Since a few years ago, it is seeing an increase in investment for projects in business tourism in Peru, especially in regions where there is a greater influx of foreign and local visitors. Therefore, some small entrepreneurs who work in other economic sectors such as: industry, trade, agriculture and others, are investing in tourism businesses such as: hotels, lodging houses and restaurants, presenting new choices of services and therefore meet the demand. Sometimes the enthusiasm for undertaking this type of business, seeing perhaps, than their neighbors or friends are prosperous businessmen, they are encouraged to develop them on their own, with much or little information obtained prior or during the process of realization of the same. That is why it is very important to bear in mind, that to make an investment of this type by smaller that is, consider some important aspects such as: designing the type of accommodation for the public or market target (tourist or local) If this design is according to the amount of investment that counts. Consider payments for administrative rights, licensing of operating within this amount and other amounts considered to perform the proper promotion and advertising of business take into account the number of staff that laborara within the business for the payment of its assets considered return on the money invested times these are some points that should be considered, since in many casesthe enthusiasm is diluted in the process, due to lack of planning. It is very important to define that in the design of the business, should develop what the professionals involved as they are: the arquictecto, the hotel manager and a member of civil defense. Original author and source of the article.

Map and Treasure

You wise person who exists a treasure its wait? She can have certainty that yes! The treasure that I mention is more valuable that the gold and the silver, and cannot be compared with that it can exist. it is not occult to our eyes. He is to the reach of simplest of the men until the noblest celebrity that can exist. He is to the reach of that they are imprisoned, of the people who are in its stream beds of pain and suffering. He is to the reach of the vitiated ones and of that they are without route in the life. All can possuiz it! But to arrive at this so precious treasure, a map capable only exists to guide it. A very precious map that cannot be tracked by satellites. He has that to be tracked with love, with feeling, therefore thus it will only take in them to the treasure. when to find this treasure, through our faith, will have a requirement to be able to take ownership of it. It is a secret! To possess we need it to vender everything that we have! To carry through in our lives an inversion of values. This it is key so that let us can in them become possessors of this treasure. We need to vender all the things that our life verwhelms spiritual. Everything what it is bad in us will have that to go for the sea of the esquecimento and dae then, the wind will be our favor, and will sail calm in calm waters of the life. Friends, will not be one exaggerate to say, therefore it is a reality, hundreds of people who track the map, do not obtain to perceive its value, and they cannot possess the treasure, because the pleasures do not vendem that the world offers. Therefore, to possess this treasure we need to track the map with the heart. We need to vender everything that verwhelms our soul, then we will only become in them deserving of this treasure of incalculable value. The map, of which as much we speak, is the sacred bible and the treasure of incalculable value is Jesus Christ, that one that in the ones of a salvation. It thinks about this, and it sails calmly for calm waters of the life. The map and the treasure are its wait. Ura – Paran.

Northeast Population

According to data of the IBGE (STATES & CITIES, 1978), the population of the city of Stream of Santana enters the decades of 1950 and 1970, passed for a process of 38,47% growth, since in the decade of 1950, the population of this city was around 21.301 and arrives the 29,496 distributed inhabitants in 1970 in 3.873 a territorial extension of Km2. These data make possible estimates of the Center of Research and Estudos (CPE), in 1978 for occasion of the centenarian of emancipation politics of the city, of that the population would have reached of 32.639. However, what it is observed, as given of the Center of Statisticians and Informaes (CEI), she is that it had a stagnation during the decade of 1970, when the population only arrives the 29,719 inhabitants in 1980, presenting a growth of little more than 200 inhabitants in relation to the reached number ten years behind. As all the Northeast region of the country, the city suffered a long period from emigration for the states of the Southeastern South and of the country, for where the people if dislocated to the search of job and better conditions of life. This process of agricultural exodus if strong discloses more in the population dynamics of the city from the decade of 1970, when it is initiated already mentioned crisis of the culture of the cotton. In this period the vegetative growth, badly obtains to on account surpass the losses of population of the emigration. During the decade of 1980 the total population of the city it arrives to suffer a considerable reduction in absolute numbers, falling of the 29,719 inhabitants in 1980 for 23.578 inhabitants in 1990. It can have intervened with this process, the territorial reduction that Stream of Santana suffered in 1989 with the dismemberment from ' ' distrito' ' of Matina. However, the CEI considers the intense migratory process as the main factor that contributed for this decrease.

Raymond Williams

The hidrogrfica basin of the river Coc approximately drains in its totality an area of 517,2 km2, understanding part of the cities of Pacatuba (169,2 km2), Maracana (55,4 km2), Aquiraz (76,3 km2) and $fortaleza (216 km2) Source: (AUMEF, 1987). The river Coc is the greater river of $fortaleza, with 45 km of extension and an area of 379 hectares. The same it has its Spring in the eastern source of the Mountain range of the Aratanha and in seus50 km of passage it passes for three cities, Pacatuba, Maracana and $fortaleza, to empty in the Atlantic Ocean, the limits of beaches of the Hunting and Pesca and Sabiaguaba. The river Coc receives initially the denomination from Pacatuba stream and, after to receive waters from others tributaries passes if to call Gavio stream until the confluence with the Alegrete stream, next to 4 Road Ring, where it receives the denomination from river Coc. VASCONCELOSES and FREIRE, (1987) consider the river Coc as a course d' water of small transport, typically metropolitan and that poludo for situated the domestic and industrial sewers throughout its edges is found. IN IT SEARCHS OF A CULTURAL IDENTITY: A case study the fen of the Coc. In a general way we can affirm that the culture concept has varies definitions, and if we looked for finds a definition for culture, we would have that to search its initially gnese. In accordance with English sociologist Raymond Williams, the word culture comes of Latin ' ' colere' ' defines initially the culture of the plants, the care with the animals and also with the land, therefore it means agriculture. The same one still has for definition the care with the children and its education, the care with deuses (its cults); the care with ancestral and its monuments (its memory), and finally in the direction most popular of the term, culture means the man who is ' ' culto' ' , he is that one that ' ' cultiva' ' in feeling to develop practical of intelligences and the art of the knowledge gifts in books.

Saint Brbara

Now, she had its barraco finally, in low of a bridge. Nobody had appeared stops to complain; but it wise person that would come. Children, quiets, scared, nor if complained hunger more than. They understood, confusedly, that the situation was difficult, serious. If the water went up a little, the unstable props planted in the land more fofa, made marshy, they would not resist and everything it would be led by the river. In it dries, only one stream of small account; under torrential rain, a violent and treacherous rapids. Everything happened suddenly: The flash of the lightning together with arrived the boom of the thunder. The door of the barraco was escancarou and Barbarian understood that it was an acknowledgment. A message of Saint Brbara, its will xar, the Saint of storms. The message was clearly: They leave daqui! But for where I go? of that skill, with these children deceased of cold, fear, hunger, bare-footed, without agasalho? But the call was very strong; again a ray crossed the sky and the thunder seemed to rummage the deepenings of the land. It took courage: she left, launched it the steep ascent of the hillside, to gain the level Da Ponte. It slid, it went up, it fell, it went up of new, seated, kneel, acocorada, helping its children, praying, making force, laughing, even, nervously, of ridicule of this tragic situation. Finally it arrived up there pulled one relief sigh; but to the look for children saw that now they were not more the three of it; they were seven not, eight! All so dirty, cover with muded, emplastadas, that she did not give to discover who age who. She did not matter. Now they were all children its. adopted them to it in the hour; as many poor boys Jesus. He looked at for low, under the bridge and saw a spectacle frightful.