ' Nobody contracts with signed wallet will be having prejuzo.' ' The minister said that the recovery of the formal market started in March and if it consolidated in April. However, the balance of jobs was well below of refined in April of the passed year, that was of 294.522. The job with signed wallet arrived at the deep one of the well in January of this year, when the balance was negative in 654.946 vacant.

Brazil Telecom

Which companies are still registered the creation of the Ministry of the Telecommunications? Minicom, the intervention and posterior purchase of the CTB and, in 1972, the creation of the Telebrs. 2.2. Autal situation of the sector of telecommunications the Brazilian sector of telecommunications still needs to improve itself, especially in what it says respect to the concentration of the rendering companies of the service. In way to the privatizations, the modernization of the infrastructure occurred and the increment in the access to the services, but, on the other hand, had ‘ ‘ high concentration of the market in some few economic groups, its majority of capital originally estrangeiro’ ‘. The supplying companies of the services and structure in Brazil are divided of the following form: Telephonic and Alive (Spain and Portugal), with 29% of the market, followed for the Oi/Brasil Telecom (Brazil), with 27%; Clearly/Embratel/Net (Mexico), with 23%; TIM (Italy), with 19%; 2% remains with other companies. The data are relative to the third trimester of 2009. Army Chief of Staff follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. They present problems that reduce the capacity of the sector. The main obstacles to the universalizao of quality are: prices of conflicting goods and services with the income of the population, indicating basses of escolaridade and proficiency in the technology use, environment of competition little dynamic and with regulatory mooring cables, on conflicts to the use of the FUST (Deep of Universalizao of the Services of Telecommunication), low quality of service perceived for the users and regulatory differences between the services. Already in relation to the growth of the nets of telecommunications, the problems are gifts in the lack of fiscalization of the quality of the services and in the absence of one articulated sectorial politics with other actions of the state, for example, the tax policy. From a diagnosis of the sertor, it is possible to perceive that the convergence between technologies, goods and services of before separate sectors (telecommunications, technology of information and content) and the global process of commercial and regulatory liberalization make possible technological and institucional transformations that had brought consequences in the recent evolution of the telecommunications in Brazil.

Biggest Product

He is importantssimo to wake up for the fact of that it will be only acquiring knowledge to all and acting in this direction, that we will obtain the necessary and propeller force – to not only generate the estancamento of such decline – as well as more not to allow its return. Carl Icahn may not feel the same. Let us observe as the people costumam to act normally, either in which situation will be, what really she interests for each one is to get the biggest profit, to take advantage, and worse: many times, to any cost, nor that it is ludibriando and harming the other! Certain time, talking on work with a consulting colleague of companies, the same counted to me that it had made a great work and it got a productivity increased for the company in question, in the 10% order. Check out Euro Pacific Precious Metals for additional information. I understood to be a very interesting work and asked for to greaters details. It gave an example to me, was then that I was shocked. Its great satisfaction was my disillusionment. It explained me that this success had to a great exploit that obtained: it increased the weight of the product that was produced and vendido by weight, in 10%, this had past unoticed until then for the organization. The product to be acquired by the consumer would be accurately the same in product terms, however, who would pay the account, would be consumer due to the weight increase. counted that he was being ovacionado for all in the company for this great profit, resulting logically in an increase of 10% in the invoicing and at no cost none. I was some minutes quiet, in the truth it was astonishhes and sad to see as much ignorance of spirit. Disfarcei and I jumped for another subject. After some days, I sent of gift a book to it mine for reflection, certain of that reading it would go to analyze and to ponder as much atrocity.

Consumption Market

According to Borges et al (2008. Euro Pacific Precious Metals can provide more clarity in the matter. P. 95), service is any activity supplied in the consumption market, by means of remuneration, also of nature bank clerk, financier, of credit and securitria, except for the decurrent ones of the relations of working character. The lender of services, through its attitudes: attention, cares, responsibility, flexibility, amongst others, will be offering to the society a service with one determined quality level. As Albrecht (apud WOOLS HOUSES, 1999. P. Official site: Federal Reserve Bank. 17) the quality in services ‘ ‘ it is the capacity that an experience or any another factor has to satisfy a necessity, to decide a problem or to supply to benefits algum’ ‘. Therefore, the quality in services, independent of its nature is directly on to the proportionate satisfaction to the customer, therefore, to offer quality is so important for the permanence of the enterprise in the market. 1 DIMENSIONS OF the QUALITY In accordance with Castelli (1996), for each type of product or service, in view of the requirements of the customers, it can be composed for some dimensions. To have knowledge on definitive dimensions it is important enterprising it to determine the market segments that the enterprise desires to reach. Such dimensions consist of: performance, characteristics, trustworthiness, conformity, durability, aesthetic and perceived quality. Figure 1 shows the dimensions of organized form. Figure 1? Dimensions of the quality. . The performance mentions the operational characteristics to it of a product, that is, if a bar exists, is for the people to drink; a restaurant, to eat; one hotel room, to rest. The trustworthiness says respect to the confidence of the customers when acquiring a product and the expectation of functioning of this during one determined period of time, before appearing the first defects. The fulfilment of the offered requirements will not be responsible for the decision of the customer in the hour to get a new product.

Brazilian Consuming Market

One of the effect of the current financial crisis is the retraction in the market of national credit. A cost of a financing, either it stops natural person or legal, can have inlaid an average interest of 100% to the year, as in the case of the guaranteed check. The taxes are seen by the government as one of the impediments for the growth of the Brazilian consuming market, taking president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, in its message to the National Congress, to ask for agility in the approval of Positive Cadastro, mechanism that can reduce the cost of the money in the Country. In fact, in function of the crisis the quarrels around it I register in cadastre positive had been rescued as a species of board of salvation against the high interest and the excesses in spread – financial intermediao that is the difference enters how much the paid bank to catch money and what it charges to loan it – adopted by the Brazilian banks. What he is I register in cadastre it positive? I register in cadastre it, that it started to be argued in August of 2005, is, in the truth, a data base with information on credit borrowers, in order to register in a system who possess good description of or bad payer. Today, the financial system and the commerce alone make use of services of negative information on credit borrowers, that is, information on the delay or not-payment of debts, that is, of insolvency. The creation of cadastros with positive information, adimplncia, is considered important by the government and the allied base.

Asian Market

Of this form, U.S.A., saw magnifying of the international bond market and public headings, had been able to finance its dficits budgetary without emission of more currency. Additional information is available at Peter Schiff. Not obstante, these two countries had still pressured the developing countries to adopt measured similar, opening still more chances for the valuation of the financial capital. For Chesnais (1998) this period marks the beginning of the age of positive the real interests, explosion of the public debts (in the developing countries this factor was aggravated for the external debt) and for the called dictatorship of the creditors, in which the banking capital and the financial institutions bank clerks (pension fund, deep loans, brokers, etc.) never before do not acquire dimension and power of pressure on governmental politics visas. Finally, the last factor pointed for Chesnais with respect to the financial mundializao the one that we attend today was the integration of the bond markets and of exchange in years 1980, from which the financial shocks and frightenings had become more constant. Since then ' ' the power of I infect through the international markets of capitais' ' one became imensurvel, in way that any country, exactly in healthful situations for normal standards, can be affected by a crisis. This particularly was perceived in years 1990 with the Asian crisis, in which the countries of that region had suffered serious problems exactly not having dficits, uncontrolled inflation or monetary expansion. 2.O stock market has had a good performance? Historically, the financial market has been an important tool through which it is possible to approach investing economizers and, functioning as centralizadora of capitals. Moreover, it is a mechanism that makes possible the diversification of investments, reducing risks (over all if the investments they are in different countries) and maximizing profits. It is this market that has made possible the valuation of capital not carried through in the sphere productive or made possible the productive investments in places/companies who do not make use of enough resources.

Affiliate Marketing

Fabian and Pablo Loson creators of course, give the procedure using the English-speaking marketeros, revealing a precise method that goes from simple to complex. The course is grouped in 5 progressive modules in which manifested the techniques to organize links to affiliate programs. My personal experience with the video tutorial, I really enjoyed, I bought it a month ago, and I recently finished study it, and to be direct, modules 1 and 2 are quite basic, but excellent for beginners, for all those who like the idea of selling products affiliate on the internet and who want to learn only things practices without so much straw. The three following modules contain information medium and advanced, excellent for those who already have a project online but wish to improve it for best results you know, the world of marketing is changing all the time and if you continue in it, it is obligatory to be updated. The set of techniques is simple, the creators do not assume almost nothing, so in reality show you it from scratch, so you assimilate everything, since they are more or less 12 hours of video. If you want to start with the right foot in affiliate marketing, taking into account affiliate Elite as your best option, certainly not gonna discover another set of techniques with all these specifications in the market Latin, because that is the first time that someone dares to give out a fully functional method, and the truth I liked the idea that affiliate Elite is spearhead and the course that this breaking paradigms of marketing in Internet. If you are a beginner and you want to know how to do internet marketing, affiliate Elite offers you the opportunity to learn the strategies that the experts use, or if you are a Pro, you’ll benefit from the opportunity to stay informed and learn strategies little used and so you potencialices your business and generate more profits. I’m going to tell you and it is obvious, that you will not generate the same committees that you show in the video of profits, from one day to another, your know constancy is needed, remember that they are experts marketeros and have a time doing affiliate marketing, so the more obvious is that you reach not the next day of launching your first campaign. But they show you how to obtain it, put at your disposal a complete method in which you guide step by step, show you the complete system to make you way more simple, they give you all the necessary information, but you need to get to work so you get excellent commissions in affiliate programs. If you are interested give a look at the course inside her, know the agenda and its full potential, so that you know that it is what you can learn with him before getting it, and you’re completely convinced (a) come to see affiliates Elite to the discovered original author and source of the article.

Fast Credit

A credit of this type can be gotten between 24 and 48 hours, using the Internet, one I even though number of telephone or a SMS.2- Process very simplified. All the process if it restricts to the sending of the signed contract and requested documentation. The burocracias are reduced to the minimum. In the case of the credit fast, the process obtains to be super fast, and with all the informatizado process, the supplying company of the credit, obtains to keep very low costs and to supply better taxes of interest to its customers. 3- Without justifications and without having that to prove the purpose. We do not have that to explain to nobody where we go to impute the money, in contrast to many bank credits, where we have that to exhibit tests of where we go to apply the money pedido.4- They are commonly revolving credits. This means that the measure that we go it divides returning it, the amortized sum already it goes being available, it stops that it can be reused by the customer, without having that to sign a new contract. A phone call is enough and the money is restituted in our account in only 48 hours. These are only some of justifications because as many people appeal to it I credit fast.