SUS Financial Resource4s

Based in the EC n.29 that it guides the expenses with the public health. Also it enunciates the main objectives of the financial management of the SUS, that came to facilitate the financial transfer. Word-key: management, financier, SUS, resources. ABSTRACT This to paper presents briefly the financial management of the SUS which is passed by each level of government seeking the public’ s right and duty of the state. Based on Amendment N.29 that guides the spending on public health. Financial It alsosets out the main objectives of management of the SUS, whichhas facilitated the financial transfer. Key words: management, to financier, SUS, resources. *Estudo developed as component curricular of disciplines Collective Health I of the Course of Nursing of the College of Technology and Sciences? FSA, in the year of 2008. ** Academics of Nursing of the College of Technology and Sciences of Fair of Santana. INTRODUCTION the financial management of the Only System of Health? SUS is about intergovernamentais transferences of financial resources in the area of the health. The health is a right of all as to foresee in the Federal Constitution of 1988, and to guarantee this right the state is the supplier, but, for this the government is divided in three spheres that if politics and financiers make responsible for definitive abilities. These spheres are a way of organization to delimit the financial resources of each, are: Federal, constituted of the Health department – MS, State, consisting of the State Secretariat of Health – SES and Municipal theatre consisting of the City department of Health? SMS, which guarantee the actions and services of health all.

Financial Life

The fear to go for the hell was changed by the fear of not giving itself well in the life, specifically as for the financial aspect. ' ' My son if you not to make such thing or if you not to act as I saying you are you, that future you will have? ' ' ' ' If not to study, does not go to have a good job, consequentemente will not have a good one wage and does not go to be able to buy the things that you quer' ' the parents say. The direction of the current life started to be to consume, to consume, to consume and to consume. ' ' felicidade' ' happened of the purchase of the things if it wastes easily. That corporeal property loses its direction fast is very sad and gotten depressed therefore we need then to buy more and. It seems that the happiness is total on to the act to have, to consume. Although not demons value the things that we have. Although mine 45 years, still I keep with me toys that I earned in infancy. Nowadays he is all dismissable and discarded one quickly, therefore what in the ones of the pleasure it is to consume more and more and more. the lack of these corporeal properties ' ' so importantes' ' in them they cause revolt, depression, violence, alcoholism and when we do not finish in the drugs. Cultuar the body is another indispensable necessity of the current days. To be dressed well, expensive clothes, of grife and perfect bodies. This is the persecution of many. The ideal of life of many people. To be dressed badly and to be some kilos above of the measures mean simply to be disqualified, excluded of certain groups, ridicularizado, as if in our veins accurately does not run the same blood, as if we do not fossemos all brothers and human beings, with qualities and defects very similar between us! the growth spiritual where was? It seems that, with rarssimas exceptions, total were forgotten.

Financial markets

In an interview presented in the Informative Bulletin of the month of out/Nov 2008 published by Foundation TM, the Eng. Dr. agronomist in Economy, Alexander Mendona Barros, explained the consequences of world-wide the financial collapse for the agricultural activity. According to it, this is a crisis of ' ' confiana' ' , therefore the banks are very grumblers ones with the others since they do not know its true rockings. Moreover, the crisis was generated from the movement of the real estate market of the United States and this system had as guarantee the mortgage of the house of the Americans and on of this 1 made a derivative and vendia for the Europe, Asia, Brazil. At the moment where the payers had started not to honor its commitments, exactly with the guarantee of the property, the payment of the loan does not culminate in the cooling of the American economy. The main occurrence of all this movement was the reliable lack and the lack of information on the situation of the banks, causing mainly the cut of credit for companies and prices of the 2 assets had started to fall. For Alexander, one of the main consequences for the Brazilian Agronegcio is the cut of credit on the part of the private sector in financing the producers. This fact occurred exactly before the crisis with the rise of the prices of 3 the agricultural products and traders already did not make use of much money for this type of investment. Moreover, as the financial crisis is the world-wide level, and good part I credit of it of the resource for the agricultural producers of the country come of it are, 4 volatileness of price started to demand traders more than that they had started to feel the flow of estagnado capital. Another point that was affected by the crisis of U.S.A.