Net Valley Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestseller ' ' Rich father, father pobre' ' , he is of the opinion that the net marketing/marketing multilevel is an excellent business for all the people whom they desire to reach its freedom. According to it, it is possible to initiate one I negotiate of marketing of net with a low initial investment and this is to the reach of any person. Moreover, later it will be able to work for the Internet and to create its proper net and thus to alavancar its business. In relation to the money, Kiyosaki divides the people in two groups: rich and poor. Poor persons are those that work on account of outrm and the ones that have small businesses on account proper. Rich they are those that are owners of great businesses and the investors, that is the ones that have people that they generate profits for them or the ones that have the money working for they (investing). In this perspective, the net marketing is excellent because it allows to any person to be owner of a great business with a low initial investment.