Conferences Leader

Making a global analysis, without arguing the weight and the contribution of each leader in the results right-handers of the postwar period, the absence of Roosevelt and Churchill in the Conference of Potsdam, certain form, it fortified the image of Stalin before Truman and Attlee, recently installed. Stalin was only leader between the gifts that the nazista army fought, during all the war, and was the responsible one for all withholds the initial impact of the surprising and powerful German military machine. It also knew the tenacity of the resistance it pushed when them in return until the doors of Berlin. In the last months of the war when the victory of the Communist Forces on the Nazism was inevitable, the Soviet leader had full conscience of the paper that exerts and mainly the power that the Ussr would have on the destination of millions on the planet. Euro Pacific Precious Metals may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Stalin was made use to consolidate and to extend its military conquests.

It requested indemnity of 10 billion of dollar of Germany, to help to reconstruct the Ussr and the all instant its claims increased surprising English and American. It seemed that the suffering of the Russian people would only be aplacado in detriment of the suffering of other peoples! The absence of Churchill allowed that the negotiations between the main protagonists advanced without the impasse climate that reigned in the other Conferences, where the British leader, did not accept the impositions Soviet and it always assumed interminable rhetorical. Attlee was more moderate and seemed to understand the real paper of the English after the war, had conscience that the Soviets would not withdraw in its conquests and after all recognized, as well as Truman, that was necessary to define rules between the two powerful blocks that would dominate the planet and that most worse it could happen if the meeting did not have some agreement after. nowledge. .

October Market

Omercado kept its main characteristics, to put keeping the ecleticism dapoca, marcante in the field of the constructions in Belm, came back to have its brightness. In the end of the decade of it almost mercadovoltou it to 90 to be criticized visor opinion publishes due to its abandonment for the poderpublico. The market was busy for beggars and unemployed people, them quaisdeterioravam each time more the complex of the market, total damaged pelafalta of maintenance. The market then passed for its segundareforma that it was initiated in 1998, and it was reinaugurado in day 7 of October of 1999, total was revitalized by the city hall of Belm, with the project elaboradopela SEURB (municipal secretary of urbanism of Belm) and for the FUMBEL, them its original characteristics quaismantiveram, with the trreo of the divided market emtrs ships central offices. The hall ampler central office and others two laterals tambmmantendo its roofs in form of abbodas. Currently the market of is Brs, apsquase ten years of its finishes reform meets in one serves as apprentice of conservaoque can consider good, to put we observe some details that take off the belezaoriginal of the market, as for example, the pichaes contained in the building and agrande joined amount of garbage inside and in entorno of the market. We also observe the sad naqual situation nor the proper users of the market perceive the importance, arquitetnicae cultural of the imponent market of Are Brs.

3 PALACETE PINE the quarters of the old city, one of importantese more older of Belm, for containing the majority of the historic site predialda city, we can find in the street Dr. Assis, next the square to the osuntuoso armory and estonteante Palacete Pine, that enchanted it the people who for alipassavam. The related Palacete was projected peloarquiteto Camilo Amorim and constructed in 1897, ordered for the poderosocomerciante and influential politician of time, the Portuguese Antonio Jose Pine, queo inaugurated the same with a great party in middle of year, with the participation damais high belenense society.

Engaged Land

It was during the persecutions of years 1930 that one has left of the Jews in the Europe had perceived that already they in this continent did not have space for and that she was necessary to find a new home free of these storms. Of the other side, Arabs argued that the events in Germany were an excuse Jewish them to take ownership of a land that were not of them: Why they had to lose its country in function of the crimes committed in the Europe (23), asked the Palestinians. The main tactics used by the Jews were to buy lands in its Cana. The Arabs vendiam who them were seen as treasonous that they weakened the community.

In 1937 and 1938, two successive commissions had studied the allotment forms, based in 2 states. In the end of the decade of 1930, 1/3 of Palestine already were formed for Jews. (24) As we can see, before initiate murder of millions of Jews for the nazistas the problem of if establishing a Jewish State in Palestine already was urgent. To point the Holocausto as basic factor with respect to the creation of the state of Israel is to menosprezar the description of fights of the sionismo, to ignore the antissemitas persecutions and consequent waves of migrations of the Jews for the Engaged Land. Moreover, it is to disdain the international promises to institute a Jewish home in Palestine. You are welcome the Holocausto would advance if it was not inside of this context. To say this is not to affirm that the Holocausto did not contribute, therefore considers the idea of ‘ ‘ climate favorvel’ ‘ most correct. That is, ahead of the atrocities disclosed after the end of the Second War and added to the fact of that one of the leaders of the Palestinian ones was ally of Hitler, (25) few would be the ones that would raise the voice to oppose the thought solution already of if creating a Jewish State in Palestine.

XIX International

With this same bolchevista spirit that guided international working-class movement is that, in 25, 26, 27 of March of 1922, in a congress carried through in the city of Niteri? RIO DE JANEIRO, is established the Communist Party of Brazil (PCB). Nine commission agents had participated of that congress: Ablio Neguete, Cristiano Lamb, Astrogildo Pear tree, Hermogenio Silva, Joo of the Coast Pepper, Joaquin Barbosa, Jose Elias Da Silva, Luiz Peres and Manoel Cedon. Peter Asaro may help you with your research. Soon in its first statute the PC of auto Brazil if declared as being the Brazilian section of III the Communist International. Article. 1.

Is established for indeterminate time, a civil society, in Rio De Janeiro Branching off for all Brazil? having for heading Center of the Communist Party of Brazil, but that it will be called left Communist, Brazilian section of the Communist International. However, although already in 1922 the Communist Party of auto Brazil if to intitle as member of the Communist International, two years later it only got this recognition on the part of proper the Third International. The delay in being accepted if gave for the fact of that Moscow was under ghost of the marxist reforming policy expressed by the social chauvinism that the Second International took and it interrupted due to world-wide war ' ' imperialista' '. In such a way the criteria for the acceptance of some member in this frum of the socialist ones if had shown sufficiently rigorous. Russia left First the Great War in consequncia of the imminent socialist revolution that had an orientation politics and ideological contrary to the orientation of the forces that had lead the world-wide war of 1914 the 1918. After the Russian Revolution, that occurred in 1917, the proletarian internationalism creates a movement of repudiation to the economic system adopted by the nations of ocidente European since middle of century XIX, such system would be the causer of First the Great War and was called by Lnin as imperialista capitalism.

Prime Minister

Life is not waiting on any part, is happening to you. It is not in the future as a goal that has to achieve, is here and now, at this very moment, breathing, into the our blood circulation, in the beating of your heart. Whatever you are is your life and if we start to look for meanings elsewhere, we will lose it. Life itself is a blank canvas, it becomes anything that you paint in it. You can paint unhappiness, you paint happiness for me, is the first Foundation of life meditation, Osho points out. Everything else is secondary. Life should be a search.

Not a desire, but a search; not an ambition of becoming this or the other, the President of a country or a Prime Minister, but a search to discover: who am I? Life should be a continuous celebration, a festival of lights throughout the year. Only then you can grow, you can flourish. Transforms the small things in celebration. You will die without any advantageous information, no set time or date. Once killed you can not complain, and before birth will not ningu8na part should ask who her life want to be born or not? So what one has in their hands solid and real is only this moment, only this time can act smart or clumsily, in other words, in which you can be a person of meditation or a mediocre keep in mind we are told, that if one constantly uses his eyes to see things nearfor example if one reads incessantly, it becomes short sight because an excess of near vision fixed eye mechanism. For that when you want to see a distant star, can’t see it because the mechanism is stuck. It is not flexible. Same thing happens in the interior: because we have been looking abroad continuously, during life, the mechanism has been fixed and we can not look inward.

The Eskimos

The only exception, to this form deexplorao, was that the slaves were not used directly paraalimentao, and yes its force of work was explored to the maximum. Diferentedos enslaved, the animals are explored in the meaning maximum of the word. oconsumo of the meat is the especismo, in the maximum degree of the animals to exist for ousufruto human. That the majority of the people in the great urban centers, if querimaginam, what ‘ passed its beauty; ‘ bife’ ‘ , until arriving its plate. This chain has umanegao in all, that all denies the moment, that what it is in pratofoi one day an animal, a corpse of an animal. This negation appears to segundoSinger of well subtle forms, in the totalmenteasspticas packings of the supermarket, does not have blood in the meat, without speaking of ‘ ‘ hambrguer’ ‘ that he seems tudomenos meat. That they constitute a form of negation, more serious on question.

Que the question of the unfamiliarity of the life of the animals that are born, gets fat emorrem, with the objective of saciar the human palate accustomed the meat. He was otempo that the creation, mainly of the bovine flock, if seemed aquelaimaginem of farm old. With the oxen becoming vacant freely, growing eengordando of course. Today that one fazendinha, if transformed into umaindstria, highly mechanized, where all the processes are controlled; desdeo birth, abates until it of the animal. 21 In the society of today, highly industrialized percebemosque the meat is plus a luxury, of what a necessary food to the sobrevivnciahumana. Singer says that: ‘ ‘ The Eskimos, that live in an environment where they have of mataranimais its feeding or to die of hunger, can justify dizendoque its interest in surviving if it overlaps to the one of the animals that kill.

Price Freezing

Moral (1990) In the first months had a great excess of demand. After the adoption of the freezing of the prices and the maintenance of the wages in it continues ascension, the plan that already gave samples of being inconsistente, started to pull down, therefore with the demand excess they had started to lack products that the entrepreneurs hid and alone vendiam when they charged agio, that was a value charged above of the product who did not appear in forma bills of sale, had products as, for example: meat and milk in dust that had practically disappeared of the market. The government to prevent that the plan had a recessivo bias, transformed the indexation into settled assets daily pay, under the hypothesis that the future inflation would be null, this transformed monetary politics one in such a way how much folgada, contributed to aggravate the problem of demand excess. That the crossed plan finished being one them undertaken more catastrophic experiences already in Brazil, is question passed in judgeship.

What it interests to examine is because this experience gave wrong is because as many orthodox economists had applauded at the time To who to blame for the failure of the crossed plan, is question that valley only not to explore. In the days of success the plan had many parents and even though a muse, in the failure, all were escafederam What it matters to notice is that the crossed plan was conceived to pressas, with enormous errors of economic theory, (SIMONSEN, 1989, p.3-54). Sarney (on-line, 1997) the Cruzado was an experience, nobody wise person what it was a economic plan. Without the Cruzado, the Real would be impossible. It showed what if he had or not to make. ‘ ‘ It was the biggest error that I committed in the government, the greater of my life.