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ABILITY TO ANALYZE AND TAKE DECISIONS. Try to understand the facts of a situation before making a decision. Assess the situation impartially, without prejudice, and be willing to change his mind. Novak Djokovic may help you with your research. ENTHUSIASM. Geniuses are always thrilled to see that they do. It inspires others to cooperate with them. They really believe that everything will fine. Geniuses are not retreating. Geniuses to overcome its fear of failure. They are not afraid to take risks, because they understand that learn from their errors. 10. Dynamic energy. Do not sit on the ground in the expectation that there will be something good. Be purposeful in achieving this. 11. Enterprise. Geniuses are looking for opportunities. Handle the work that others do not count. Never be afraid to try something unknown. 12. Persuasion. Geniuses know how to motivate people to help them. It is easy to convince others, if you believe in what you do. 13. Livable. Geniuses are able to easily find friends, and are themselves good friends. They raise the spirits of others, rather than worsen it. This position will help you gain a lot of good friends. 14. ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE. Geniuses are able to very effectively communicate their ideas to others. Click Brooklyn Commons to learn more. They use every opportunity to explain their ideas to others. 15. PATIENCE. Be patient with others, but always be impatient to yourself. Insist on yourself more than others. 16. Insight. Geniuses are constantly being watched. They think about the needs of others rather than his own. 17. Demanding. Geniuses can not tolerate mediocrity, particularly in themselves. They are not satisfied with himself, always trying to get better. 18. Sense of humor. They are always ready to joke at themselves and do not take offense when jokes on them. 19. Multidimensional. The more things you learn to do, the more confidence you will have. Do not be afraid of new adventures. 20. ADAPTATION. Ability to be flexible allows the possibility of genius easily adapt to changing conditions. Geniuses do not like to do things the same way. They always consider new possibilities. 21. CURIOSITY. Curious and inquisitive mind helps to find a new genius information. Do not be afraid to admit that you do not know something. Always ask questions about what you do not understand. 22. Individualism. Do things the way you see fit, without fear that someone will not approve. 23. IDEALISM. Genius tries to achieve good goals not only for himself but for all mankind. Do not lose your footing, but directs his thoughts far away. 24. IMAGINATION. Geniuses know how to think, using the new combination. They see things from a different angle view, not like other people. Take time each day to dream, dream. Immerse yourself in the dream, as happened in childhood. As you can see, a little less lazy, a little more assertiveness and confidence, and you can achieve desired. Be willing to take action and achieve. L. Ron Hubbard (1911 – 1986) was a humanist, writer, philosopher and expert in many areas of life, and yet he is best known as author of the bestselling book "Dianetics – the modern Science of Mental Health, "which was first published in 1950. L. Ron Hubbard's discoveries in the field of education are used throughout the world to help millions of children learn to read better, write and understand. Hundreds of thousands of people stop taking drugs, having a rehabilitation program developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

The Strap

But when the same dog jumps on other people, like members of the family or friendly, it can be difficult and even dangerous. A dog jumping on the strangers is always a bad aspect. The good news is that a trained good dog can learn to only jump when you become ordained it in a game, for example. Dennis Lockhart is often quoted on this topic. But we are going to learn the rules before they are broken. Establishing the norms During the greetings, always we try to avoid that the dog jumps in the first place. Pon your hand (or the two hands) in front of or down quiet you and dile with voice signs and safe. A trained dog of this one form will be able to respond to this gesture with certain rapidity. Like with any technique of training, not to introduce any verbal commando until the correct behavior has been demonstrated. Only when your dog obeys by its account you must begin to use the commando " abajo" in order to accompany the behavior. This is the form to learn the commando, being caused who the learned action is associated with the commando, that is the spoken order. For the majority, this type of prevention does not work immediately, especially for the puppies that lack sufficient formal training. You will have to know how how to react when your dog begins to jump. Mainly, one is to know how what not to do. For example, not to be excessively enthusiastic during its greeting. Obvious, this reinforces the conduct. And not to push with force the dog far from you. He is instinctive. The same principle is the reason of the majority of the cases in that the dogs throw of strap: they are encouraged by the exerted force envelope. To more force he exerts himself but they feel motivated to throw of the strap.


It is very probable that many of the readers are thinking, but since I do, if I must, this and the other and if I do not cancel obstructs to me; it is a possibility, but not greater than the fear to lose what it is created to have, and I finish ” creer” it is related to an ephemeral comfort, mental comfort, declares in owning things without the appropriate effort. The fear to which it could to happen (embargo) is fear to the fear, the change, the effort, the discipline. In order to design a budget it puts in practice the following advice, who helped him to acquire the custom to save in small things he would qualify and it to do the same when he is great things. a) Before buying it thinks I really need to buy this -? The one that I have really no longer is useful or I have anxiety to buy something new? What other priorities I must take care of? He would be equal of useful an article of second hand, that could buy by less? b) It buys with intelligence. In the supermarkets and grocer’s it looks for the supplies. It does not spend in fast meals, it buys the ingredients and cocnelas same you. Continue to learn more with: Brooklyn Commons. It plans the menu of the week. It buys wholesale, being the careful of not acquiring articles suddenly victory. When it goes shopping knows whatever previously can spend. If it compensates to him to realise the trip it buys in zones or markets where the prices are cheaper. c) He is ingenious It trims the expenses in clothes? It goes shopping with less frequency? One changes of clothes when it arrives at house, in this way lasted more time? It does not squander the electrical energy nor the water in its house – Like designing the budget? Elaborates a list of expenses by categories? It assigns the monthly value in money that belongs to each cost, if it has commitments of payment by a quota to the year, divides the annual value between twelve and registers the amount. It defines the date of victory of each cost during a month? It groups the expenses by categories? It defines by means of a sum, the value of money that each category demands per month? It registers the value of the real income that you or the members of your family contributes. IT ELIMINATES ” COMPLETELY; IT BUYS and PAGE DESPUES” NOW; It visits our page Web and it asks for the table in Excel, for his use and facility of handling of his budget.