Net Valley Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestseller ' ' Rich father, father pobre' ' , he is of the opinion that the net marketing/marketing multilevel is an excellent business for all the people whom they desire to reach its freedom. According to it, it is possible to initiate one I negotiate of marketing of net with a low initial investment and this is to the reach of any person. Moreover, later it will be able to work for the Internet and to create its proper net and thus to alavancar its business. In relation to the money, Kiyosaki divides the people in two groups: rich and poor. Poor persons are those that work on account of outrm and the ones that have small businesses on account proper. Rich they are those that are owners of great businesses and the investors, that is the ones that have people that they generate profits for them or the ones that have the money working for they (investing). In this perspective, the net marketing is excellent because it allows to any person to be owner of a great business with a low initial investment.


Training for ability From the moment where the institutions start to train its employees is possible to identify its values, knowledge and pro-activity. Inside of the abilities demanded to each position the managers obtain to identify which way to follow so that the longed for objectives are reached in the short medium stated period. When passing of the years the concern with the quality appeared, thus the companies had started to demand of its new collaborators abilities, knowledge and abilities that the importance of the given service and product quality would differentiate them of the competitors, leaving clearly for all. Dennis Lockhart insists that this is the case. Beyond the concern with information, abilities, attitudes and concepts, training is being strong inclined to develop certain abilities desired for the organization. The training if bases on a previous mapping of the necessary essential abilities to the organizacional success. To follow, these essential abilities are unfolded by areas of the organization and in individual abilities (CHIAVENATO, 2005 P. 340). The training is valid for all the individuals independent of the hierarchic level where if it finds. The abilities, experiences, attitudes and abilities of the professionals who will help the organization to have a solid position and of prominence in the market are established of clear and objective form where it acts. As Chiavenato (2010) the training involves a composed process for four stages, in accordance with FIG. 12.4: FIGURE 12.4: The training process. Source: Chiavenato, 2010. The training can be internal or external, in accordance with the place where it will be carried through. The intern if divides in introductory (new employed), and of work (to recycle, to apply specific techniques of learning), the external one only can with be used of one same company as well as can be opened (diverse companies). (MARRAS, 2002). In the training process it is viable to search the necessities to be satisfied, the diagnosis lined up to the organizacionais objectives, the necessary abilities and the results of the performance evaluation.

Brazilian Administration

In the years most recent, the Brazilian public sector has called the attention thousand of people for providing to stability in the offered positions and remunerations above average paid in private companies. However, so that the objective is carried through to enter a public office must first be passed in the public competition, task this each dificultosa time due to competition and the level of preparation of the candidates. The competition of the carried through certames makes with that many candidates dedicate to hours and hours on of books and search incessantly cursinhos that possess greater credibility how much to the approval. The way of preparation of a competitor for the other is very subjective and depends essentially on as it is day-by-day of each person. If it cannot define an ideal alternative of as to study, but the least is necessary to verify as they had made those that had gotten success in the last applied tests. It is verified that most of ‘ ‘ concurseiros’ ‘ it does not know as to define the priorities for adequate study and in such a way if it does not use to advantage of advantages that can dcimos generate them missing for an approval. In this work it will be focada the form of if adequately managing the available time for the study, presenting some important tips so that the victory can be reached in this environment each more challenging time. BEGINNING OF the STUDIES the first step for the approval in a public competition is the identification of which area is the longed for one, therefore the scarce time that a person makes use cannot be distributed for study of diverse substances at the same time. It exists the necessity of focar either in the fiscal, legal, banking area and other more than they exist. The position must be identified to which the objective Real of the study and be identified to which to be reached in the long run, therefore the main error of the beginning people is to exhaust the time all betting the fiches in and any competition who appears.

Federative Republic

The word deserves prominence life, for being a substantive common-concrete-simple-primitive () sufficiently ample and basic. ‘ ‘ Graas’ ‘ to the consumerism insane, mainly, the alive species of the planet, also the human being, meet threatened, as it demonstrates the current reality. With an important relevance so that the population if acquires knowledge, here it is that it comes to baila the subject citizenship, in view of the possibility of a worthy future (and viable). Edgar Morin (the seven to know necessary to the education of the future), one of the thinking greaters contemporaries, teaches that it is necessary that the minds human beings are formed on the basis of conscience of that the human being is, at the same time, individual, part of the society, part of the species. After all, any development could be considered really human if to understand the set of the individual autonomies, of the communitarian participation, as well as of the important awareness belonging to the species human being. Currently, the word ‘ ‘ qualidade’ ‘ she has been very divulged. It indicates a subtle side of subjective perception when meaning property, condition and attribute as distinctive and determinative factors of the nature of the events, the people and the things. She is necessary to have a human being so that the quality can be evaluated. Enaltecendo the analytical-scientific-mecanista aspect? marcante reality in the last centuries? , the man saw itself fascinated by the logical-quantitative aspect of the reality. From there the great historical interest for the quality. It is from depleted models however? how a same computer or another machine without many resources? that the verification of amounts happens. Through meeting happens the transformation. In other words, it is from the relations that? although the crises? it originates chance to appear a new humanity, where the love, solidarity and the knowledge are closely on. The daily one of the life is a meeting space where the time must be used so that the interpersonal relations happen, a time that nobody transforms nobody, and nobody can be changedded alone. Yes! The human being constitutes the discovered greater of century XXI! Soon, the interpersonal relations can constitute a space of exchange and conspiracy, in favor of its full accomplishment. to search Brazil de Primeiro World nothing more is that to create conditions of construction of truily full citizens. Mainly at this moment, when the economy becomes globalizada and the quality is pointed as an important differential between products in the market competition. NEIVA MARIA GARBAZA.