EUR Stanislav

Since April 2009 consumers of money cheques founder of the super market service is the writer and entrepreneur Stanislav Bergo. The native Russian worked for a big Austrian supermarket chain from 2000 to 2002 in the years as branch manager. He has his adventures and experiences in his first book, I was married with Billa (the history of Billa Manager’s) written down. You may want to visit Nicholas Carr to increase your knowledge. It is 2006 appeared in the Stanislav Bergo Verlag Vienna soft cover, 318 pages ISBN-10: 3-200-00632-3 price 24,90 EUR). The knowledge gained from his work as a supermarket manager and entrepreneur Stanislav Bergo has incorporated in the concept of the super market service with the offer of free money. His book is”the key to the free money. Consumers experience humor due to the pictorial language with a heavy dose of much of the world of consumption that was previously little known. Free money of checks are against vouchers of trading partners (retailers, discounters, supermarkets, petrol stations, Online-Shops) redeemed. The purchasing power of the money customers is improved by up to 30 percent. There is not free money. The super market service offers its customers for the first purchase of GratisGeld cheques of four variants. A customer receives for 67,80 EUR as a money cheque amounting to 85,00 euros and the book by Stanislav Bergo 24.90 euros worth. This means purchasing power amounting to 109.90 euro. First redeem of a money cheque are to answer three questions about the book. Distributor of Stanislav Bergo publishing will help answer. With his project super market service, Stanislav Bergo wants to build up a marketing pool, which offers customers not only money, but also information and insider knowledge from the world of consumption powered. The super market service is already active in Austria and Germany, other European countries be developed until 2010. The book by Stanislav Bergo is already translated into more languages. Rainer Badboy

Private Jet Flights

iClear handles online payments for from Cologne/Mannheim, may 12 2009 iclear, provider of fiduciary services to pay on the Internet that exclusively handles the online payments of customers. provides private jet charters to companies and individuals. launching its safe iclear payment service on May 12, 2009, in time to the beginning of the largest private aircraft exhibition outside the United States, EBACE in Geneva. The business model is impressive: on a request the customer receives automatically several offers of from various airlines and can compare and choose. Thus conveys private flights at the best price on virtually all places within and outside Europe that have an airport suitable for private jets. Frequently Nicholas Carr has said that publicly. Around 25,000 airports served by the private jets, which are registered with to the flight operator. The services is worth for example for companies, engineers or project groups by plane to send to their customers. Managing Director Georg Breydy: Private jet are our customers much faster on the ground with their travel plans can make significantly more flexible than with scheduled flights. Eliminates waiting times at airports, lengthy check-ins, nights or connecting flights. Often accounts for several days, because a team back on the same day and fly back. This saves time and money.\” In addition, that private jets fly directly to many smaller places, which can be reached only by car or train. From a security standpoint, the flight by private jet is often useful for example if valuable equipment or sensitive documents are carried, that the owners don’t want to leave. He must trust that the baggage not in a private jet.\” Already registered for the mediation of flights across Europe over 120 private jets at You can carry up to 19 passengers quickly, easily and flexibly depending on the size. The number of available jets will be expanded significantly in the short term, such as Georg Breydy \”explains: there is great interest from aircraft operators and potential passengers on our service.\” By the way:, The travel by private jet is often much cheaper than often assumed not rarely the overall travel costs even lower than with alternative means of transport.

Kennedy Space Center

“Exacerbated: the profits for customers enough reason for the staff of and Marketing Director Andrea Civan, not only to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the birth, but to thank the many loyal customers of our company.” Specifically: For six weeks attaches a shopping voucher in the value of six euro each packet that goes to a customer. This coupon is expressly not bound to a minimum. In addition an online sweepstakes in which no eye stays dry runs during the birthday promotion in May and June: first prize winner can a month an Audi R8 4.2 Quattro drive without a doubt of one of the hottest cars, which can be seen on our roads. The race device with 480 HP accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds. And a Catcher is always the dream on four wheels. Author may also support this cause. Guaranteed memorable is also the second prize: a six-day trip for two people to Orlando, Florida, including parabolic flight for one person from the Kennedy Space Center, NASA’s official training camp. While the winner experienced the weightlessness aboard Zero-G Munich. Also, he is loaded with an escort to lunch with an astronaut. Also the third prize is anything but a consolation prize: a week dream holiday on Lanzarote for two persons in the four star resort Los Jameos Playa. The program includes an adventure dive with a marine biologist, do the winner on rubbing shoulders with Ammen – and bamboo sharks, stingrays and many other sea creatures. The birthday contest is available at. Closing date for entries is 23 June 2009 Note to the Editor: printable image material for this message and a logo by is available for download at About is one of the largest European trade discount stores for consumer electronics, white goods, computers, photo article and sports equipment on the Internet. Headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany was founded in 2003 and has now developed into to the second-largest online specialty mail order companies for consumer electronics in Germany. A huge selection of excellent, up-to-date products, excellent prices and a shop – and logistics concept that leaves hardly a customer are basis for this success. Up to two million Internet users and more visit every month the shop, Europe is one of German redcoon monthly far beyond four million Internet visitors. On average, sent the company up to 140,000 products every month and WINS every day around 2,000 new customers. is currently active in eight European countries with its own online shops, other countries will follow soon. Reiner Heckel is the founder and CEO of Press contact: GmbH Andrea Civan marketing Tel.: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-201 fax: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-200 E-mail: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 D-72124 Pliezhausen Tel.: + 49 (0) 7127 / 5707-10 E-mail:

Lasting Success

Marketing – many roads lead to Rome… If you have read about Fundrise already – you may have come to the same conclusion. but for the sustained success of an organization, there is only one way: careful strategic planning, followed by concentrated, consistent and controlled implementation. If you’re not planning loses ‘ formulated 2007 the portal and a joint study by Steria Mummert consulting with WIrtschaftsWoche-online (according to Internet information) noted that more than 40% of the German company put relatively little emphasis on strategic planning. One of the secrets why many companies generate first generally better sales and second are far less vulnerable in the crisis than the plan-less is precisely ‘. What is it about? Every company needs an alignment, a goal to which all employees can orient. This involves both the product statement as such, as well as the financial objectives, market / customer objectives, the various distribution channels, etc. This orientation ‘ needs by management at any time and everywhere lived before and convincing be presented, this is also the employees (everyone is a changing marketing column ‘!) so can identify. Albert Einstein said: imagination is more important than the knowledge must therefore be ensured that on the one hand all information about the may (= imagination/creativity!) to be supplied – global – markets exist, but also the knowledge of all the employees whether currently existing (core) competencies already in use, or is not current, it be mentality knowledge, special technical or commercial skills, language skills, etc. This information for the markets already supplied, in conjunction with the open (almost) any company to be able to operate additional opportunities in other market segments. Thus, this knowledge forms the basis for a plan B’, if the shops in the previously supplied markets take off or to the company as a whole on a wider Base to make. Of the existing capabilities of the company and its employees should a company-specific fingerprint ‘ to be developed, which the company itself from direct competitors (often even much!) is different.

Recommendation Marketing

Marketing is more than ‘easy sell’. Marketing is expressed in a very specific ways of thinking and attitude. In all business activities, it is to go out of the market and the customers. It uses the marketing of different instruments and techniques. Hear from experts in the field like Dan Miller for a more varied view. This includes also the referral marketing. The term recommendation marketing is ultimately just another term for mouth-to mouth\”, which means that new customers are being obtained recommendations by fleet customers. But the referral marketing has some significant advantages. Most important advantage is that a personally spoken recommendation is a very high priority and while at the same time very credible sounds, already a product or a service to an acquaintance or a friend who would recommend which is not convinced? The second very important advantage is that referral marketing is no cost and as a further positive side effect recommendation marketing not only leads to new customers, but binds even the existing customers, who through their Recommendation to signal that they are extremely satisfied with the products or services. This by no means is the referral marketing based on coincidences or can be achieved only with the request to recommend the company if the customer was satisfied. So here are some tips for a successful referral marketing: Not only convince, but delight in most cases things enough to surprise a client positively and its requirements not only to meet, but to exceed his expectations even. This can be achieved by, for example, a range is created on the same day by the editing is completed faster than advertised or ordered goods or questions and inquiries are delivered ahead or answered. Includes also personal contacts be made friendly and pleasant, the conversation so remains especially positive memories. Ask for a focused referral marketing it is important to know whether a customer to a Recommendation would be ready and, if so, for what reasons.

Numerous Guests

New photo exhibition in the foyer of City Hall within the framework of the market the crops for the market of cultures on Saturday, May 16, 2009 expected Mayor Markus Ulbig to numerous guests of honour: Consul General Katherine Brucker, U.S. Consulate General Leipzig Consul Vladimir Krnavek, Czech General Consulate in Dresden district Michael Geisler (district Saxon Switzerland-Osterzgebirge) from the Czech partner city of Decin: Danuse Bednarova (head of unit school & culture) and Sonja Kapicova (project coordinator / cultural management) from the French partner town of Longuyon”: Gilbert Leroy (head of tourist service), as a representative of the Mayor’s Mersch, and Michele Robert (international relations) from the Polish partner city Boleslawiec: Eugenia Wolska, chairwoman of the teacher community”Carpe Diem”program: approx. 13:30: opening of the photo exhibition people in Europe on the way” in the foyer of City Hall by Mayor Markus Ulbig in the presence of guests of honour (see below information on the exhibition) about 13:45 clock: welcome the Guests of honor on the stage of the Festival and official opening of the market of cultures by Mayor Ulbig and his guests. “Tour of the marketplace with visiting the booths (until approx. 15:30) photographic exhibition people in Europe on the way” the exhibition “People in Europe on the way” was created in connection with the planning of the EuropHalle of the German Protestant Kirchentag 2007 in Cologne. The title of the Hall is “Europe in the world” and is intended to reflect in Sibiu/Hermannstadt/Sibiu in September 2007 to the 3rd European Ecumenical Assembly. As Wegemarkierung between stations on this route, for representing the marketplaces are Rome, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Sibiu/Hermannstadt, partnership Hannover launched starting the Club global this photo exhibition in the life. The large-format images of the photographer Iris Klopper show people everywhere in Europe on the way are and that figuratively for it, that Europe moves and there is movement in Europe. “With the title people in Europe on the way” the artist on the one hand symbolizes the diversity of cultures, which are based in Europe and at the same time as Europe by just is these people on the road to peace, justice and tolerance. The photo exhibition is touring through Germany and European neighbouring countries and would like to be a contribution to the European year of dialogue of civilizations and thus also the religions. Sebastian Reissig

Federal Association

Training and further education institution provides wide range of staff and external participants / modern teaching / training for airport security Essen. The training and further education institution of the KoTTER of Group of companies in the KoTTER Academy, celebrates its tenth anniversary. Specifically, the increasing safety requirements, but also the diverse individual customer requirements in the areas of security (security services and technology, money & evaluation services), cleaning (industrial cleaning, etc.) and personal service (such as temporary work for industrial and commercial professions) make indispensable a targeted education and training. The methodical didactic concepts are tailored to the specific teaching and learning groups. The training be carried out using state of the art testing and training software. The education includes a wide range of performance today. As the nationwide active Kal assumes Academy for example the training of air security assistants, among others at Dusseldorf Airport on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Police for the passenger and baggage checks (in accordance with 5 air security law) are responsible. More training programmes are about the training to the proven protection and security force or the master for protection and security. However, the education and training aims not only to its own forces. Rather companies or public bodies rely also on the deals, to make train employees, for example, in Deeskalations – intervention techniques or fire and building evacuation. Just these special offers gain increasing importance. In addition to the relevance of their own company, the educational institution gave important impulses for the security industry. Examples are the education professions introduced in recent years as a worker for protection and security (three-year training) or to the service force for safety and security (two year program), which was involved in the KoTTER leading Academy. Together with the KoTTER saved personal service in addition the training logistics on the way brought to the Assistant. Will qualify for the sectors of logistics and trade candidates including with material handling, picking, goods as well as use of special transport equipment and materials familiar. They are also trained in labour and environmental protection. It remains not only in theory: apply the knowledge in an internship, which will be completed with companies in the region. The Academy is recognized as a security specialist school by the Federal Association of German guard and security company (BDWS) and has the certification as vocational education and training according to AZWV (recognition and approval regulation training). So continue to partner for the implementation of Government-sponsored training Academy is the Kal. For KoTTER services the Academy’s birthday is a double anniversary: the group itself celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Contact: 0201/2788-388; E-Mail:;

Viral Marketing Campaign

New optivel AG optivel AG which has tourism Maker a few days ago their humorous online marketing campaign launched: users can create their own personal front page of a fun newspaper and accidentally send it, with an appropriate headline and corresponding images, even to friends and acquaintances. Sandra caught snuggling”or Peter” naked on the beach are just Crown some of the headlines used by the users who provided humorous journey with an appropriate image the title page of the generated newspaper under / fun_zeitung, which can then be sent to friends and acquaintances. Is a selection of images available for implementation, but also your own material can be used. Even the title of the newspaper can be set. There you have to look twice, to realize that everything is funny. At first glance you think when you open the file of Oops, how come I there?””, so Alexander Kretzschmar, Managing Director of optivel AG. Although our first fun newspaper for nearly 10 days in the Web courses, we have already 5,000 users on the day. This number is growing since the beginning of the campaign from day to day, which is almost like a virus. “We are surprised about this success.” The optivel AG advertises with the fun paper your travel portal and currently with this extraordinary action ensures a sensation on the Internet. Connect with other leaders such as Federal Reserve Bank here. More information about the optivel AG and the travel websites available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: of press compartments/optivel contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Alexander Kretzschmar (Managing Director) headquarter of optivel AG – tourism maker Bahnhofstrasse 52, CH-8001 Zurich phone: + 41 (0) 44 214 67 15 fax: + 41 (0) 44 214 65 19 E-Mail: Internet: branch Germany of optivel AG – tourism maker Alexandre str. 32 D-40210 Dusseldorf Phone: + 49 (0) 211 520 99 78 fax: + 49 (0) 211 520 99 79 E-Mail: Internet: PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about optivel AG: the optivel AG – tourism was maker headquartered in Zurich and Dusseldorf in April 2008 as-based tourism company for the sale of travel products, as well as for the production of Internet distribution systems and applications founded in the B2B and B2C area for tourism. The optivel AG aims to be the world’s best and fairest tourism company. More information about the optivel AG are available in the Internet at.

Managing Director Rainer Colignon

Reorganization as GmbH with new Managing Director Rainer Colignon in response to strong growth with the spatial and organisational change for renowned organisers of safety, outdoor and survival training responds to the demand after his events. The aim is a greater market presence, the expansion of the range and optimal coverage of the entire national territory with events and actions. We can much more flexible respond to requests from companies from all over Germany, Austria and the Switzerland through the reorganization and the magnification of the team, acting in different direction and be close to our customers”, explains PAS TEAM founder and head coach Joachim von Hippel. Of course remains the site with its event areas in Bad Kissingen Munnerstadt and boars still exist, there are but also more locations planned nationwide and in the neighbouring countries, where we realistically stage our safety training and the outdoor and team training by not so far existing geographical conditions richer action can make.” The PAS TEAM founded in the year 2003, specializes working in war zones and crisis areas, as well as on Manager training, inter alia on the preparation by journalists, aid organizations and employees of international of companies. Also include outdoor and survival events for individuals, groups, and children to the Repertoire of the company, which focuses on the experience of nature, the proper handling of natural resources and the cooperation within the team. The PAS TEAM emerged reports on television, radio and newspapers, as well as by the professionalism of the trainer team due to his notoriety through a variety as one of the most prestigious in its field. I look forward to lift the company through the expansion of the presence, of the team, the services and the geographical coverage to the next level”, says Rainer Colignon, Managing Director of PAS-TEAM GmbH. About PAS-TEAM GmbH POWER, ACTION and SURVIVAL – this Terms have an important meaning for the PAS TEAM: POWER stands for the will, the power and the methodical possibilities of the training team, to convey the contents of the training. ACTION is for the training of the seminar participants, in which there are no idle periods, but skills are taught by experience-oriented education. SURVIVAL is survival in nature; the course participant is prepared optimally on his responsibilities in life and in work. “Because survival in nature” means to learn from nature for life. The PAS TEAM includes risk assessment training, outdoor training and events and incentives, which are individually assembled according to need. The trainer of established 2003 PAS TEAM are active and former Sergeant and officers of the Bundeswehr and the NATO forces. They all come from associations of elite units and details and were and are used in leading positions and responsibilities in crisis and war-torn areas. Every coach has many years Experience, one or more courses of lone national or international passed and has a pedagogical education. Contact: PAS-TEAM GmbH at the sunken road 17-19 D-56368 Katzenelnbogen phone: + 49 (0) 64 86 / 91 41 – 15 fax: + 49 (0) 64 86 / 91 41 – 70 contact: Joachim von Hippel mobile: + 49 (0) 175 / 6 71 14 66 E-Mail: Web:

Custommade Wedding Dresses

A tailor-made wedding dress from 159,00 EUR the innovative offer of the company Kleiderfeuden have you ever dreamed of to custom tailor a wedding dress for your most important day of your life? A dress that you perfectly, and that was tailored exactly according to your wishes and needs? Many women dream to get married in a custom-made, but only the least afford this luxury itself. So far happened, because now there is a new trend in fashion of bridal sector, which falls over the fashion world. So far, didn’t they marriage intentions in a conventional brow salon and was there looking for a suitable wedding dress. Often ran these events but more frustrating than satisfying. The bride had a certain idea of your wedding dress in mind and was just a dress, that corresponded to your liking. Then usually an alternative dress was purchased. annoying even if you later change the desire dress was dropped because it simply did not fit. Particularly annoying when one unusual dimensions had proportions and a dress off the rack did not come into question. Many women know these difficulties and many women will be helped now. I’m glad that there is now a whole new trend in terms of wedding dress. Can just tailor your personal dream dress custom made. You think that this is too expensive? We can reassure you. The prices are what is special about this trend. Often, you pay a fraction of Salon prices for this purpose. Surprised? The company dress delights specializes in the custom made bridal and evening wear. It offers a wide range of bridal gowns, all of which can be tailored according to your measurements. You can also help decide what color you want to have it, or change other odds and ends. And the best: If you find a dress for themselves in the collection, a unique dress tailors you dress delights according to your own design!So far, the collections only via the Internet are available, but in the late summer dress delights opened the first Salon in Nienburg on the river Weser. Look simply times past under. It offers a wide selection of bridal and evening wear. Also dress delights has many accessories around the theme of celebrate and marry prepared for you. No wishes remain open by the veil up to the upper. Dress delights looks forward to your visit.