The 2 Processes Of Sale By Internet

Internet marketing there is the sales process by internet this involves a: visitor prospect customer good will is a person who passes by different status and is the process of selling online in the is the: sale of 1 step (letter of sale) sale of 3 steps (E-mail Marketing) process of sale of 1 step will explain the process of sale of 1 step and this is just the letter sales i.e. is a page or web site where is the letter of sale where contains written information, can be video, can be an audio of any item and that at the end of the page a payment button is located. This is that first reach the visitors through the generation of traffic to the letter of sale and it may be a product of affiliate or a product itself that you’re promoting now read the information that is in the sales letter and if they are interested they buy and leave customers here to this type of people are known with the name of buyers for momentum and this is a form of internet sales process but you have a conversion rate that is not recommended because it has to have a lot of traffic towards the website or page capture in order to obtain customers and revenue. Sale of 3 steps here in this process is where: one page capture. Converted to prospects. They pass to the sales letter and become customers. This is an automated system and right now I explain it because. Here comes the visitor passes to the page capture register and creates a list and converted to prospects now we communicate with 7 to 10 times to make a sale, we communicate by the through an AutoReply and need to automate it and systematize i.e. schedule messages, now come a la carte sales prospects and buy and become customers. These are the process of sale by internet 1 step and 3 steps that are used to earn income based on this but in reality the most used and recommended is via E-mail Marketing that you get great results if you know what systematize and automate it.

Innovation On The Art Market

Stylish wall paintings show now, which has beaten the clock. The Overather artist Hubertus Reuber, who has made himself known with creative and multi-piece murals of a wider public, offers his works on request now also with integrated, functional analogue. The dials are harmoniously integrated into the overall artistic expression and give the images an additional functional depth. Overath. In many areas, they are easy to are no longer from the wall: painting large-format, which are dominated and often adorned with more or less meaningful mottoes by a distinctive color. Hardly a representative office, modern loft or trendy living room has still no such impressive eye-catcher, which similarly often distribute their visual effect like a medieval triptych on several segments. (Not to be confused with US Treasury Secretart!). In the economy, this art form has established itself as a corporate type. But these murals are full for many individuals on the height Time. Speaking of time: one who devotes himself to the painting of the murals with special devotion, is the living near Cologne artist Hubertus Reuber. And he gives a striking sense of time these altarpieces of the modern now. Literally: but now even tasteful dials can be inserted in his creations. Clock works with an art form as any second Hubertus Reuber has created a completely independent Mural art form his idea. See Air Force Chief of Staff for more details and insights. In a sense clock works in a hitherto unknown interpretation of the term. As it came out, the artist explains: the fine and the watchmaking fascination an equally large has always been for me. After I successes since a long time with my murals, I came up with the idea: why do you connect both areas of interest with each other? My clock images have been out. Bribed Hubertus Reubers color creations even without built-in timer through their timeless appeal, so win the murals by providing accurate time on creative and functional depth.

Numerous Guests

New photo exhibition in the foyer of City Hall within the framework of the market the crops for the market of cultures on Saturday, May 16, 2009 expected Mayor Markus Ulbig to numerous guests of honour: Consul General Katherine Brucker, U.S. Consulate General Leipzig Consul Vladimir Krnavek, Czech General Consulate in Dresden district Michael Geisler (district Saxon Switzerland-Osterzgebirge) from the Czech partner city of Decin: Danuse Bednarova (head of unit school & culture) and Sonja Kapicova (project coordinator / cultural management) from the French partner town of Longuyon”: Gilbert Leroy (head of tourist service), as a representative of the Mayor’s Mersch, and Michele Robert (international relations) from the Polish partner city Boleslawiec: Eugenia Wolska, chairwoman of the teacher community”Carpe Diem”program: approx. 13:30: opening of the photo exhibition people in Europe on the way” in the foyer of City Hall by Mayor Markus Ulbig in the presence of guests of honour (see below information on the exhibition) about 13:45 clock: welcome the Guests of honor on the stage of the Festival and official opening of the market of cultures by Mayor Ulbig and his guests. “Tour of the marketplace with visiting the booths (until approx. 15:30) photographic exhibition people in Europe on the way” the exhibition “People in Europe on the way” was created in connection with the planning of the EuropHalle of the German Protestant Kirchentag 2007 in Cologne. The title of the Hall is “Europe in the world” and is intended to reflect in Sibiu/Hermannstadt/Sibiu in September 2007 to the 3rd European Ecumenical Assembly. As Wegemarkierung between stations on this route, for representing the marketplaces are Rome, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Sibiu/Hermannstadt, partnership Hannover launched starting the Club global this photo exhibition in the life. The large-format images of the photographer Iris Klopper show people everywhere in Europe on the way are and that figuratively for it, that Europe moves and there is movement in Europe. “With the title people in Europe on the way” the artist on the one hand symbolizes the diversity of cultures, which are based in Europe and at the same time as Europe by just is these people on the road to peace, justice and tolerance. The photo exhibition is touring through Germany and European neighbouring countries and would like to be a contribution to the European year of dialogue of civilizations and thus also the religions. Sebastian Reissig

Prime Minister

Life is not waiting on any part, is happening to you. It is not in the future as a goal that has to achieve, is here and now, at this very moment, breathing, into the our blood circulation, in the beating of your heart. Whatever you are is your life and if we start to look for meanings elsewhere, we will lose it. Life itself is a blank canvas, it becomes anything that you paint in it. You can paint unhappiness, you paint happiness for me, is the first Foundation of life meditation, Osho points out. Everything else is secondary. Life should be a search. Not a desire, but a search; not an ambition of becoming this or the other, the President of a country or a Prime Minister, but a search to discover: who am I? Life should be a continuous celebration, a festival of lights throughout the year. Only then you can grow, you can flourish. Transforms the small things in celebration. You will die without any advantageous information, no set time or date. Once killed you can not complain, and before birth will not ningu8na part should ask who her life want to be born or not? So what one has in their hands solid and real is only this moment, only this time can act smart or clumsily, in other words, in which you can be a person of meditation or a mediocre keep in mind we are told, that if one constantly uses his eyes to see things nearfor example if one reads incessantly, it becomes short sight because an excess of near vision fixed eye mechanism. For that when you want to see a distant star, can’t see it because the mechanism is stuck. It is not flexible. Same thing happens in the interior: because we have been looking abroad continuously, during life, the mechanism has been fixed and we can not look inward.


He knows that by the stranger metonimia of the dreams has received a message of very same arcngel Gabriel who in all the iconography does not seem to have worked another thing that white irises. Artemidoro asserted that a same dream can have different meaning in two different people. And it sets out the example to dream about a donkey (something that only exceptionally could happen to us now that we have mechanical means of transport) if dreams a wise person is of good augury because the donkey does not accept orders nor suggestions easily; but it dreams a matron is abiertamente hostile and critical since it is suggesting to him its intelligence is doubtful. Contemporary authors criticize in Artemidoro their little repertoire of meaning for each dream; I dissent: I have read that to seven gravid that they dreamed that they gave birth a dragoon gave seven answers them different, one for each pregnant woman taking care of its condition, the schedule in which dreamed, the temperament of the husband and until the climate. Much more poor it is in my opinion the catalogue freudiano that all reduces and penises to it, vulvas, sex and incesto. The onirocrtica required specialists, for that reason in each temple of the Hlade was an initiate in the onricos mysteries that business with exclusive feature took care of like which it had the temple Aslepios in Epidauro where the patients lay down to incubate the dream in abaton. The word to incubate comes from the Greek will incubate that it means to sleep in the temple ; in best of the cases the patient it cured by means of the Epiphany of Aslepios that appeared to him in dreams or when dozing, in the old form of a venerable one, or in his metamorphosis of viper, eagle or dog. Anyone could upon maturity be admitted except dying and gravid, since as much the death as the birth was considered impurities of which there were to preserve to the sacred enclosure.