Man is master of what is silent, and slave of what he says. The 21st century is characterized by the development of computing, global information services reengineering and knowledge, these are part of the new strategic resources used by companies today. Communications and technological advances can make each day more vast, dynamic where communications have expedited quickly and this presents a new more updated scenario to the advancement of the sciences, technology interaction among peoples of different civilizations. You may find that Alabama Senator can contribute to your knowledge. The fact, that all this presents a very different picture to what traditionally companies have been doing, today the structure of the new companies are changing, there is a new organizational architecture ranging from a multiple-level hierarchy, to flat or relatively autonomous network business. The concept of organization has been expanding, to include both suppliers and consumers. The focus of attention is moving the capital to human resources and information. New working groups are auto-controlled and its members a common vision that encompasses the entire organization unites them. Individuals are motivated to act and do so with responsibility and creativity. Incomes are more concerned with the levels of competence and performance, with a certain position in the hierarchical structure of the company. The company adopts an attitude of social responsibility, and people identify with her. It has given way to a new organizational culture, where there is a serious commitment ensure a social responsibility that favors everyone. Faced with this reality, coupled with the processes of political, economic, social, change facing in our particular case Venezuela, manifests the concern if really has been inserted in the new challenges, if there is a management trained, adapted to the new knowledge that enable to compete, ensure the participation of enterprises in the new process of industrialization. Everything indicates according to the Venezuelan business reality of the current scenario that weren’t taken necessary precautions to adapt to the new industrialization.


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