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Fresh gloss on old substance: population and building boom in Leipzig, demand rises, supply side economics and the quality of advice are significantly a number new qualified employees and employees to meet the high standards of advice the renowned company to their customers in the future even better. Especially the locally and regionally steadily growing demand is crucial for attractive monument real estate in major German cities. The Berlin experts focus however on Leipzig. Managing Director Andreas Schrobback said: Leipzig to Berlin is our most important and ergiebigster market. Our local monument-renovated residential real estate offer is excellent as well as the demand, which has evolved very positively Yes since the beginning of the international financial and real estate crisis in the safe Germany. In Leipzig, we find these signals very clearly.” With the increased requests of solvent customers from home and abroad, naturally also the consulting intensity increases by the company at a high level want to be mastered. Dennis Lockhart recognizes the significance of this. The demand for renovated grade II listed residential real estate in Germany is unbroken. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nicholas Carr. Especially in old cities such as Leipzig, which recently appointed a panel of experts even the architectural capital of the Eastern Federal States, romp about the investors, developers and brokers. The city has a comparatively high building inventory, because she largely spared when compared to other German cities during the second world war by large-scale destruction. And: Leipzig is booming in the construction process as well as in the development of its population. After the dramatic exit in the 1990s people in the traditional city of trade fairs stream for several years again, to settle down and set up. The population has not yet reached the level of 1989, but the trend is steadily and as well as constantly also the demand for sophisticated living room. Listed real estate are highly in favor of the current in the course, come most of the new Leipzig business in the city, have usually a future-proof job and also have the necessary income to live comfortably in good locations. “Schrobback: investigations show that up to ninety percent of the German population would today prefer living in renovated and well-kept old buildings the life in a modern, but very functional, and thus also impersonal housing architecture.” For more information,

West German Academy

In early March 2008, the job market is online. So far 131 job offers from companies and agencies. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro. In early March 2008, the job market is online. So far 131 job offers from companies and agencies. We are looking for mainly interns, trainees, online editors, Manager advertising, developers and project managers. The job exchange of the CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. is reflected not only the needs of the industry, it serves also as an information pool of the former students who would professionally reorient. Of the sites must be said, that the job market is a promising communication portal for skilled workers in the advertising industry. The job board only for members of the non-profit association was accessible until March 2008. Now the only requirement for the use of the job market is that the job offer refers to the field of advertising, communications and marketing. More and more often it happens also that former students, who after their studies independently made himself have your staff about the CTE job market. What they especially appreciate is the practical and in-depth training, eventually learned. And the job market’s success speaks for itself: 131 jobs in just two and a half months. Press contact: Brigitte Abels CTE – West German Academy for communication e.

Managing Director Thomas Holub

The fresh international boat portal for new and used boats in my boat 24! A new, fresh boat Portal is now online. Extensive added value for providers and clients wide range of used boats, sailing boats and motor boats brings fresh wind in the boat market. The new international portal for boat set sail and is now online. Used and new boats can be offered quickly on this appealing Internet platform. In addition to private providers, also renowned boat dealers adjust their offers there. The foldable used catamaran for 500 euros to the PS strong and comfortable motor yachts for 5,000,000 euros, everyone can meet here is the dream of your own boat is. offers many advantages to the customer. Our concept is to give real added value not only boats for sale offer, but the interested parties and the party”explains the Managing Director Thomas Holub. The services range from the best advertising of boats advertised on search engines up to professional translation the offer text in different languages. Thus the sales chances on the international boat market enormously. Up to ten pictures can be made online by new or used boats. For those interested, this is beneficial, because he can inform yourself in detail about his potential dream boat. In turn, the seller has the opportunity to present the merits of its offer perfectly and individually. Finally, each boat is different. The first three months are free of charge for commercial providers. But it is the my boat 24 what the boat dealers on this Internet portal to appreciate not only the moderate prices. From the outset, we have taken on an uncomplicated handling”executes Thomas Holub. Within a minute, you can create an acceptable offer to sell. There no computer skills are necessary. Many dealers who advertise on use the service of linking the offer to your website. It is almost impossible to misuse through a secure area of the provider. The prices of my Boat24 are transparent and to understand. For this, a fair equivalent is available to advertisers. A small but fine gimmick is the HP/kW calculator on this International Portal of the boat. Just enter a number of performance and already is it accordingly converted. It is attractive to the large spectrum of the online set sail and motor boats. The dinghy for one person finds here as well a place, such as the fast and luxurious sailing yacht. Exactly as it behaves on the powerboat sector. My Boat24 provides an appropriate platform for every purpose and budget. The individual claims on a boat can be entered with a user-friendly search interface. It was never easy to find his dream boat or to successfully sell a boat. ISP-MUC T.

Aachen Marketplace Announce Partnership

free auctions and Classifieds PushThePrice and aachen marketplace announce partnership Aachen and Mainz, March 28, 2008 – the portal for Internet business aachen market place ( and the free auction house for auctions-PushThePrice ( announce a comprehensive and long-lasting partnership. Aachen marketplace operates a marketplace for listings as well as a trade book, a guide and a Club Directory for the Aachen region and provides regional news and information. PushThePrice is an auction house for so-called reverse auction, the principle is also known as the craftsman auction or tender. A user who searches for a product or would like to provide a service in order, opened an auction. As a starting price, he enters the maximum price he wants to pay. The tenderer who submits the lowest bid, has been awarded the bid and win the auction. Author helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. \”So is the motto: who has less?\” Both Internet services, PushThePrice and aachen marketplace, have in common that the page for the user is free to use and both websites specialising in the teaching of e-commerce. While at aachen Marketplace listings primarily for sales be set there PushThePrice only wanted to buy (auctions). Thus both services complement each other optimally. Information about PushThePrice: PushThePrice limited develops and operates the free auction house for auctions on the Internet. Managing Director is Thomas Michels, Dipl.-Informatiker (FH). In contrast to traditional auction houses, PushThePrice is based on the principle of a reverse auction (reverse auction). Not the seller of the goods opened an auction, but the user who wants to buy these goods. The lowest bid wins the contract, seller is the motto: who has less. Partners: In addition to aachen marketplace many large companies belong to the Partner network the PushThePrice joined, including Amazon, Kelkoo, BuyCentral, ESPRIT, Karstadt, Medion, Tchibo and many more businesses and small traders. Statistics: The number of auctions is growing every day, and clearly shows the growing interest of users.

Mail Marketing

A major reason for declining open rates lies in the expectation of disappointment of the receiver: A false promise in the subject line but once leads to high open rates, but the price is the loss of credibility. Optical quality: A newsletter must be represented fully no matter what browser or E-Mail client uses the customer. Unfortunately many things, what still beautiful and clearly looked on your own computer, can arrive at the customer as completely destroyed fragment, which of course itself will be deleted. Therefore care must be taken when programming the correct presentation in different email clients less is often more. Dan Miller contains valuable tech resources. The excessive use of images and text effects is also to avoid sensory overload from the actual content of distracting and unprofessional acts. Mass is not the same quality class instead of mass that is especially true for email campaigns. Sending a newsletter should only take place, if there is really to report something new a special offer, a new collection or similar. Just in email marketing, where shipping costs are extremely low, is tempting, to make up for by mass, what is lacking in content. Thats the wrong strategy in the long run with security: when the customer once bored, he might no longer opens the newsletter of this sender’s next time. Who has less content, should send so rather rare, high-quality content but, rather than to annoy the customers every week with meager emails. The keywords for successful E-Mail Marketing hot so technical know-how and content variations depending on customer interest and product features. Only who offers what, rewarded also by high opening and response rates on interesting crafted E-mailings.

United Arab Emirates

Online interviews in Brazil and Mexico Dubai, 02.04.2009: 42 market research firm market research offers now online interviews in Brazil and Mexico and thus further expanding its leading position in the online market research for the healthcare sector. Fundrise is full of insight into the issues. The 42 market research online panels in Brazil and Mexico cover the entire spectrum of the health care professions. The range of doctors and dentists to pharmacists, medical technicians, nurses and opticians. Online surveys, online focus groups and online monitors on all health-related topics such as E.g. market analysis, product concept tests, patient diaries and sales appraisals are offered in two new markets. Latin America conducted market research in the healthcare sector, primarily with the face-to-face method”explains Wolfgang Sabathil, Managing Director of 42 market research. Now, pharmaceutical research in the growth markets, Brazil and Mexico, can benefit from the advantages of online market research. The “Return rate of our first pilot projects was very positive and shows clearly how much the interest of Brazilian and Mexican decision makers in health care on an active participation in our online surveys is.” 42 market research continues its global expansion with the range of market research services in the Brazilian and Mexican markets. Since its inception in 2002 the company has carried out successfully online market research projects in the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, of Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. About 42 market research 42 market research is an independent, internationally active full-service research firm for the health care system. Online surveys, online focus groups and online monitors are worldwide with physicians, dentists, pharmacists, opticians, technicians, nurses and other occupational groups of the Carried out health care concerning their experiences and opinions about health-related topics. 42 market research clients are pharmaceutical companies, other market research companies, biotechnology companies, manufacturers of medical devices, health ministries as well as other companies and organizations from the health care sector.