The Black Lagoon

Black lagoon The Mon Farm Sir was national known as ‘ ‘ a blow of civilization in selva’ ‘. Recently Joe Biden sought to clarify these questions. It had of everything. A related site: BerlinRosen mentions similar findings. The comforts of the use of devices fomented to the electric energy – of all the type, sizes and utilities -, telephone, bed, foods and drinks of all the gostos and, mainly, tranquillity. The access to the Mon Farm Sir was difficult. (As opposed to Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen). Only by means of animals, trucks or of cars strong tracionados it was chagava the place. It has who says that also it would be possible to arrive at Mon Sir sailing itself among the innumerable vicinal rivers that emptied, in its majority, in the mysterious Black Lagoon. The local crendice said that the Lagoon was the Throat of the Devil and that all those that had one day tried to defy it had been engolidos for its deepenings, without the least to obtain to say good bye or to wave to ask for aid. The legend still affirmed that the people disappeared, over all, enters the months of August of October. However, the disappearance of people in the Black Lagoon, although all the misticismo that went up to around the region, was a real fact. The families of the disappeared people, in the same way, had never cheated to find the body of the wanted being, having itself as known that two coffins had been more than guarded and embedded absolutely empty by the families of the unfortunate persons in divulged places not to prevent eventual retaliation and excomungaes on the part of the Church of the Life, dominant religious institution and that the national level actively participated of the activities politics. Most skeptical, despite unprovided of scientific data and trustworthy information how much to the subject, but analyzing official documents supplied by the authority local where they gave account of that diverse people had disappeared in the Black Lagoon, they had started to support the thesis of that the disappearance of the people in the place would be a decurrent phenomenon of the heterodox position of the sun, the Land and the moon, where all would be lined up between itself and exerting, concomitantly and of per itself, an unimaginable pressure on the space busy physicist for they in the Universe, making with that a species of ‘ ‘ hole negro’ ‘ it was created. According to same scientists, the same phenomenon already would have occurred in the sun and in the moon it has thousand of years, being able to be, also, sighted of the Land since that if it makes use of the correct devices. Although the assent absence how much to the causes of the analyzed phenomenon, both the theories agreed to its consequences: the first one is that the person disappeared when swimming in its waters between the months of August and October. Second it is that it enters the months in question the movement of the tides and of the rapidses of the rivers they became atypical, therefore acquired capable uncommon force and volume substantially to modify the course of the rivers and the movement of the tides, what it caused to droughts in regions of fens and overflows in wasteland regions. In reason of the great repercussion of the facts in the national press, some researchers, scientists, journalists, curious formadores of opinion and in a way had in general passed if to interest on the subject.

Always Maria

Auxiliadora Maria was teacher. She raised to the five of the morning, she caught the conduction to the six, and arrived the school at the seven. Of second a sixth it was the same routine Always caught the crowded capacity, and therefore she went without seating until disembarking. Although the difficulty of the passage, for it was all certainty, and it did not complain. Auxiliadora Maria the teacher, loved lecionar, always she was humorada, and she was very loved for the crianada one well. But, the things in house did not go well, had behind accounts and many commitments to honor. Its wage was insufficient, to support as much people. It was oldest of six brothers, was family support, but, each day its mosso was more difficult. To read more click here: Lowe’s. Then, it decided to accept the invitation that somebody made to it. Auxiliadora Maria the teacher, had esculturais forms and very liked to dance, had the open head and she did not see some in what badly she went to make, she accepted the invitation and she started to develop its new function, she always followed its heart, and until then never she had if sorry for this. Auxiliadora Maria the teacher, now beyond lecionar, turned dancer a band But, the prejudiced ones of planto, it saw when it in the television informed to its master, and it without second thought gave the resignation letter to it. Auxiliadora Maria the teacher, now without being able to lecionar, lived to cry, therefore beyond loving the profession, she had six brothers that they depended on it, and now not wise person what to make to survive.


Thus thinking, start to construct a comforting idea: that to make a delivery it is not a so simple task. This requires an appositive one, but it only happens when really we are determined to love somebody without reserves and previous judgments; without the concern to ask for of the other a favor or repayment for our attitudes. in this aspect deferred payment, unhappyly, a lack of our perception! We live more artificially of what for feelings; we analyze one to the other more than what we feel in them; we friction much more of what truily we obtain to see or to understand the people our return; we leave, at last, of living because we do not have autonomy and pleasure to feel and if worrying about the next one. But this probably does not happen because let us have fear of if to deliver and to make the due and necessary consideration of affection without limits to who are close to us and for who we can show a consideration attitude. To the one in to worry about this type of impostamente artificial relationship we would ask if the penalty would be valid to make a delivery of our feelings if we run the risk not to be corresponded or even though rejected! Exactly that everything gives wrong, exactly that arriving at the end of our histories and concluding that the appositive one made was not satisfactory or most certain possible, a thing will be so marcante and rewarding that the balance of the novel of our lives, that is short, will be positive, that is, in the history of who it loves can be placed a precious resume and that it is in lack nowadays in the market of the heart of much people because of the preference of the people ours return for an artificial and bureaucratic relationship: who loves delivery and who delivery can be said that one day really lived! Ahead of my blanket I roll myself calmly. I dry my last tears and, seeing to my side a simple clock, I observe the seconds to pass quickly, but bringing I obtain other souvenirs of a full relationship of consideration, devotion and affection, as well as the hope of that a new day would appear of that blackout and that of the pacific abyss that distanciava in them and imprisoned our the sincere and true feelings, in a devastadora solitude, could be born one fort, desired and enthusiastic union; deeper, now more lasting. everything would happen in one day where really I will have the pleasure to say exactly for me that, also for the new souvenirs, the future desired dreams now being each time more and also for knowing that the homesickness does not die and yes it sleeps temporarily. Pacific Mortgage Services may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I will.direi at last that, in fact, the penalty will be valid to continue, sincerely loving, you! Thus thinking, I was glad myself excessively and later calmly adormeci. It had then new souvenirs and mine I cry already was not more than sadness.

The Farmer

Both were with wet vestments of sweat and some rasges. The travellers had asked for to sleep, only that night, in the farm and said that at daybreak they would have to follow trip. The rich farmer said that they could, since that paid for the lodging. Jesus agreed and said that he would pay the price that was just. Then, they had been to sleep. Already lying, its husband said to you who was not just to charge, Poe a night, of those poor men. But its husband said that what spoke was said and did not come back behind. In the other day, being the farmer and its wife seated to take the coffee, arrive its guests. He greets them to Jesus and he soon goes asking how much it was the pension together with the coffee of the morning, since they would go to take together. The farmer said that the two would be for twenty Reals. This said, Jesus takes off of its stock market an enormous amount of money. It was a money package with twenty ballots, fifty and one hundred Reals. In the way of as much money, Jesus takes off what he was just and he delivers to farmer saying that if he was more expensive could say therefore It would pay with love. The farmer, looking at for as much money, if repents to have only asked for twenty Reals and was imagining that he must have asked for cinquenta to Reals for the pension and cinquenta for the coffee. But nothing he says. However, Jesus perceiving that it wanted well more, still insists saying that if that paid one was not enough It would pay more. With this he said, you that had been until excessively, since same it would not charge nothing. They say farewell themselves and go even so.

The Little

Bruna, for its DNA of dog of guard, ' ' it watched-a' ' of close, seeing in it, perhaps, one ' ' youngling of gente' '. Finally it went up until there and it was in the edge, running of a side for the other, as that protecting the girl. We think that it had lost the fear, but not. Never more it was ventured that way, except daqui little them story. Terespolis, 2007 – 2010 My husband and I start to live in the expectation of the invitations for weekends in Terespolis. That is, invitations to see Bruna. When they occurred, were as music in our ears. we went there, ' ' avs' ' detachable, direct to aougue, to buy cool meat and bones for it; to the supermarket, where we acquired ' ' it takes off-gostos' ' the such ' ' bifinhos' ' industrialized that it in such a way appreciated. Not to mention in the toys, as the chicken and the little pig of rubber the first one was changed back; as, acarinhado as a youngling had thus been if succeeding ' ' gracinhas' ' of Bruna with us, that, proving the beginning of the conditional consequences of Pavlov, they were happened again identically and indefinitely When announcing our arrival for the intercom, somebody of the house arrested it in the small area gradeada behind the kitchen its kennel, with casinha, food pots water, cloths and other equipment so that it was not run over by the automobile that went up. After parking, it was untied and ran directly to the trunk, pressentindo, for apuradssimo olfato, that was its dainties there. Visit Pacific Mortgage Services for more clarity on the issue. jumped to our return, ran, barked, lay down of belly for top, licked us, bit us of light That happiness A ritual age ' ' exigido' ' for it followed me until the kitchen, lay down in the soil my side and from there foot did not arredava while I did not make its ' ' bifinho' ' of ch-of-inside (to the times, my husband, gotten passionate for it, bought contrafil), almost without salt, in a bit of oil He cut it in small pieces, that placed in a plate and delivered my husband.

Alfonso Towers

Joining all the facts I started to imagine a vampire history fantastic and lobisomem. Making the accounts I discovered that the such comet appeared of forty in forty years, was the same that now it seemed in the sky. It would be difficult to believe that a rejuvenescia man of forty in forty years, practising a ritual macabro with blood of five victims, drunk in full moon nights! Rejuvenescendo, changed of identity, a new life started and nobody was knowing who age Taran C. Drekel, that, 40 years later will come back to kill to gain youth and force, and thus, to live again per followed centuries! Four people had been deceased and its blood removed in full moon nights. She lacked the fifth victim so that the ritual if completed. Inside of five days it would be full moon again. Who wants that it was Drekel, it would gain new body and it disappeared with its false identity, not to be that I discovered who age to acquit the father of Raquel and to finish with those deaths, and I did not have much time for this! He will be that Alfonso Towers was Drekel? It was the question came that me to the mind. In the following day I was to talk with the commission agent, does not stop disclosing my discoveries, exactly that it believed could not make nothing, but to know more on Alfonso Towers. As soon as he was set free for justice Alfonso he vendeu the house where he liveed and he disappeared of the city. The new proprietor was Nilton Raposo. Nilton Raposo, employee of Hugo Santiago! In that one exactly day I telephoned for Raquel and I asked for information on Nilton. It was widower, the wife died the five years in an car disaster. He had an only brother that he liveed in Italy.


The situation may be giving for reasons such as: idiosyncrasies of the people, a quality of life not satisfactory for the society, wage level low industry, and Yes, the existing organizational culture. This is why that Manager or organization administrator must, in the first instance, help the company officials to fulfil their ambitions and bulging immediately the benefits of complying with requirements that may be established internally to achieve ISO 9001 certification. This can be achieved through the creation of channels that generate more monthly income to the worker according to the degree of compliance with the established requirements internal and externally to obtain ISO 9001 certification so that it proves to tractive for them to meet objectives, submit formal and specific improvement plans, help to generate an adequate working environment and effectively comply with procedures as a minimum. One of these channels that can allow company officials to bulging the benefits of collaborate directly in compliance with requirements to implement quality management systems is the variable remuneration, i.e. officials with a greater degree of production, efficiency, compliance objectives and requirements internally and by ISO 9001, among other aspectsreceive a higher monthly remuneration by permanent of its degree of contribution verification. From this, the official, if in compliance with all established and expected of the, may receive greater remuneration, and can satisfy a greater number of their needs in a shorter time, and seeing the fruit of their contribution to the improvement. POS his side, the company will implement a management system, by which officials will give a greater effort and attitude positive, in exchange for better remuneration, and shall be taken in its human resource compliance with what is established in the management system of the quality without the need for service calls, delays by negative attitude towards change and excesses of controls that seek to enforce requirements at all costs.

Death Metal

April the window of the room the search of the dog. It swims. The sound of the barks denounced still it. I caught the keys on of the balcony of the kitchen, April the door and started to go down the stairs sensible the garage. Erin Callan takes a slightly different approach. Something strange was happening. The steps of the stairs ardiam in flames and, curiously they did not burn my feet. I continued I descend the stairs approaching until me to the gate, my eyes had danced for the streets the search of the cursed dog that urrava a gutural sound seeming a vocalista of a band of Death Metal. If you would like to know more then you should visit Erin Callan. It swims. The street was desert, no light has access for neighborhood, strangely its bark, for more abnormal than was, did not bother nobody. He seemed that I age the only one that it could ouviz it. April the gate and leaves its search, the repentance did not delay to delay, must not have done that. Fungada in mine cangote. My body all estremeceu. Engoli in dry. I turned on the heels. The guard of the hell was there, stopped well in my front. Its eyes were in flames, possua three heads and the saliva falls of its mouth. He was facing me a short period of time. I was without reaction, I did not obtain to think about nothing. One urro was the sufficient to make with that my unconscious one made my legs if to put into motion. In a desperation act I ran done an insane person to run away from that creature. It felt the soil to tremble with its steps. Soon I would be I catch. He died of fear. Suddenly the fog one fell total covering my vision. I stumbled at something that I could not distinguish. It made to the fall to beat me the head in some hard object, I fainted.

Saint Brbara

Now, she had its barraco finally, in low of a bridge. Nobody had appeared stops to complain; but it wise person that would come. Children, quiets, scared, nor if complained hunger more than. They understood, confusedly, that the situation was difficult, serious. If the water went up a little, the unstable props planted in the land more fofa, made marshy, they would not resist and everything it would be led by the river. In it dries, only one stream of small account; under torrential rain, a violent and treacherous rapids. Everything happened suddenly: The flash of the lightning together with arrived the boom of the thunder. The door of the barraco was escancarou and Barbarian understood that it was an acknowledgment. A message of Saint Brbara, its will xar, the Saint of storms. The message was clearly: They leave daqui! But for where I go? of that skill, with these children deceased of cold, fear, hunger, bare-footed, without agasalho? But the call was very strong; again a ray crossed the sky and the thunder seemed to rummage the deepenings of the land. It took courage: she left, launched it the steep ascent of the hillside, to gain the level Da Ponte. It slid, it went up, it fell, it went up of new, seated, kneel, acocorada, helping its children, praying, making force, laughing, even, nervously, of ridicule of this tragic situation. Finally it arrived up there pulled one relief sigh; but to the look for children saw that now they were not more the three of it; they were seven not, eight! All so dirty, cover with muded, emplastadas, that she did not give to discover who age who. She did not matter. Now they were all children its. adopted them to it in the hour; as many poor boys Jesus. He looked at for low, under the bridge and saw a spectacle frightful.

Everything Car

It if avizinha. High, esguia, brown. The black, great eyes. The drained, short hair. The gracious floor. The sung voice, sexy: – Everything ' ' jia' '. – How it is, wants supper with me? Keeping the smile of covinhas it acquiesces: – Accepted. It opens the door of the car and it moving with the feminilidade of the charm of the age adentra. the car has left soft. 2 the car parks. – I liked you very, ' ' gata' '. It takes my card. It binds pra me. Tchau. – Tchau! It repeats, looking the lean face, aged. Of coarse traces, thick hair, rentes in the oval skull of the citizen, that smiles and coming back the attention to the glass on the direction, bind the car and have left. The young woman walks. In the practised, requested mind, scenes for ' ' cliente' '. Until when it will be submitted to the humilhao of vender the body, the proper soul? Ah, if it was not to the survival necessity, the sick mother, the small brothers – But, one day I leave this! The empty bank. One sits down. Tiracolo opens the stock market. It removes vidrinho and opening it, leaves the white dust to fall on the coasts of the hand and, bending down itself, it inhales it, to feel itself renewed, ' ' outra' ' , and to face the proper reality. Its steps lead it the next scene. Already then the dawn hugs the beach, the dispersed couples, the cars in lesser number, the high, imponent, modern buildings, of light in varandas and dependences. The figure goes if moving away. It has advanced, suddenly, the imported car stops. The face of the youngster appears and it hears a' ' cantada' ' known: – We go to give one ' ' giro' ' for there, teso of woman? There to the similarity of the animal that it will invest on the canine tooth, it rebolando itself with sensuality, if avizinha. The door if opens, receiving it.