Water Supplying Tower

From these windows, decorated with colored bars, opened an extensive view of the Zamoskvorechye. In this form This garden is shown in the panorama of Moscow, published in Dutch under Peter the Great. In the garden there was an artificial pond depth of 2 feet of (1,42 m), where water was supplied by a special mechanism that was in still exist Water Supplying Tower tower. Waters graced 'water platoons' – fountains and two patterned carved pavilions. For the device hanging gardens on the stone arches of stacked bars of lead and sealed them, and poured on top topsoil thickness "a yard and a quarter." During the construction of only the top garden required, for example, more than 10 tons of lead. Lower Garden located on the slopes of the hill at the Kremlin Taynitskih gate and had a much smaller area – 1500 m 2. Fruit trees and shrubs were planted in it, as in the upper garden, on a square grid. An artificial pond, too, with "Platoon" was used not only as a decorative element, but also for fish farming. In addition, in the garden have been posted greenhouses. The walls surrounding the garden were decorated master Peter Engelesom "pershpektivnym letter" – painting on Plant motivated – visually expand the space garden. Combined with classic interiors of homes, while the landscaping was strictly regular – track intersect at right angles and areas between them framed battens set at the edge. In the formed boxes planted plants. In the Kremlin gardens bloomed and fruited apple, pear, berry bushes, vines, and by some accounts, even walnut, then called "Tsargrad.

Increase Self Confidence Coaching

Abstract: One of the common problems found with my readers and clients when to operate and thrive is the lack of confidence in themselves. This article helped you to overcome this "feeling" that paralyzes you and not let you achieve what you propose. We can say that lack of self confidence as an emotion is upset that we stuck on the decision and action. The terms – low self-esteem -, – low self-confidence – e – insecurity – are also associated with this state of mind. Sometimes we encounter any good idea or project and we are going to push it … but ops!, It appears that in our march suddenly feel that "something" ugly as a stitch in his stomach that blocks us and keeps us moving forward. Sometimes we can even begin. When we have no confidence in ourselves, we feel insecure and everything we do becomes more complicated and paralyze us into action. This can happen in different situations such as: If you are looking for work and have to attend an interview work, if we need to resolve conflicts in the relationships we have with people around us, if we are to achieve a goal or project long overdue, if we want to find the love of a partner, among others … Fill in the blank = _______________. If you "listened" carefully to the thoughts that become at that time in our minds, we could hear something like: "I do not know if I can do …" "What if something bad happens to me? I'm afraid to fail …" "And if I reject, I do not approve or things go differently to what I hope? " "Do I accept?" "And what if I say NO?" What I can be me who like the other? "Better not do anything, and I'm fine and comfortable …