USA Consumption

Returning to the analysis of the recovery from American growth, has been put in evidence that the families continue being the support of the economy and in spite of the blow that meant to them the crisis, that has made them lose a significant part of their wealth (which conditions the future consumption), continues demonstrating their capacity to impel the economic growth. But in spite of the recovery of the consumption in the third trimester of the year, from the market already a relapse of the same product by the loss of the confidence of the homes is anticipated before the increase of unemployment. If the families have labor problems, then we cannot be deluded with the continuity of the recovery of the familiar consumption. For that reason it will interest to respond this question to us: What happens with unemployment in the USA? Christina Romer, president of the advice of economic advisers of the White House remembered that: the reversion of the crucial indicators of the labor markets, such as the rate of unemployment, normally takes place after the renewal of the growth. About these moments, the rate of unemployment reaches to 9.8% of Poblacin Econmicamente Activa (PEA) and are the highest rate from 1983. Most probable it is than so it remains of the year, unemployment instead of to descend, reaches digits both, and depending how it affects this situation to the expectations on the families it is that it will twist the dynamics of the consumption or will allow that it maintains the expansion initiated. The secretary of the American Treasure, Timothy Geithner showed his moderation on the evolution of the economy by the problems that still face the families: unemployment stays unacceptably high for each unemployed person, for each family who faces an embargo, for each small company that does not obtain a credit, the recession stays lives and acute.