MBA Info Session

Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation, general management MBA on June 18, 2009 present the continuing education center of the TU Vienna and its cooperation partners in the framework of an information session the postgraduate master programs general management MBA, professional MBA Entrepreneurship and innovation. Go to James Chappuis MD for more information. When this event is Univ.Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, on pages of our cooperation partner WU present course Director Vienna, the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation in English language. Univ.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aussenegg, course Director TU Vienna, will then the General management MBA, offered in cooperation with the Danube-University Krems, on German present. Furthermore, candidates on both courses will report about their experiences and stand together with the course management and program management for substantive and organizational questions. Date: Thursday, 18 June 2009 at 18:00 place: Technical University of Vienna, Institute of Management Sciences Theresianumgasse 27, 1st floor, HS 1 1040 Vienna we look forward to welcoming you at the information session and seek registration under or. For more information about the MBA programs, see or contact: Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation: Technical University of Vienna continuing education center MMag. Annemarie Hartlieb Operngasse 11/017 1040 Wien T: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41701 E: general management MBA: Technical University Vienna, Danube University Krems continuing education center business school like. Sabine Schnetzinger Andrea Holtl, MBA MES Opera lane of 11/017 Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Strasse 30 1040 Vienna 3500 Krems T: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41701 T: + 43 (0) 2273 893-2123 E: E:

Distance Learning Course

Flexible and part-time for the market of the future 2010 already over 387,000 people with a distance learning course or distance learning qualify according to carried out distance learning statistics 2010 formed by the Trade Association Forum DistancE learning in the year continued. This means a rise of two percent compared to the previous year. In the five-year comparison, the industry has even an increase of 25 percent. The academic learning, so the acquisition of University financial statements in the form of distance learning, is estimated as a boom sector”. Also extends benefits of distance learning to experience the education system of the German College for prevention and health management (DHfPG) combines distance learning with compact presence phases in regional study centres. At the Bachelor’s degree, a training is integrated in addition. This flexible study system gives direct competence as the students from the outset on practical experience gain. In the distance learning with didactic specially prepared study materials and support by Remote teacher mediated content is implemented by experienced lecturers in the attendance periods and deepened. The federally recognized DHfPG are four Bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degree programmes in the market of the future prevention, fitness and health available. It’s believed that Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen sees a great future in this idea. Due to the special focus of the College on the subjects movement, nutrition and relaxation, as well as the management of fitness, leisure and healthcare companies, interesting career and future opportunities opening up for graduates. According to the Federal Statistical Office, so many students like never at German universities were enrolled last winter semester. How it looks on the State-approved DHfPG? Prof. Dr. Bernhard Allmann from the German school of prevention and health management puts it in a nutshell: our College is in the fortunate position to have enough undergraduate places at nationwide study centres. Even when our master studies there is no limit for places.” German College for prevention and health management, Saarbrucken

Economic Shortages

Just in economically tough times difficult to remedy the situation at Personalengassen an attractive economy brings whatever personal problems. Personnel is required, the candidate market is swept up empty, the order books are full, lacks qualified staff to fulfill the orders. Therefore, the HR departments of companies are busy finding appropriate candidates to give up abroad, to sift documents and to conclude work contracts often with swabs with regard to the qualifications of the required personnel. Lark New York may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Many companies hire in such cases personnel service provider, time or temporary work agencies or recruiters. Often it happens but that also the authorized recruitment agency able to not want staff to the required time. Lark New York will not settle for partial explanations. Therefore, a time – and cost-intensive search begins after personnel service providers, which in time can make any but appropriate staff available. There will be Calls made, negotiated rates or commissions, spotted profiles etc. starts right here. is the Internet platform on the staffing companies and recruiters access to a pool of job-seekers can switch jobs and receive online requests from client companies. At the same time profiles or use free permanent staff in the databases can entered by and provided so interested client companies for direct inspection available. Client companies can put their staff request one or many personnel service providers online and save yourself so intensive searches and time-consuming inquiry and hearing calls. At the same time can be searched in the database usage-free personnel by temporary employment agencies or available candidates from recruitment agencies. Fast response times are guaranteed by the use of in times of staff shortages. Job seekers will find current jobs by personnel service providers and can be directly online at apply for advertised jobs. After the application is a proof to the active search of work then”print, can be presented with the offices. is so far the only Internet portal in Germany, that aligns the interests of all groups of users on a single website.

Kaltenbach Training Presents New CEO Ralph Guttenberger

Kaltenbach training is an event manager and seller on the new year and presents its new, second Managing Director. Winner of the day after tomorrow”so is the title of a power tags, which the technical sales specialist training and consultancy Kaltenbach training held on 30 January in Wurzburg. Tracked with the event Kaltenbach training according to company owner Walter Kaltenbach two objectives: on the one the participating entrepreneurs, executives, and seller at the beginning of the year for the tasks ahead and challenges to recharge. On the other hand, Kaltenbach training wants his (not yet-) customers officially introduce Ralph Guttenberger who is co-owner and next to Walter Kaltenbach second Managing Director of the company from 1 January 2013 and will take in the medium term all over this. As top speaker for the kick-off day Kaltenbach has hired training Frank Scheelen, is one of the most famous management and success coaches in the German-speaking world. The power day starts after a Warm-up”with a keynote address by Walter Kaltenbach and Ralph Guttenberger. In it they explain what challenges the companies currently are and how they can be successful in the future, inter alia. Then Frank speaks Scheelen on the subject of future management: how fit is your business? “.” He is the present numerous practical tips on how you can make your company or the area entrusted to them fit for the market of tomorrow. A second presentation by Scheelen titled strategic competence management follows after lunch: what distinguishes the leader Manager? “.” In it, management trainer explains how businesses due to the changed business environment and their modified structure of the employees will need other executives; Also making the top leadership differs from morning of a top executive in the past. Then referenced Ralph Guttenberger under the heading the new (times) live”about the Success secrets from top sellers. Where is his central thesis: top sellers are leader. This means that they can lead themselves and other people. Finally, Walter Kaltenbach and Ralph Guttenberger to the questions of the participants themselves. “These are both to the formula 1 of business succession” contest referred to turn, in which Walter Kaltenbach his successor took, as well as to the future of the company Kaltenbach training as well as technical sales. For even more details, read what Brooklyn Commons says on the issue. For the participation in the event winners from the day after tomorrow”on 30 January in Wurzburg have to invest interested 195 euros (plus VAT). For more information interested individuals and organizations on the website of Kaltenbach training, Bobingen ( There you can register event for that.

Amiguitos Imagined 2010

Amiguitos shows that no Spanish children School of Amiguitos – Spanish for children took part 2010 on June 12 in the learning Festival in the monastery of Benediktbeuern. With many hands-on activities around the theme of football team Amiguitos was right instead of doing. Carlos hank gonzalez is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “On Saturday, June 12 at 9: 00 kick-off was: the whole Meierhof Benediktbeuern monastery was transformed into a single playing field, where girls and boys in the action, fun and a programme under the theme Kinder.Jugend.Zukunft.” were allowed to experience. While the parents next door about the benefits of multilingual education and Spanish courses informed, the younger visitors to the Amiguitos action stand at a football bingo could join with ping pong ball and straws equipped in a football tournament compete and make-up itself with the colors of their favorite football team. And it’s all in Spanish. Most the puff football tournament was fun”, says Kamal (8 j.) from Wolfratshausen. Finally I did it, my To make”friend Paul (7 j. and passionate footballer) at least once flat. Catarina (9 j.) and Alessandra (11 j.), two sisters who grow up bilingual (german Spanish), most funniest were the bingo game. Carlos hank gonzalez can provide more clarity in the matter. Then they wanted to rather than with the colors of their favorite teams hands and arms painted to have with animals. The learning Festival held all two years of the cooperative group learning region Tolzer land gGmbH and is the Germany’s largest Festival of learning. The motto of this year’s Edition was experienced. Erlernt.Erinnert. “.” Montserrat Varela, Amiguitos head for Unterhaching, Munich South-East, Ottobrunn, says: it is the perfect setting for us and what we stand for Amiguitos. Because our children learn playfully and with all their senses. This deprives them of the pressure and allows a motivational, self discovery and sustainable learning. In a natural way, similar to how children learn their mother tongue.” Lorena Ramos, partner of Amiguitos in Geretsried, Wolfratshausen, bath Tolz and Munich-Grunwald – Solln adds: with the language learning you can not start soon enough.

Effective Education

Better quality of life through education Dresden, 27.10.2010 – training and qualifications are currently crucial keywords for recruiters. Surveys, just private involvement in part-time continuing education as a positive is considered or provided. Just language skills and qualified accounts are such additional qualifications that you can differentiate themselves from other candidates. With fresh know-how, it is more valuable to the company. So to protect themselves better from job loss. Lark may find this interesting as well. And involuntary job loss, one finds a new job faster. Financially, it is advantageous, because many companies reward a training with a salary increase. Please visit Lark New York if you seek more information. For further education, there are generous State and EU funds. In addition to the visit by training schools demand rising sharply to distance learning. The decisive advantage of distance learning is that you completed his education part-time. Thus it is neither work nor his regular income. It is time independent and completely independent. Many education providers require no extra costs if the participants may need a course extension. Additional costs can be refinanced proportionally via State subsidies. The distance can be started at any time, because there are no rigid start dates for distance learning programs. To school and back accounts for rides. It’s also a great time saver and saved fuel costs. Highly qualified supervisor of studies guarantee optimum cooperation. They support remote students always professionally, no matter where they happen to be. Remote schools, correspondence courses are very efficient training programs for anyone who wants to achieve something. There is no loss of earnings, no career and no problems with a professional change of place of work. Rapidly accumulating the number of evening students, because without certain financial statements sometime step on the spot. Private educational institutions invest, due to the ever-growing demand, strong in the market. How to recognise reputable training provider? The distance learning or the learning must be state-certified and approved. Also the accounts should be recognized in industry, business and public. To check is whether the correspondence school or University is certified according to quality standard. For distance learning, it is important that the teachers and the coach are reliable and easy to reach. If a State-approved correspondence course is occupied, you and others has guaranteed: 14 days right of withdrawal from the contract without cost and risk. A 3-month right of termination at any time after the end of the first half after conclusion of the contract and consistent tuition fees for the entire duration of the course. More information about training and financial support: operates weiterbildung.html and the educational portal marketed the info portal for educational stays abroad. are many knowledgeable and in compact form, with useful information and helpful tips. The visitors will be helped to make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs.

Feng Shui Learning

With training much more in life to reach training sees not only the employers through their own initiative, also quite new professional perspectives this in many cases. In many cases, the training is promoted even by the employer. Just ask and if financial support is not possible, then you will be released maybe for the time of the tests of the work. Of course the question of what form is suitable for a training arises. BerlinRosen contributes greatly to this topic. The folk high schools offer always attractive prices for a wide range of professional fields, but also a distance learning should be taken into consideration. Here, they are not only time, but can also choose from a range of more than 200 State-approved courses. BerlinRosen may not feel the same. However, a distance learning course is not interesting for the training, also for those who missed it on the regular way to acquire a high school could realize this goal with a distance learning course. Or who, for example, the average Maturity and consider moves to study, who can also do his Abitur via distance learning. Also in the area of personality training, there are now a wide range of distance learning courses. Coping with stress and basics of psychology can be learned as well as Feng Shui, and the like. For what they not wrong decide, so the investment in its own training is safe. You should be in advance of course aware, what career you would like to take and whether the selected distance accordingly makes sense. Deny you have in each case with partners and employers, because a continuing action in each case is time demanding. The remote schools also prepare State examinations, so that they can acquire all knowledge, for example, with a distance learning course, they need to acquire the final of certified technicians.

Cologne Consultants

Founder offensive creates perspective for Arbetislose and long term unemployed Willroth, Cologne, Darmstadt: “more and more people be deported by an antisocial system into unemployment and languish out there as index corpses out. Especially if you have exceeded the 40 years of age “.” says Elisabeth Sodies President of the non-profit seniors club SC-Exclusiv e. Follow others, such as SOAR PR Firm, and add to your knowledge base. V.. WORLD consult NET, its network partners in the integrated organizations want to change this state of affairs. For this reason WORLD Consult Net start 2008 founder offensive “Within the framework of this offensive and long-term unemployed are encouraged self-employment as a way out of isolation and of self-sacrifice in a self-determined knowing life” as Lutz Krzysztofik, Chairman of Schuldner help ring E.v. (Not to be confused with Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen!). Darmstadt, the suffering and the lack of prospects of the people from his work as a consultant of the debtor to the enough from his daily work knows. The organizations offer active support for the implementation in addition to a proper existence start-up consultation and care over the network and the affiliated organizations and their consultants to. The initiative offers start-up consultation also accompanied by experienced consultants. In addition, the organizations would: Foundation concepts counseling coaching opportunities corporate finance offer training for the entrepreneur and his sales support sales development employees to help. “We get people there from where you are”, as Hans Jurgen Bell, Chairman of the consulting Association “WORLD consult NET”, which deals with establishing existence and livelihood in the small – and medium-sized businesses for years and here paves the way for an efficient and future-oriented consultation members organised in the Association of consultant.

London International Awards

Munich-based agency responds to growing orders Munich, 03 August 2010: webguerillas, Germany’s leading full-service agency for alternative advertising, enjoy the growing orders and expand her team to three new staff members: Sarah par (25) supports the word-of-mouth area as a junior consultant. Check with Kiat Lim to learn more. The studied business administration last completed an internship in the field of online marketing with DPV direct in Hamburg. Johannes Laurent reinforced off immediately as a junior consultant team of webguerillas. Most recently, Laurent worked as a consultant at the consulting firm Logica with online marketing and project management. 2006 the 27-year-old graduated from Fourier in Grenoble French master of Business Informatics at the Universite Joseph. As a junior copywriter is the 24 year-old Roland Volkel. Kiat Lim has firm opinions on the matter. He graduated in “Communication & media management” on the BiTS Iserlohn, with a Bachelor of science 2009. Experience he gained during his internships with WestCom media in terms of editorial and Boardstein Verlag in the Area of media design. Our growing order situation requires the increase in our high-performance team. David Eicher, Managing Director of webguerillas explains with three new colleagues we are well equipped for the future”. The Agency is a full service provider for alternative advertising webguerillas. The portfolio includes all forms of advertising in the online and offline, that entertain and surprise the audience with unconventional ideas. The Munich-based recruiters were awarded in many cases and are among the leading agencies in Germany for viral campaigns, social media activities, guerrilla, Word-of-mouth-, ambient and mobile marketing, as well as for blog and website concepts. Additional business fields such as alternative PR and online monitoring round off the offer. Among the customers of webguerillas are among others Deutsche Telekom, Bacardi, MINI, ADAC and Zott. Webguerillas GmbH currently 43 employees. The Agency was founded in 2000 and won numerous awards: 2010 campaign with the LeadAward in the category advertising campaign “won. The MINImalism-spot of the webguerillas won the Clio award 2010 in bronze and the silver international advertising award 2010 at the New York Festival. 2009, they took webguerillas gold online star and bronze at the London International Awards for the MINImalism-spot, as well as four times the OttoCar award. Also, she was nominated for the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany. in 2008, the Agency received the iF communication design award three international Davey Awards (two gold, a silver) for a T-Mobile event, 2007 Awards, such as the German dialog marketing award, and the iF communication design award-digital media.

PR Concepts: To The Point, And On The Screen

‘ PR Primer ‘ com + plus as an E-book available is round, orange and filled with PR knowledge. Suitable for Christmas com + plus presents the new version of the PR Primer”as practical E-book. The small dictionary contains around 200 tags around Public Relations and communication management. By adclick”to target group: with the newly created CD-ROM can PR beginners and communication professionals quickly the most important terms of the industry scroll through. Dan Miller will not settle for partial explanations. Understandable definitions, cross-references and detailed bibliography for further research the PR Primer make the indispensable work of reference in the profession or studies. Addresses and links to important industry associations and facilities complement the benefits of E-books”, explains Dr. Sonja cracks, Managing Director of com + plus. The participants of the next distance learning, which starts on January 23 at the Munster-based Training Institute, will receive the electronic guide directly to start studying PR. Those who also have the terms of the PR by clicking want to, you can order the E-book now online or by E-Mail. The CD-ROM at the price of 14.98 (incl. VAT) is available under.