The Temperature

In the accumulation process, the loaded particle wind, when diminishing its speed, deposits these materials, thus constituting aeolian deposits, under the form of dunes and loess. (MARINA and RIGOLIN, 2002). Glacial erosion the ice shapes the relief through glaciers gifts in regions of high latitudes and the mountain peaks high. In the regions continental of raised latitudes, with the increase of the temperature in the summer the ice blocks if break up and if they dirigem for the oceans forming itself icebergs. In the peaks of high mountains this ice can slide mountain below, forming glacial valleys. According to MARINA, L; RIGOLIN, T. (2002, P. 63), the erosive force of the ice increases with the fragmentos of rocks that it carries and that it functions as one ' ' lixa' ' on the ground. The glacier goes accumulating and carrying brown or morainas called debris. Fluvial erosion the fluvial erosion is the name given to the erosive work of waters of the rivers that goes to depend on the nature of the rocks, of the declivity of the land and the speed and flow of waters. The rivers that present the valley in V, carry through an erosive work from waters of rains and for the landslide of rocks and ground. Its stream bed is bordered by inclined sources. Cnions is resultant of the erosive action of waters on the s rocks that go excavating them and deepening the riverbed. In regions with ground of sandstone, calcareous rock or shale, cnions is more deep had the rocks if to dissolve with bigger easiness. Maritime erosion the waters of the sea can shape the relief through a constructive and destructive process. The high falsias or coasts, are examples of the work of destruction caused for the waves that when reaching the continent finish consumed the rocky walls in a chemical action and mechanics.

Black Quagmire

To arrive there vocs they had passed for a very dangerous way, mainly for insects that had never walked for there. They will have that to cross the Black Quagmire, and, for its knowledge, you it goes finds the great sapos, the black spiders and many strange birds. All adore to eat insects. If I was vocs I would come back toward house while they are livings creature. They do not go, come back in how much they can. I knew many insects that had escaped of there for little and many that had never come back. _ _ I know exactly of the perigos that we will go to face, thus, do not go to come back, have an objective and go seguiz it. I go to know the Field of the Flowers. _ _ Certain! I do not go to argue. Good luck for vocs. When the praise-the-god already went going even so, he withheld it to Gordon and he asked. _ _ Only plus one coisinha. You said that she knows the place, then, you say which optimum way to me that I must follow. _ _ Yes, I go to say. It always follows the road that is behind of this tree, in front, without shunting line. In the end, looking at for vocs right summer the entrance for the quagmire. There they had found two ways: one that go northward and another one that goes for the south. They catch the way of the south. It does not catch northward way, therefore to become this, will have that to cross a hollow trunk of a tree covered for many plants, fungos and mushrooms. There it is the house of the Negroteca, a black, hunting spider implacable. Following for the road of the south, about one one hundred meters, a small stream, the rapids exists and fort, impossible to cross. However, they capsize for the west and they follow for a sand road some meters and had found the great willow. When arriving at the willow they capsize new for the south and follow straight-line for the great capinzais until the cajueiro. This cajueiro one forms a bridge with its trunk and twigs, for it will be able to cross the stream. When To cross follows straight-line, always straight-line, thus only finds the Field of the Flowers. I wait that vocs they have luck. Until any day. Soon after, the praise-the-god caught flight and disappeared inside of the weeds. Some minutes later, after a rest, Gordon were arisen and caught its bag, followed for Antenor they had given the return in the tree and had followed the way. In how much they walked, Antenor saw many insects and birds to sobrevoarem great trees. Of time in when, a bird settled in the twig and fixed its look in the beetles. Antenor did not take off the eyes of it. The way was crooked, full of high and low. In the way of the afternoon Antenor and Gordon they had arrived at the quagmire.

Red Telephone

Not very often we are preparations to dismiss our children although we know that it is normal that they raise the flight. Especially if they are very young and they decide to go away to study far from house, it costs to fit us to us to the idea of that unexpected independence. For the parents, the preoccupation is great for the children the freedom anxiety goes accompanied of insecurity, but it wants to break chains, or at least to relax them, and to demonstrate to the world that if they can single. If they decide to go away far, already being majors, being professional the loosening feeling is smaller, but equal, enter other factors game, because it worries to us that so frequently we will be able to return to see to us, or to speak at least. And worse if they already have children: As I am going to maintain the contact near and sweet that deserves the grandparents and the grandsons? I want to be there for the important moments, but also she did not want to lose normal and the daily thing to me. In anyone of the cases, the frequency of the communication plays a key factor, since not always it is possible to physically move, by the time and the cost that also implies, but because we want to give them the space to that they went away so that they develop its own life, without feeling that we are controlling or distrusting of its capacities to simply adjust to the new life we want to maintain the contact fresh that they know that we are there for the emergencias, but also for the daily things that want to share with us. For that reason the communication today has the challenge to fulfill several factors: it must be agile, movable, costable and of two routes. We want that the university son knows that he has to us within reach of its movable telephone, where he wants that he is, in case he needs to us, but with the certainty that we can call also it, although does not confess it publicly. Also, we want that the children majors and our grandsons include to us and they have presents to us, at all the moments. Today luckyly there are options, like SKYPE, that allow to communicate almost with any part of the world of very economic form, but better even the option of the RED TELEPHONE, that even today already it is integrating its service with SKYPE, so that any person who is going away to live outside her country, can take a line of Colombia or Venezuela, allowing it to which was had left, to call them to cost of LOCAL call, that it stamps where it wants that our son is. With more than 7 years in the market, the Red Telephone has become a reliable option, that in addition it generates modern, but simple options, allowing to reduce that distance and frustration that appears when a son goes away. we have the proximity sensation at least, although he separates the ocean to us. They would already love my parents to have had this, when I was the one that went so many years ago.