The Eskimos

The only exception, to this form deexplorao, was that the slaves were not used directly paraalimentao, and yes its force of work was explored to the maximum. Diferentedos enslaved, the animals are explored in the meaning maximum of the word. oconsumo of the meat is the especismo, in the maximum degree of the animals to exist for ousufruto human. That the majority of the people in the great urban centers, if querimaginam, what ‘ passed its beauty; ‘ bife’ ‘ , until arriving its plate. This chain has umanegao in all, that all denies the moment, that what it is in pratofoi one day an animal, a corpse of an animal. This negation appears to segundoSinger of well subtle forms, in the totalmenteasspticas packings of the supermarket, does not have blood in the meat, without speaking of ‘ ‘ hambrguer’ ‘ that he seems tudomenos meat. That they constitute a form of negation, more serious on question. Que the question of the unfamiliarity of the life of the animals that are born, gets fat emorrem, with the objective of saciar the human palate accustomed the meat. He was otempo that the creation, mainly of the bovine flock, if seemed aquelaimaginem of farm old. With the oxen becoming vacant freely, growing eengordando of course. Today that one fazendinha, if transformed into umaindstria, highly mechanized, where all the processes are controlled; desdeo birth, abates until it of the animal. 21 In the society of today, highly industrialized percebemosque the meat is plus a luxury, of what a necessary food to the sobrevivnciahumana. Singer says that: ‘ ‘ The Eskimos, that live in an environment where they have of mataranimais its feeding or to die of hunger, can justify dizendoque its interest in surviving if it overlaps to the one of the animals that kill.

Price Freezing

Moral (1990) In the first months had a great excess of demand. After the adoption of the freezing of the prices and the maintenance of the wages in it continues ascension, the plan that already gave samples of being inconsistente, started to pull down, therefore with the demand excess they had started to lack products that the entrepreneurs hid and alone vendiam when they charged agio, that was a value charged above of the product who did not appear in forma bills of sale, had products as, for example: meat and milk in dust that had practically disappeared of the market. The government to prevent that the plan had a recessivo bias, transformed the indexation into settled assets daily pay, under the hypothesis that the future inflation would be null, this transformed monetary politics one in such a way how much folgada, contributed to aggravate the problem of demand excess. That the crossed plan finished being one them undertaken more catastrophic experiences already in Brazil, is question passed in judgeship. What it interests to examine is because this experience gave wrong is because as many orthodox economists had applauded at the time To who to blame for the failure of the crossed plan, is question that valley only not to explore. In the days of success the plan had many parents and even though a muse, in the failure, all were escafederam What it matters to notice is that the crossed plan was conceived to pressas, with enormous errors of economic theory, (SIMONSEN, 1989, p.3-54). Sarney (on-line, 1997) the Cruzado was an experience, nobody wise person what it was a economic plan. Without the Cruzado, the Real would be impossible. It showed what if he had or not to make. ‘ ‘ It was the biggest error that I committed in the government, the greater of my life.

USA Consumption

Returning to the analysis of the recovery from American growth, has been put in evidence that the families continue being the support of the economy and in spite of the blow that meant to them the crisis, that has made them lose a significant part of their wealth (which conditions the future consumption), continues demonstrating their capacity to impel the economic growth. But in spite of the recovery of the consumption in the third trimester of the year, from the market already a relapse of the same product by the loss of the confidence of the homes is anticipated before the increase of unemployment. If the families have labor problems, then we cannot be deluded with the continuity of the recovery of the familiar consumption. For that reason it will interest to respond this question to us: What happens with unemployment in the USA? Christina Romer, president of the advice of economic advisers of the White House remembered that: the reversion of the crucial indicators of the labor markets, such as the rate of unemployment, normally takes place after the renewal of the growth. About these moments, the rate of unemployment reaches to 9.8% of Poblacin Econmicamente Activa (PEA) and are the highest rate from 1983. Most probable it is than so it remains of the year, unemployment instead of to descend, reaches digits both, and depending how it affects this situation to the expectations on the families it is that it will twist the dynamics of the consumption or will allow that it maintains the expansion initiated. The secretary of the American Treasure, Timothy Geithner showed his moderation on the evolution of the economy by the problems that still face the families: unemployment stays unacceptably high for each unemployed person, for each family who faces an embargo, for each small company that does not obtain a credit, the recession stays lives and acute.

Federative Republic

The word deserves prominence life, for being a substantive common-concrete-simple-primitive () sufficiently ample and basic. ‘ ‘ Graas’ ‘ to the consumerism insane, mainly, the alive species of the planet, also the human being, meet threatened, as it demonstrates the current reality. With an important relevance so that the population if acquires knowledge, here it is that it comes to baila the subject citizenship, in view of the possibility of a worthy future (and viable). Edgar Morin (the seven to know necessary to the education of the future), one of the thinking greaters contemporaries, teaches that it is necessary that the minds human beings are formed on the basis of conscience of that the human being is, at the same time, individual, part of the society, part of the species. After all, any development could be considered really human if to understand the set of the individual autonomies, of the communitarian participation, as well as of the important awareness belonging to the species human being. Currently, the word ‘ ‘ qualidade’ ‘ she has been very divulged. It indicates a subtle side of subjective perception when meaning property, condition and attribute as distinctive and determinative factors of the nature of the events, the people and the things. She is necessary to have a human being so that the quality can be evaluated. Enaltecendo the analytical-scientific-mecanista aspect? marcante reality in the last centuries? , the man saw itself fascinated by the logical-quantitative aspect of the reality. From there the great historical interest for the quality. It is from depleted models however? how a same computer or another machine without many resources? that the verification of amounts happens. Through meeting happens the transformation. In other words, it is from the relations that? although the crises? it originates chance to appear a new humanity, where the love, solidarity and the knowledge are closely on. The daily one of the life is a meeting space where the time must be used so that the interpersonal relations happen, a time that nobody transforms nobody, and nobody can be changedded alone. Yes! The human being constitutes the discovered greater of century XXI! Soon, the interpersonal relations can constitute a space of exchange and conspiracy, in favor of its full accomplishment. to search Brazil de Primeiro World nothing more is that to create conditions of construction of truily full citizens. Mainly at this moment, when the economy becomes globalizada and the quality is pointed as an important differential between products in the market competition. NEIVA MARIA GARBAZA.