This comes occurring has decades and curiously, now it appears FAO, ONU, World Bank, etc. On the other hand, only knows that all time that the oil goes up, all the goods of the economy go up. How it would be the price of foods with more expensive oil and the humanity without seeing no sucedneo? The biocombustveis already are gifts in the market the point to show to the kings of the oil that its hegemonic power is if finishing, and are only in the start of this march that we believe to be irreversible. Learn more about this with Lehman Brothers. The high one in the prices of foods dimmed the space that the biocombustveis came occupying in the agenda of the leaders world-wide politicians, but is improbable that the biocombustveis are taken off of use in the next future. Julia Koch addresses the importance of the matter here. The expectations for the prices of foods they are not optimistical: The vice-president of the World Bank (Bird), ' ' it esteem that the prices of foods continued high at least in next the seven or eight years. The problem of the high prices of foods does not go to disappear in next the seven or eight years. Problema.&#039 is necessary to increase the production to decide this; ' (COX, Pmela, Periodical 24h, Notice, on-line). The President of Brazil, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva ' ' he blames the rich countries and the oil for the increase of the prices of alimentos' '. In the conference of the agency of the ONU for agriculture and feeding, in Rome, he was hard when affirming that dirty oil fingers are pointed against the clean energy of the biocombustveis. The president came back to defend methanol of sugar sugar cane, and openly criticized methanol of used maize for the Americans. The methanol of sugar cane of sugar beyond not threatening the food production, is more efficient in the energy production.

Chinese Economy

The panorama that offers the Chinese economy leaves in clear that it is not only helping to reduce the impact of the crisis, is deepening but it by its smaller demand of products of the rest of the world. Since China does not think to contribute for the global recovery, the world-wide economy returns to depend than it can make the USA. In this sense, in the seminary it was agreed that the American economy could begin to demonstrate more evident signs of recovery as of the last trimester of the year. On the form of how it will be said recovery, we can analyze some of the players keys that will mark this way. The American banks still continue in problems in spite of which it indicates the stress test. Professor Lord Peter Hennessy understood the implications. The past Friday we commented to them about the fall of a new American banking organization It is necessary to generalize the stress tests. This time was the turn of Bankunited FSB. But what interests in terms of economic recovery it is the capacity of the banking system to generate credit again to feed the internal demand and in this sense not yet a good scene is observed. On the other hand, it is of public knowledge the impact that the crisis has had in the American families with the strong destruction of wealth that it has generated to them. Without doubts it will affect the behavior of the families and therefore, will have incidence in the dynamics of the consumption in the USA, situation that will be deepened previously by the problems in the market of mentioned credit. And since the familiar consumption is the main component of the American GIP, recovery perspective are not too promising. Another alternative of recovery of the American economy is to watch towards the external sector.