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BeRuby is a portal that shares its income from advertising with its users, paying them by visiting pages, register or make purchases on the Internet. I do not intend to explain what is Beruby, since there is much information on their official website and there are plenty of websites talking about the topic.In this article I would like to offer some recommendations for which go to register or already registered and want to know how to increase your winnings and start earning money with BeRuby. To earn money on the Internet with BeRuby, like all systems of pay per click, registration, receive emails, etc, is very important to get referrals, since it is what will give you long term benefits. The best way to get more referrals is part of a chain of referrals of BeRuby, so if you are going to register, do so as a member of a string. If you are already registered and don’t have many referrals, may also interest you cancel your current account and sign up again as a member of a chain of referrals. Once you’ve registered, see the explanatory video. For even more opinions, read materials from Brooklyn Commons. You You will see how BeRuby and only by seeing it give you 1 euro. Visit every day the pages that pay per visit. In your homepage BeRuby, menu advertisers-> pay per visit you can see the list of advertisers that pay simply by visiting your page. They usually pay 0.01 per visit, but if you visit them every day they add enough balance to your account. Register at all possible pages that pay for registration. In your homepage BeRuby, menu advertisers-> paid by registry we can see the list of advertisers who pay to register on your site. To be informed of new advertisers included in BeRuby, it is advisable to visit the Blog BeRuby daily, and also give 0.01. Try to use Yahoo as a search engine. Using the Yahoo search from BeRuby wins a certain amount for each search. Already is that we like most other search engine, but this pays us if you do any online purchase, first look at whether you can do it in any of the pages that pay for purchase. It is obvious, if you’re going to buy something, better if you compensate with a portion of what you spend. I use especially when searching for airline tickets, hotels and tickets to shows. And again, make the maximum number of referrals. Ultimately, it is what can make you earn money in BeRuby. A good way to get more referrals is to use social networks. You can send your registration link to your friends from Facebook, tuenti, etc so register as referrals yours.

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