Chairman Value

A little less than a month, HSBC announced losses in its value by $3,200 during the first quarter of the year and uncertainty over the coming months is reflected in the following statement of its Chairman, Stephen Green: the Outlook for the rest of the year are unusually difficult to foresee in the current situation. For one thing, the fears surrounding financial institutions both in the United States.UU., as in Europe and Asia, the roles of them continue downhill. And with the values of financial institutions by the floor, multiply opportunities of doing good business. Although you must be careful to know identify those entities whose value is significantly below its real value, those who despite having fallen significantly its value, are worth even more than the quality of their assets justify. Meanwhile, mergers and acquisitions continue. Oil countries, with their pockets which rebalsan dollars, are to the expectation to see what new business opportunities presents the international financial system. Case, the sovereign fund created by the Government of Kuwait, the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), is considering new investments in the US financial sector and has targeted to Citigroup and Merrill Lynch, which intends to increase its participation. It is worth remembering that KIA also participated in the initial public offering of Visa Corp., investing US $800 million. To give an idea of the magnitude of the kuwaiti Fund, last March 31, it had assets US $213.000 million. In Europe, it seems that Deutsche Bank wants to go shopping. The entity expressed interest in acquiring German rivals. This is undoubtedly a new signal that banks in Germany are preparing to a stage of big mergers and acquisitions. The Chief Executive of Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackermann had said at the annual meeting of shareholders: if truly a consolidation of German banks, we are not left to the margin. For sale are the Deutsche Postbank and subsidiary of Citigroup. Other entities that, affected by the crisis, may follow this path are the WestLB and the IKB Bank and names continue. The panorama in the world financial system is a little more clear that a few months ago. But the storm clouds persist as shall be amended the financial map in the major economies of the world before this wave of mergers and acquisitions that is starting?

Excellent Service

Interview by JAS Forwarding of Mexico, to the Econ. Felixcampoverde Velez MsF, Professor Universidad Espiritu Santo, consultant and corporate trainer. Quality of service to the client, starts and ends in our own consciences today speak of quality in processes, quality at optimal levels of profitability, efficiency, effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. But we forget!, – that large employers and business organizations of success, which have remained at the time, chose first to prioritize the human quality, which must have their directors and employees toward its internal and external clients, to achieve its objectives. A word that has been collected by observers of corporate life, and great universities of the world, which saved as one of their great secrets of training for their future professional success with different synonym. How important it is for success in the company have a vision of service to others, in this case toward? our customers? Understanding that the visualization of doing good to others is serve and know how to live: is to give, to receive, it is explicit that the principles of nature which govern us in this universe, oblige us to align ourselves consciously and creatively, this display of creative service is our responsibility. Most of the companies that manage to create a sense of purpose are set a higher ideal, a vision that benefit, and not only tell but also do it – service, is the basis of their corporate social responsibility. This implies that the company sets new standards of excellence, which define what kind of company is and what benefit will bring to other entities, this makes a difference in the segment in the market. In the business world, we can see that each company has its own culture, its history, but all of them have agreed, that success converge in personalized quality service, concept that certainly cannot be theoretical, if not of action for that is already need to identify, evaluate and manage the variables that influence our success through the statistical analysis of sales, and the methodological quadrant of identification, assessment and management of the risks of the market.