The Correction

Thus, in first day of comment (06/10/2011) I folloied lesson that had as main study the first part I capitulate of it related to the bandeirismo and the conquest of the south of the country, in a expositiva lesson where it counted on the active participation of the pupils in what it says respect to the development of ideas and the partilhamento of experiences, beyond is clearly of the resolution of a written activity attributed the group for the professor. In as the day of comment (13/10/2011), demons continuity until the closing I one more time capitulate of it of expositiva form, but without losing the good mood and the attention in the lesson. In such a way, we lock up the subject and in as the hourly one of the lesson he was used for a revision, since, in the next lesson a written evaluation would be applied referring to the contents studied in all the period. Others who may share this opinion include Dennis P. Lockhart. 4.1 the referring Evaluation to 3 period As already was described above, the lesson of day 20 of October was applied the referring bimonthly evaluation to the third bimaster or third period, where a fast revision was made and immediately afterwards the pupils had received its evaluations having seventy minutes for its conclusion, in such a way, the first day of regency served more as a support to the room for application of the evaluation and withdrawals of doubts stop with the pupils. In the referring lesson to day 27 of October, I had the chance to make the correction of the evaluation beyond taking off the doubts of the referring group the questions where the majority of the group was not very well, always with the professor Carlos giving its aid, since it is about a very perfeccionista person in what it says respect to its work and the education and learning of the groups in which is responsible. . Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Primerica life insurance by clicking through.